Thursday, May 31, 2007

Awed by a game. Toys Story, RO and WoW

I remember long ago a piece of demo CD was given to me. Its my first interactive game. The story begins a few weeks after the launching of the movie Toy Story. It was the hype of the year. The first lauded animation. And the game was nice enough to keep me occupied for sometime.

The one thing that I remembered about the game was how it started. The screen started with a view of Andy's room. Woody then walks in and lean onto YOUR monitor screen. Then Buzz comes in, knock on your monitor while woody stamp his face onto your monitor trying to look out of his screen. This is the part which I remembered most. How the character break the 5th wall. or was it the 4th? Anyway, thinking back, I was awed at the sheer effect of the game however simple it was that time.

The other game that truly awed me is Ragnarok Online and World Of Warcraft. I graduated from console games, EG GBA and moved onto Ragnarok Online. From there I met the best of friends I can remember. I learnt about economics, the rule of trades and the ugly side of the human called Malaysian. I remembered the time when my body Tingled all over when the opening theme of RO pipe through the speaker. How I stayed up all night trying to become the MVP, how I singled handedly killed off an MVP at lvl 50, how we discovered the superiority of cards over power, and how I met the two finest guild mate I have ever known. Konoha Guild and Nocturnal Guild. Wherever you guyz are. Kudos to you

From there I graduated towards WoW. I remembered spending 2 days downloading the game via Direct Download and then playing the game for 5 days during beta. I was blown away, I spend 3 hour exploring the first town in the Night Elf city. I spent my first night in Feralas at lvl 20! And I spent my first time running from a ?? Undead thinking they are hacking. And the ocean strider. I remembered the time where I used Eagle eye to look at the huge behemoth walking pass me..

Those were the times.. I wonder when will it be the next time I will be awed by a game.I miss the day where I can be awed by a game..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mario Figurine. AGAIN!

Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 2: Donkey Kong
Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 2: Yoshi
Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 2: Super Mario
Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 2: Goomba
Super Mario Characters Figure Collection 2: Fire Mario

I am too erm. Astounded? Bored? Crazy? to know what to talk about this anymore. There is just so much anyone can say anything about Mario and erm. Mario? Anyway. IF you are not tired of mario and want more FIGURINE collection of them. Click the above link and get it over with.

*Kneels down and pray for anything but Mario in the next set of item from Play-Asia*

More Dragon Ball

It seems lately there is an insurgent and resurface of Dragon Ball items. What with the Dragon ball pouch, Dragon ball Mod, Dragon ball Figurine.

Now there is 3 more new Dragon Ball item. 2 are card holder which I assume is for DS Cart. Its in round shape and looks flat to me. No Idea how its supposed to work. You most probably might be able to squeeze in 2 cart in there. Not quite as usefull. Hmm

The third new Dragon Ball Item would be the Dragon Ball Portable Virtual Game Dragon Radar Mobile Z and this is the description quoted from Play-Asia.

  • Featuring the famous scanner instrument from Dragon Ball Z.

  • Enjoy playing to find Dragonballs as fast as you can.

  • Shake ! Swing ! Push ! With Sound and Flashing gimmick, along with a cool Shout.

  • Limited availability

Right.. No Idea what that means but meh.. As long as Its dragon ball. No?

Item listed in this post would be as followed

Dragon Ball Portable Virtual Game Dragon Radar Mobile Z

Dragon Ball Z Card Case (Yonseikyu Version)

Dragon Ball Z Card Case (Kamensenryu Doutyaku Version)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Final Fantasy Master Arm

Wahooo! I have absolutely no idea how big this is or what its made of but I WANT IT! Its final fantasy weapon! In the Flesh? Er I mean. In the Metal.. Eh.. no.. anyway, you get what I mean..

Less talk, more picture. Here we go!

There are 3 type available currently

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Mario, Mario and er, More Mario?

I found something really cool in a nearby shopping mall last few days. But before I get into that I will talk about Mario erm "toys" which was recently released in where else but Play-Asia.

Well, I seriously have nothing to say, kind of tired of all this plushie, more plushie, and er.. plushies? But it seems a succesfull formula have no reason to be abandoned. Hmm.. Anyway, this time they decided to mix and match a little of the Mario formula. Say hi to Mario Plushie! Eh.. No. I mean Mario Plush Doll Phone Strap! and Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom!

The Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom apparently shakes when its being hit by sunlight. Solar powered moving mushroom anyone?

Anyway, for convenience sake( I know none of you even bother to read what I say) I have listed down all the new available Mario item.

Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: Power Mushroom
Mario Bros. Kinoko Solar Figure: 1Up Mushroom
Mario Bros. Plush Doll Phone Strap - Mushroom
Mario Bros. Plush Doll: Super Mushroom

P/S: Did you guyz know that the Mario Kart DS Racing Collection Part 2 is still available?

Friday, May 25, 2007


I added an adverlets polling system on the side bar. Its a cool function where they poll what you think about the general things in malaysia. I like how the interface works :D

P/S : I wonder if I can set a poll saying, Do you like Gashapon ?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bandai Fair in Times Square 2

Well, this is a continue from yesterday's post. To proved that there are really 2 very very long row of gashapon machine available, I went back there again today. I also took more picture of the available items there. Enjoy!!

P/S: I am falling in love with SD Gundam Gashapon.. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

This looks VERY real.

Must resist buying gundam..


Pokemon! Got to catch em all!

Thats a lot of gashapon machine. No?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boy Meets Tamagotchi, Boy Fell in love

"Tamagotchi Invades Times Square"

It was a sunny day in the world of fairytale. A boy took a walk in the times of the square, The boy prance and pounce and stumbled upon the yellow mount. Mouth gaping, eyes wide the boy shout in amazement and laugh at whats bound

"Andy grinning ear to ear"

Well then, It seems that the sight of Tamagotchi made Andy superbly happy. Fellow looks as if he just stepped into disney land ^ . ^ Anyway, It seems Bandai is holding a short fair to commorate the arrival of Tamagotchi version 4 to malaysia. So they are currently retailing most items at a SLIGHTLY cheaper price then normal. All bandai stuff ranging from Power rangers to Tamagotchi and to Gundam can be found that. And yeah, you got it right. There is two very very long row of gashapon machine available there.

Whats even better, some of the gashapon machine only cost 1 token. And all of the gashapon machines features most of the NEW and OLD gashapon available in the whole of malaysia. Did I mention that its only 1 token? Yeap. Only 1!

Pictures says a thousand word so I am gonna stop ranting and start the pix. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Animal Crossing,Gay or High on Drugs?

I wanted to buy either Crazy Redd or Tom Nook the other day. So I asked around for opinions. One of the opinions I got was, this.

The conversations goes something like this

R: Hey, which one should I get? This ? Or This?
J: Huh, hold on
R: Ok
J: Tom looks as if he is gay.
J: Redd looks as if he is high on drugs
R: WTF? How can you come to that conclusion?
J: Yeah lar! Damn gay!
R: =.="

So a note for you all. Never asked others whats their opinion of a totally innocent character. They will forever tarnish your thoughts about them. On that note, Check out this article found on Kotaku

Quoted from Kotaku

An little 11-year-old girl in Inverbervie Scotland and her mother were shocked when one of the colorful characters in the child's Animal Crossing DS game had called her a 'fucking cow'. As children these days are taught the 'screenshot or it didn't happen' rule from an early age, they were lucky enough to capture the precious moment for UK's Metro news.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I wish...

There are just times I wish I can shut myself in a room, lie down on the sofa, turn on some soft music while the air conditioner is turned to medium cold and drift into my own world. Ah.. The perfect world and relaxation spot for me.

Well thats what I did yesterday, I stayed home all day. Rested and catch up on some gaming I missed for the past week. It was a perfect day except for the fact that the next door neighbour is cooking sambal udang and the ingredients smelled 3 days too rotten. Add on the fact that the upstairs neighbour decided to hammer his wall on this perfect sunday. I was hard pressed to find my serenity in my own world.

So what did you guys did over your weekend? Catch up with your gaming? Or went out for some good time?

DS Lite Legend Of Zelda Mod

This baby puts any other mod to shame. I ain't kidding man. Custom made by freakf-ingtastik ( quite a mouthful ain't it?), the fellow airbrushed an Onyx Black DS Lite console in an 18 step process with a Gold Zelda like paint which resulted in a brilliant two-tone color. To complement the DS Lite, The custom charger stand was also airbrushed with an 18 step process! ( Thats a HUGE amount of work)

For the metal die cast shield crest, it is originally a Dark Gunmetal color. Sandpaper was used to removed the dark gray coating, exposing the metal beneath while leaving the edge in the original form giving it a high level of depth with details ( I had no idea what that means, quoted from his site but damn it looks nice!)

The metal crest is also backlit by a white LED, casting a gorgeous light against it. Whats cooler, the back light will only activate when its charging! No harm done to your battery playing time and you can finally charge in STYLE. Oh by the way, the crest can be rotated. Talk about coolness

Link to the Ebay HERE

Link to his site HERE

Friday, May 18, 2007

Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight

After more then 14th month, its about time they came out with their album. And boy, I am not disappointed. Contrary to certain listener and so called fans of Linkin Park, I find that their newest album Minutes to Midnight is beyond their standard. They surpassed themselves. And quite frankly, I love it. I love the new album.

The tune you guyz are listening to ( if you turned on your speaker that is ) is Bleed It out. I find it very very nice and funky. Buy this album. Its worth it.

Kingdom Hearts 2 or Jump Ultimate Superstar?

I am giddy. Yes sir I am. I just found two very nice art book/post card by and Kingdom Hearts II: Post Card Book and Jump Ultimate Stars Postcard Book . Jump Ultimate star has been out for quite some time. It was thrown into the New Year sales basket somewhere around February and was snapped up in an instant. Now its back again at Play-Asia. The book features over 41 postcard with artwork from each manga found in the Jump Comic and also Jump Ultimate Stars DS Game A short review of it can be found here at Nineoverten

I am more interested in the Kingdom Hearts II: Post Card Book though reason being it looks erm.. Cooler? Apparently the KH 2 post card book comes with 27 extra wide postcards, featuring colorful illustrations and game graphics, printed on extra heavy card stock, and an 8 page monochrome character profile gallery. Its more then a Post Card. Its a collection book! I am torn man, seriously I do not know which one to get..

Ok fine. I want to get the Kingdom Hearts Post Card book but is it worth the buy? Or should i just keep all that and get a Tamagotchi for my pig?

P/S: Click ON the YELLOW thingy to see the pix!

Edit: Woops, too late. Already got the Kingdom Hearts II. Reason being its an art book and I am an artistic person ^ ^

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome to Animal Crossing

It seems everytime there is an Animal Crossing product out in the market, ppl will snap it up in a blink of an eye. this of course signals for the brass upstairs to cash in on all this hype as much as possible. Hence as expected there are now currently 9 Animal Crossing plushies available in the market. Each of them depict the character in different situation and frankly.. The formula is working yet again because all of them are superbly CUTE!!

To list them out is as followed

Animal Crossing Super DX Plush Doll 2: Tanukichi (Tom Nook)
Animal Crossing Super DX Plush Doll 2: Mr. Resetti
Animal Crossing Super DX Plush Doll 2: Celeste
Animal Crossing Super DX Plush Doll 2: Bouquet
Animal Crossing Situation Plush Doll: Wendell
Animal Crossing Situation Plush Doll: Tom Nook
Animal Crossing Situation Plush Doll: Hooter (Blathers)
Animal Crossing Situation Plush Doll: Crazy Redd
Animal Crossing Situation Plush Doll: Bouquet

I am feeling all warm and fluffy now that I have gazed into the eye of Blahter, Celeste and Tom Nook. Aww Snap! Must not buy!!!

How many Animal Crossing Plushies or Items do you guy have?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I feel Enlightened and Smarter

So here I am, Lunch hour. Bored and not feeling very hungry. Under this circumstances given I utilized by given time wisely and decided to browse a fellow bloggers blog.Lo and Behold, I stumbled upon Where's My Noose blog. And boy did that fellow know how to write. I now feel enlightened and smarter after reading his blog.

Do head there if you need a sense of realism knocked into your head because he knows how to really write on touchy issue.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen New Super Mario Bros. Version Gashapon

This is just an update for those screaming that they did not get the New Super Mario Bros touch pen Gashapon. It seems due to popular Demand, the Touch Pen is back yet again. My suggestion? Get the Nintendo DS Character Touch Pen New Super Mario Bros. Version Gashapon fast before it ran out of stock yet again!

Did I mention that I have one of this pen? Its pretty nice actually. Host-Play a fellow forumer's blog actually have a short review about it here.

Mario, Namco Sound Drop and Pop Up Keychain Card

Just when I thought that there will be a long lull until the launching of Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 on 16th of May, in comes a few more Mario figurine and cushion for those that hunger for more red hat mustached plumber. A figurine of 5 character of Mario is currently available in Play-Asia, Personally I see no fuss of getting this New Super Mario Bros. Mini Figure Collection Vol. 1 thingy as its just that. Figurine. But I am pretty sure some fanatic *Cough Jason Cough* will get it for the sheer fact that its Mario.

Then there is this Namco Sound drop, for all you old classic game lover, this is the perfect thing to remind you of the enojoyable moment of your young life, playing the old classical Namco game or just peeking through the window while you look at those rich kid showing off to you. Well no more! You can now be a rich brat and get this Namco Classics Sound Drops Gashapon and show it off to your friends

What catches my eye though is this Nintendo DS Pop-up Card Case Phone Strap. I have absolutely no idea what that thing does as it will be pretty stupid to put your DS game into a pop up card case and hang it around your cell phone. First, its too big, secondly its damn dangerous. What if it accidently pop out while you are crossing the road? Say bye bye to your precious DS Game!

Saving the best for last though is this cute cute hat of Super Mario Bros. Hat Cushion: Mario and Super Mario Bros. Hat Cushion: Luigi made into a cushion! A cushion for you to hug while you play your New Super Mario Bros or any other game for the matter. CUTE! I mean come on! Whats best to get into the Mario mentality but with a cushion for you to hug while you terrorize walking owls and torture turtle!

Whats your first console?

Do you remember the time when you bought your first console or your first hand held console? I remeber mine. I can trace it all the way to the first Gameboy Light which was made a couple of year after GameBoy I believe. From there I moved on to my second Gameboy Color. I was super excited when I got it. That was the time Pokemon Red and Blue came out. I even got all 151 pokemon that time!

Anyway, after awhile I managed to trade in my Game Boy Color to a Game Boy Advance. A white one If I don't remember wrongly. but the color doesn't suit me. So I trade it in again for a clear purple GBA. After 3 years or more down the road, I lost contact with my GBA. It laid dorment in a dark corner of my room for so long until I came to KL a year and a half ago ( time passes by so fast)

Then half a year or so ago, I got my DS Lite. Frankly I was looking for a way out from playing World Of Warcraft. It was an escape from griefing low level idiots and killing rogue,shaman and warrior at the same time. ( I am a Mage you see. Skillful one if I may say so)

There is a pattern to my gaming life. All my gaming console are either handheld or portable. Maybe because its easier to keep or hide it from prying eyes. Or maybe I like my gaming on the go. I am never pulled towards PS3 or Wii. Now though, my next console target is a PSP.

Can you trace your Nintendo gaming history or Gaming history in general?

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Ok ok, I have been putting a huge huge hope that they actually are going to make a Halo on DS. But alas, a recent article on DSFANBOY proved otherwise. :(

To quote what they said is as below

Enter last night's San Francisco Halo 3 beta event. The Bungie team, responsible for the development of all things Halo, were interviewed by numerous gaming outlets and media sources, including one Rumor Reporter. When asked about the ill-fated Halo DS, Bungie's Brian Gerrard, Director of Franchise and Community Affairs, commented, "Wow, I have never heard or seen such a project, nor do we have plans for any DS Halo title."
Quoted from DSFANBOY

You guyz just broke my little dream and hope. Haihz...

Full article can be located HERE


Remember the music I told you guyz about a couple of post back? Its called Rachmaninoff and I just embedded it onto my page. So wait a few second and you will hear the glorious sound of piano from my website. No! Really! Just wait and listen! Of course, you can choose to turn it off :(

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I know what you did last summer

I woke up this morning by a very frantic friends telling me someone flamed me for my post. My first reaction was shocked and awe. So I rushed to turn on my PC and found out that there are 33 post in my Spiderman 3 VS Next. 29 of them flames. 3 are from the same person defending me and 1 are from another person. But upon looking at the post I realized one thing. Its all from the same person.

After looking around and doing some digging I found out who the person are. Yes , I know what you did last summer. Instead of being shocked and awe at the comment I got., I realize that this person is shockingly awful and stupid. So let this be a warning for you. Because I will be posting your information on here now. Not all, but enough to let you know that I know you.

IP Address
218.111.13.# (Telekom Malaysia Berhad)
Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Continent : Asia
Country : Malaysia (Facts)
State/Region : Wilayah Persekutuan
City : Kuala Lumpur
Lat/Long : 3.1667, 101.7 (Map)
Operating System
Macintosh MacOSX
Safari 1.3
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/419 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3

Beware. I am on you

Friday, May 11, 2007

NEXT VS Spiderman 3

Spiderman 3 Reviews and Rants

So I have been waiting for both movie for a long long time. Taking into account that Spiderman is a long successful formula I expected good movie out of it but alas the movie SUCKED! Yes sir thats right, I don't like it. The third installment of the Spiderman 3 can best be summed up in this few words. Slow in the first 2 hour and rushed in the last 30 minutes. I understand that the producer wanted to create some sort of character development in the 3rd movie and to finally bring an end to the Goblin storyline, but come on man... There is too much character in the movie with too little time! The plot is nice. Sandman is cool, Venom is great. But is there any need to drag the Green goblin into this and also to make Peter such a wuss?

SPOILER! Highlight to read

Look, Spiderman can kick the sinister 5 ass . And he cant deal with venom and sandman? Come on! Thats just lame. And what happen to his spider sense? It seems the whole movie, spiderman is a ping pong ball bouncing all over the buildings and between villians fist! I am glad they finally bring spiderman 3 to an end. I was looking at my watch 1 hour into the movie. Thats how bad it is. If you are a huge fan of spiderman, you will be either very disappointed with it or love it very much just because its spiderman.Personally I think its over rated

I give it a 2. and a half out of 5 for Spiderman 3

NEXT Reviews and Spoiler

Next is a movie I have been waiting for, for quite some time. Taking into account that the movie is staring nicholas cage and Jessica Biel, I am pretty hooked. The storyline helps a lot too. What with the ability to see into the future and change it. The movies premises is nothing new, you look into the future and you work to change it. But I like ths movies tag line. Just because you looked into the future, It has already change. Some of the effects in the movie is pretty cool. One of the part I really liked is

SPOILER!! Highlight to read

When Cage walked the whole length of the ship by just thinking about it. this is how it works for him. If he were to think of a certain things he want to do and will do it, the future will change to how he does it and the results is being played out. He can then make his decision based on the result and again look into the future to see if the result is the correct one. Rinse and repeat and you will eventually get the right answer. The ability is put into use when he tries to think of the right way to approch Biel.
I must admit though, Jessica Biel character in this movie is pretty minor as she played out as the damsel in distress roll. But the best shot would be where she lies down in bed naked and covered in blanket only. ^ ^
That aside, the movie is superb, the effect is cool and the joke is aplenty. It also helps when Cage struts around confident that he can get away with anything because he can see into the future.

I give NEXT a 4 out of 5

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Missing Children

303 Missing on 2007
176 found

1485 Missing on 2006
900 found

1803 Missing on 2005
1254 found

2405 Missing on 2004
1752 found

If you are wondering whats those statistic are about, its the amount of missing children. Since the year of 2004, at least 6,000 children have been missing. majority of them are girls. as of now, only 4082 of the children are found. where is the remaining 1914 missing children?

That is the shocking revelation reported on New Straits Time today. I could not find a proper reason on what happened or what went wrong. All the missing child are below 18. There are at least 1914 family anguishing over their lost child. How do they sleep or go through their life knowing that they know nothing about the whereabout of their child I can never imagine.

Blames can be pushed between parents, authority, friends and even media. but in the end, its the responsibility of the parent and the child itself. Try as you might to blame others, but if the child is not taken care of wisely, not being thought carefully, and left to their own intention, there is nothing that can be done.

For those that know of missing child, think of the anguish the parents are going through, for those that are planning to run, think of how you are going to survive. Boys will be marked off as beggar by certain syndicates. Girls will be prostituted. This is no joke, this is no scare. This is reality. no amount of games will get you away from the harsh truth. Live with it. Beware of it.

My hearts goes out to all the missing child and their family member. May they find peace in whatever solace they have.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Headphones! Earphones! In-Ear Phones

Oooh Boy! I have been hunting around for some music enducing high. No sir, I am not looking into ecstacy or anything else. I am looking into Acoustic kind of high! More so after I listened to some Orchestra music from the anime Nodame Cantible. You wouldn't believe the kind of music they play in that anime. One of my favorite music in there is called Rachminov ( I think I spelled it right) The music started off with a deep resounding low bass piano key. It goes on for a few more notes and the Orchestra kicks in. I almost wet myself by this part. Thats how good it is.

After listening for a while, I realized that however good the music might be, if there is no right headphone,earphone or speaker. The sound will come out broken, distorted, or just plain wrong. I am a picky person when it comes to music and sounds. Last time when I reviewed a couple of the available speaker, I almost trashed the reviews unit and kick it out. Its not that the speaker sucks. Its more of the fact that low-end speaker maker nowadays only concentrate on making the bass as heavy as possible without regard for the treble! Walk into any Pc-Fair and they will have their speaker blaring some "La-La" music with heavy base. Ask them to turn on something with acoustic EG: Orchestra and they will mumble something about no such music.

Then there is also the idiots in car which decided that the basis of music is a really heavy bass thumping. COME ON! You are not listening to music! You are listening to someone destroying your car. Better yet. Save yourself the money and walk into a construction yard. Thats the same kind of noise you get out of your so called "music". Anyway, Enough rant. All in all what I am trying to say is this. I have a problem.. I Need a new earphone/headphone or In-Ear phone. Currently I have the Ipod In-Ear phone and Koss KSC-75 headphone. But I need something with better Treble. nicer acoustic and something I can bring out of my house with good portability.

Hence I spent my day yesterday walking around some of the more prominent shops looking for Headphone and Earphone. Boy.. Those shops don't sell cheap stuff do they? Cheapest earphone I found cost at least 1 hundred buck. So here I am again. Looking through the ever so reliable Play-Asia for any sign of good Earphone or Headphone and the result is not as good as I hope it would be. I will post what I found maybe later tomorrow.

For now though, why don't you guys tell me what Earphone, Headphone that you guys will recommend for under USD 30 and has good base and excellent Treble.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Lots of Touch Pen for DS Part 2

Until now though, the ever popular Touch pen would be the

COMFORTABLE TOUCH PEN DS LITE which as sold more then I can ever count and last I remembered would be the 4th time they restocked. Yeap, thats how popular this touch pen is!

Personally I have at least 3 set of touch pen. Each one sold out already due to the ever popularity of it or cannot be found on Play-Asia. One is the extendable metal touch pen, another is a Nintendog DS touch pen and the last one is a broken off metal touch pen. ( Will tell you how it broke off in the future ) Currently what I am looking into though is a LITE SLIPON PUNCHING POUCH. Weirdest name I ever heard but damn the pouch sure looks cool. what with the bee hive hole and the nice even whitish color. Again, the pouch has two colour. WHITE and BLACK.

The one last thing I have been eyeing though is this INNER EAR EARPHONE for DS Lite. It looks decent but what I am more concerned for is the sounds. If anyone had one of the hori earphone. Give me a holler and tell me how the sound is like. Or else I will be keeping my money and getting a SHURE earphone.

Lots of Touch Pen for DS Part 1

Oooohh boy, I haven't been to Play-Asia for sometime but when I checked in yesterday I found a slew of Touch pen that was recently launched. There are some that had restocked while others was newly stocked. All in all there are at least 5 type of DS Stylus that is contending for the best seller. Personally, I wanted one of the metal stylus.Like the one found HERE. They had two choices. A BLACK Metal stylus and a WHITE metal stylus. I am leaning towards the SILVER metal stylus though. It looks.. shiny..

Then there is another type found HERE which had 3 type of colour. A fellow friend bought a BLACK stylus while another fellow bought the PINK stylus. Again for this stylus, I am vying for the WHITE one. This set of stylus though is worth the money as it is bundled with 2 of the TOUCH PEN DS LITE. So basically you get 3 Styli in one set! Talk about value added!

Touch Pen DS Max though have been making wave after wave of appearance. The first appearance was when they launched 4 color of the Touch Pen. Orange, Lime Green, Black and Navy. Now though they had launched another 3 color available in Play-Asia. PINK, WHITE and LIGHT BLUE are the 3 colors available. It is not really that nice if you ask me. Though that might be because Play-Asia has a bad photographer.

The new contender from Sanei decided to try their hands on Touch Pen too, I must say though their design is successful, to a certain degree that is. Their touch pen is not exactly revolutionary. Their touch pen is designed.. Well. designed like a pencil if I may say so. Its ironic yet quite a novelty if I may say so. There are of course 2 color for user to choose from. A GREEN and ORANGE Touch Pen.

Diner Dash DS and PSP Preview!

It's been a while since I last posted eh? Well a lot of crap happened since a week ago. First off, I went for a vacation at Cameron Highland. A superbly beautiful place! That is if you want to get away from modern life and also join in on some flower sniffing. I took a huge amount of picture that I wont be posting here due to the fact that this site is supposed to be a gaming blog. Although I only cover DS games :P

That aside, lets get back on track. There is a few things I want to highlight but today I will highlight this first. Diner Dash! Diner Dash first emerged in 2004 in the form of downloadable games published by PlayFirst. Diner Dash was so succesfull, It was ported to cel phone, retail, online and now, PSP, GBA and NDS!

The focus of our topic today is Diner Dash NDS version. I played it and boy do I love it. The game is a simple mechanism where you are supposed to control Flo the main character of the game to Order,Serve,Clean and take care of a restaurant. Its a simple no brainer game, but thats where the beauty lies in. As the game progress further and further the customer that Flo tend to starts to overflow and each customer has different type of personality. Some wants their service fast, some don't mind doing it nice and slow while some might create trouble for you.

As simple as this sounds, the game is superbly addictive. I played the Online version of Diner Dash before and I loved it. Now that Diner Dash is here in DS, you bet I will be running my restaurant while on the run :D

Diner Dash DS can be found HERE as Pre-Order

Diner Dash PSP can be found HERE as Pre-Order too!