Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip: Day 1 -Tesla Coil

Right! As I was saying last weekend, I had a little trip to the south of Malaysia. Specifically, Singapore! Now, as any other curious and like minded intelligent people here, I visited the Singapore Science Center under strong persuasion by my lovely GF (she was pulling my ear).

My... What big mouth you have..

The visit for less of a better word. Electrifying. We arrived and got our first COOL impression of the science center when we were greeted with a roar by the resident T-Rex. After making a very good impression to us, we were quite thrilled to go in and arrived just in time for some TESLA COIL action! They had 4 demonstration of how Tesla Coil works and what it can do, I have uploaded 3 of them. One is the classic Red Alert style Tesla Coil, an exploding balloon and also power conduction! View them all below!.

Blue Forest

The rest of the trip though, is a bit... Boring... Well, what would you expect after the shocking show? The science center has too many broken machinery, most of the stuff there doesn't work. And the stuff that work is not THAT interesting.
That's a real Ferrari Enzo if you are wondering

Nevertheless, we spent nearly 5 hours there, looking through every exhibit and even manage to take picture with Ferrari Enzo, Blue Forest and various other stuff. It's bang for money the exhibit is, but I still prefer KLCC Petrosains. Theirs are a lot more fun!
My Shadow. Cool huh?

Anyway, I also went to the END OF EARTH. Literally! Find out about that in the next post!


The power is in your hand!

Exploding Balloons!
-Because I Can-

First 5! Bleach: Soul Carnival

I have never had so much fun since I discovered Nintendo DS and playing all the games that has escaped me since I started working 3 years ago. Today. Today I relish back all the fun that I first had. The thrill of playing a simple hack and slash game.

Bleach: Soul Carnival is your standard platform hack and slash. Normally, any game that started off from anime/manga first then to game will only bank on their character and the availability of the easiest console it can get into. Making most if not all those game. Medicore.

With Soul Carnival though, its a totally different ball game. The game is rendered on 2D with a side scrolling action. The actions are fast paced, intense and superbly beautiful but what endears the game to me is the character. In Super Deformed body. Cute and deadly, all the characters wreak carnage across the screen with an efficency that shocks you. The game gives you a few spaces to breath in between when you started off, for the sake of newbies, but mocing slightly deeper into the game, the enemy you face will start to become a challenge. Providing an immense sense of satisfaction for newbie and hardcore player alike

There are a number of character that can be unlocked for play, unlocked character will also provide support with the use of easy to remember combo command. Considering that the game is in japanese, there might be some difficulty for most gamer to get into. but do not let that turn you off as what you essentially need to know is explained in the tutorial which has graphical instruction. Couple that with your own iniative on understanding what the game tries to stay. You will still have one hell of a time playing the game.

I would say this is a really MUST GET and IMPORT FRIENDLY game. I for one is having one ball of a time with this game.

For more purchase information and pictures, click HERE

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend trip!

I just got home from a trip over the weekend and these trip have been one of the more interesting trip that I have made but won't be the last of it. I will tell you more about it now but I am dead tired and still feeling sick from last weeks sore throat but just a hint of where I have been, here is what greeted me at the first location I went to.

-Because I Can-

Friday, October 24, 2008

MPH Warehouse Sales

So MPH is having this warehouse sales over at their warehouse (duh). I like their warehouse sales, they will always load in all the good books there and not only the old books. But new ones too. Some of the title that I manage to get are

The Children of Hurin by J.R.R Tolkien HARDCOVER for only RM25
Magician: Apprentice by Raymond E. Feist for only RM10
The Adventure of Indiana Jones for RM15
and the most expensive one,
How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gill for RM26

All this total up to no more than RM66. HALF the price if I were to purchase 4 of the same book at any other bookstore. If you guys have time over this weekend, head over to

Ground Floor Warehouse

Bangunan TH

MPH Warehouse

NO 5 Jalan Bersatu 13/4

Petaling Jaya

Its very simple to get there, if you are coming from PJ, head to Rothman roundabouts, turn into the junction across from the hotel and beside the newspaper factory. (The road heading towards the Mosque and Digital mall). Then keep going until you hit a second junction beside Colgate Palmolive on your left. You won't miss the junction as a HUGE banner indicating the warehouse sale is there. Then just go straight untill you hit a jam/lots of car/lots of people.

MPH warehouse is on your right.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

What does One Piece & Dragon Ball have in common?

This is what they have in common! Chopper which has somehow gotten hold of a Dragon Ball! Wearing the uniform of Dragon Ball, Chopper is now on one of his quest to get the Dragon Balls. I wonder if there will be an arc where One Piece collides with Dragon Ball with the many islands located in the One Piece Manga.

More purchase information and pictures can be found HERE

If you are interested in other One Piece and Dragon Ball products. Then it will be wise for you to READ ON!

Dragon Ball Super DX Cushion Plush: Dragon Ball

If you only want a Dragon Ball plushie, you will do well with this one. Standing at a height of over 38cm, this plushie will mark you as one with ball (pun intended)

More purchase information and pictures can be found HERE

40th Weekly Jump One Piece Plush Doll: Super DX Chopper
Not content with only stealing the Dragon Ball, Chopper has taken to rob the pirate from Jump Magazine! A true pirate indeed for chopper! To be robbing the pirate of pirates!

More purchase information and pictures can be found HERE

One Piece DX Plush Doll: Baby Chopper
Reverting to his more cuddly form, isn't Chopper just adorable in his baby form? Awww....

More purchase information and pictures can be found HERE

One Piece Super DX Plush Doll: Chopper with Mittens Winter Version
The perfect gift on Christmas for any fans of One Piece! Get chopper with mittens for that one special white day!

More purchase information and pictures can be found HERE

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Super Mario Cap Cushion

Many suns and moons ago, a product that gripped the world of Mario fans in a web of ecstasy was found on Play-Asia. Within 3 days of the product launching, the product has been snapped up faster than you can say Mario.

Now, its back and the desirable of it is at all time low, maybe because the masses is not aware of it or they just got bored of it. For those that still wants it. Its here. The Super Mario Cap Cushion! Available in Red for Mario and Green for Luigi. The cap is approximately 35cm width and same as its namesake, the cap acts like a cushion for you to sit on. Grab one of this now if you haven't!

More pictures & purchase information can be found HERE for RED & HERE for GREEN

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review: Macross Ace Frontier

With the end of Macross Frontier a month or so ago, there was a sudden lull in my life. A lack of excitement as the fight between Vajra & Humanity ended. The knowledge that, there won't be anymore wonderful song coming in the next week. My life took a turn for the worse. Well, not really but all those thing that I just said make a really cool starting line.

Anyway, as you guys know. Macross Ace Frontier. Thats why you are here. Right? Well lets get a few facts out of the way first.

Is the game coming to US? NOPE! There is some licensing issue or something. I am not clear on this but the chances of this game coming to US is close to nil. Nada. Zip. So start importing if you want this game Is this game playable if I don't understand Japanese? YEAP! The missions are simple. Just go in. Kill everything that you can target and you are good to go.

Is this game WORTH it?
HELL YEAH! Read on to know why!

Is there anyone doing a PATCH/TRANSLATION for this game?
NOPE, not to my knowledge anyway. Granted, there are some translation on I even got a list of the translation! Somewhere.....

Now. On with the review! Macross Ace Frontier combines the 4 title in Macross series. Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7 and finally Macross Frontier. You can play the 4 series in any order you like. Finish the 3rd one before playing the first, and vice versa. Each type of major characters and Valkyries is playable. But you start off with your own character, partner & operator.

Whatever mission you do, they wil be there to support you. The controls for the game are easy. Shoot, lock on, block, avoid, boost, missile, melee and the more difficult one. Specials. Specials require different type of button combination. The problem is not in the button. The problem is, in knowing which one you are unleashing. I have limited knowledge on this so I won't dwell on it.

Graphic wise, this game is superb. The background is beautifully rendered, the Valkyries are superbly animated, even the transformation is breathtaking. The fights between you and the enemy are fast and furious and will easily kill you off if you are not familiar of what you are doing. Even the wrong weapon will get you killed sometimes.

But there are a few problems here and there. The Glitch, oh yes. The much feared glitch. When you are locked onto a target, the view cam follows the target on the far end. so if he takes a 360 degree swirl around you, the camera will be swirling around too. Very irritating. Then there is the wall. When you are in a cluttered environment or there is a huge ship/building in front of you. You will be stuck there and moving very slowly but you won't know what hit you as the view cam will glitch into the building. A big no no for this fast paced game

I also had the privilege to try some wifi action and its quite disappointing. The lagging is noticeable, granted all the shooting and flying action is fun but the lagging is not. There are 2 modes in wifi that I know about. VS between 4 player and VS PC. The VS between 4 player is a deathmatch but the VS PC though I think its a mission based game? I did not manage to try that part of the game though.

Anyway, all in all. this game is a superb game if you are a fan of Macross, simulation game or mech game. Not a game for those which can't follow fast paced action.

Find more picture and purchase information HERE

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Bye bye (Old)Aww Snapped

No, no. Aww Snapped is not going to retire, as a matter of fact. The old Aww Snapped template is taking an early retirement plan. So! How do you guys like it? Clean and simple! None of the fancy colorful panels, no more hotlinks from here to there, not many ads, in fact. The search button is gone. (I am trying to get it back in though)

Aww Snapped is now more clean & simple. I have been having a few complains from my friends a few weeks ago. Although Initially I thought its only my slow internet connection. But later on I realize that Aww Snapped has not been loading fully on others also. And the loading can really drag on and on.

That prompted me to take a look into my designs. Granted, when I asked for opinion from nineoverten about the loading, he said something about the html code running rogue. I had no idea what the hell he is talking bout. But I assume that it has something to do with the fact of me messing around with the template code when I know close to zero about html codings. Cool eh? I live dangerously :D

Anyway, I hope this template will actually be nicer and better. I will try to improve on it further in the near future. Untill then, any suggestions is appreciated.

-Because I Can-

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Green Peas Key Chain Toy

One of the weirder thing that I have bought online last week. A green pea key chain toy. Specifically, a funny face green pea key chain. Funny thing is, this thing is quite high quality and very nice. For a pea that is.

The price though, is definitely not a pea. Its very expensive. Retailing at USD5.90 its nothing cheap but it sure is a good buy if you like weird stuff as collectible.

Here are some of the pix I took. If you are interested to get one of this you can order them HERE

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Puti Puti Key Chain Toy

Ahh, the more interesting things of my package. Interesting, quirky and very much a total waste of USD6.49. That is if you like to spend your time breaking up bubble wrappings.

The idea of this Puti Puti Key Chain is that it creates a new kind of toy for those that love to waste their time breaking up bubble wrappings. Pressing the buttons will emulate bubble wrap breaking. But there is a goodies in here. Sometimes you will be able to hit the bonus button. Which will trigger the squeel of the girl and some other things. You will only be able to find out when you press em. Cool eh?

Here are some of the pix I took. If you are interested to get one of this you can order them HERE

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Monster Hunter X Touma Hunter Airou

Ah, one of my finer purchase from Play-Asia. An evil grinning version of Monster Hunter Kitty. and as you can see, the d etails, the colouring and the design of this kitty is just so good. Even the weight itself is quite heavy. And this is only ONE kitty trading figure. There are actually 8 type of design available and the one design that I wanted is the fighting version.

BUT as you can see, I got one of the cook version in different cooking uniform. Ah well. Assembly of this trading figure is surprisingly easy as you can see from this picture
Just put on the clothes, assemble the hand and then pop the kitty head on top with his hat. There is only one minor boo boo. See that orange rubber band looking thingy on the bottom left? I have no idea what it does. The picture did not show anything that has orange looking and the part doesn't fit anywhere else.

Any ideas?

Here are some of the pix I took. If you are interested to get one of this you can order them HERE

-Because I Can-

Nintendo Wii Collection 2 Keychain Gashapon

I finally got myself a Wii! Well not really, I got myself Nintendo Wii Collection 2 Keychain Gashapon and unlike my previous purchase I got a different set. A set of Wiimote & a set of Nintendo Wii. Whats brilliant about this set of gashapon is that it comes with a Wii game case which can be opened!

There are in total 6 type available. Here are some of the pix I took. If you are interested to get one of this you can order them HERE

-Because I Can-

Shooting Game Historica 2 SP

This week I got myself lots and lots of cool stuff and this is one of the cooler one. A classic fighting plane trading figure. There are at least 6 different type of plane to get from and I ordered 2. Hoping to snag a different one but, as luck has it. I got both the same one. Regardless, this thing has now garnered itself a seat on top of my monitor. And my good, this is the coolest looking plane figure I have right now.

The details are magnificent, the only grip I have for this is that, the figure does not come with an instruction manual. You might say that this is nothing. Its easily assembled, just a bit of parts here and there but boy, would you be WRONG!

This is the sight that first greeted me when I took out the trading figure.

Boy, was I stumped. It took me 10 minutes of trial and error and some squinting at the box it came in to get the parts right. Then the stand itself is another headache. After a while of flipping the stand upside down, I manage to assemble a semblance of fighting plane. Anyway, more close up shots of the trading figure can be found below. Check it out!

If you are interested to purchase one of this. Look for them HERE

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