Saturday, May 12, 2007

I know what you did last summer

I woke up this morning by a very frantic friends telling me someone flamed me for my post. My first reaction was shocked and awe. So I rushed to turn on my PC and found out that there are 33 post in my Spiderman 3 VS Next. 29 of them flames. 3 are from the same person defending me and 1 are from another person. But upon looking at the post I realized one thing. Its all from the same person.

After looking around and doing some digging I found out who the person are. Yes , I know what you did last summer. Instead of being shocked and awe at the comment I got., I realize that this person is shockingly awful and stupid. So let this be a warning for you. Because I will be posting your information on here now. Not all, but enough to let you know that I know you.

IP Address
218.111.13.# (Telekom Malaysia Berhad)
Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Continent : Asia
Country : Malaysia (Facts)
State/Region : Wilayah Persekutuan
City : Kuala Lumpur
Lat/Long : 3.1667, 101.7 (Map)
Operating System
Macintosh MacOSX
Safari 1.3
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/419 (KHTML, like Gecko) Safari/419.3

Beware. I am on you


Samus Ng said...

Dumbass that's not my IP you bastard look closely before yoiu make a conclusion four- eyes fat man.

Reveur said...

First off. I did not say its u. Nothing in my post. Nothing in my blog say its u. In fact, I was pointing at another fellow. I actually thanked you for defending me in my spiderman post. Did you read that? So no. I wasnt accusing you.

Samus Ng said...

Then explain to me about that stupid mother ****ing Swatwolf Gyakuten Saiban thing. You all seem to think I'm the one, so let it be.

Reveur said...

U did not help the situation by shooting me down for no reason. Remeber the thing we said to each other a month back? Truce? I am holding on to my promise of truce. I did not step into anything u say. I did not reply to anything you say. In fact, in the whole situation when you accused me of insulting you and hurting you. I did not said ONE word.

And I did not say at all that it was you which does the posting. There is another mac user which just recently copied my FAQ. I know you know who. But I am not going to say anything.

Furthermore. Did I not tell you I respected you when you act matured? Come on man. Think for a second.

Samus Ng said...

Ok fine about that, actually I really dunno why I got really angry about you, I don't even remember why...It's not actually you, it's Sheep and his army of Spammers. listen, I'm under A lot of pressure right now, so if I go and scole people please forgive me...

Gregory said...

You know what Samus? Could you actually explain why you're so 'bara' with Sheep and his 'army' of spammers? Maybe you should open up your own blog, vent your anger(instead of doing it here and (in)directly to Rev), then maybe the spammers can go there and defend themselves.


sheep319 said...

ok how come my name is suddenly included in the fight.

Reveur said...

Ahh.. Slug it out at his blog. Dont do it at mine please.... This is a happy blog! HAPPY! HAPPY DAMN IT!

Samus Ng said...

Ok I won't post anymore. But the reason why I mention sheep? Of course, he told everyone to spam in my new forum. Get it now?

President_Mario said...

For your info reveur that is not my ip address and I have already deleted your FAQ from my blog!By the way I also don't use a mac I use a windows

tokyo_nights said...

Samus_Ng and President Mario, go back to your sick forum of yours. I've seen what's posted there and behind this thin facade you are putting up here, you guys should probably crawl back up whatever hole you came from.

And by the way, haven't you asked yourselves how Sheep got your forum link in the first place? So don't go pointing fingers, they'll get burnt easily.

Samus Ng said...

yeah i know i actually posted the forum's website in my nintendo ds club blog which clould be accessed through my blog. HAHA I REPORTED THEM AND NOW ITS GONE HAHAHAHA!!!

Reveur said...

As the blog owner, as a friend for all of you. Samus, President. and whoever that wanna reply about this matter. Please. DONT

Samus, I know you can act mature and think one. You showed me once. Do it again please.

I would appreciate it if ALL of you STOP posting on THIS topic. Let the past be bygone. I am the one that get accused the most for no reason and I beg all of you to not burden my blog with this none sensible stuff. Lets enjoy the blog as it is. A gaming blog.

If you guyz wanna continue this debate. Please, I am sure there is other place to do it then here.

P/S : I dont like to delete ppls post. So dont make me delete all this post here. Thankz.

Samus Ng said...

Alright sorry for accusing you Reveur. You deserved Samus Ng's respect forever. I know I'm wrong ABOUT ACCUSING YOU. Sorry pal