Thursday, May 31, 2007

Awed by a game. Toys Story, RO and WoW

I remember long ago a piece of demo CD was given to me. Its my first interactive game. The story begins a few weeks after the launching of the movie Toy Story. It was the hype of the year. The first lauded animation. And the game was nice enough to keep me occupied for sometime.

The one thing that I remembered about the game was how it started. The screen started with a view of Andy's room. Woody then walks in and lean onto YOUR monitor screen. Then Buzz comes in, knock on your monitor while woody stamp his face onto your monitor trying to look out of his screen. This is the part which I remembered most. How the character break the 5th wall. or was it the 4th? Anyway, thinking back, I was awed at the sheer effect of the game however simple it was that time.

The other game that truly awed me is Ragnarok Online and World Of Warcraft. I graduated from console games, EG GBA and moved onto Ragnarok Online. From there I met the best of friends I can remember. I learnt about economics, the rule of trades and the ugly side of the human called Malaysian. I remembered the time when my body Tingled all over when the opening theme of RO pipe through the speaker. How I stayed up all night trying to become the MVP, how I singled handedly killed off an MVP at lvl 50, how we discovered the superiority of cards over power, and how I met the two finest guild mate I have ever known. Konoha Guild and Nocturnal Guild. Wherever you guyz are. Kudos to you

From there I graduated towards WoW. I remembered spending 2 days downloading the game via Direct Download and then playing the game for 5 days during beta. I was blown away, I spend 3 hour exploring the first town in the Night Elf city. I spent my first night in Feralas at lvl 20! And I spent my first time running from a ?? Undead thinking they are hacking. And the ocean strider. I remembered the time where I used Eagle eye to look at the huge behemoth walking pass me..

Those were the times.. I wonder when will it be the next time I will be awed by a game.I miss the day where I can be awed by a game..