Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bye bye (Old)Aww Snapped

No, no. Aww Snapped is not going to retire, as a matter of fact. The old Aww Snapped template is taking an early retirement plan. So! How do you guys like it? Clean and simple! None of the fancy colorful panels, no more hotlinks from here to there, not many ads, in fact. The search button is gone. (I am trying to get it back in though)

Aww Snapped is now more clean & simple. I have been having a few complains from my friends a few weeks ago. Although Initially I thought its only my slow internet connection. But later on I realize that Aww Snapped has not been loading fully on others also. And the loading can really drag on and on.

That prompted me to take a look into my designs. Granted, when I asked for opinion from nineoverten about the loading, he said something about the html code running rogue. I had no idea what the hell he is talking bout. But I assume that it has something to do with the fact of me messing around with the template code when I know close to zero about html codings. Cool eh? I live dangerously :D

Anyway, I hope this template will actually be nicer and better. I will try to improve on it further in the near future. Untill then, any suggestions is appreciated.

-Because I Can-