Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trip: Day 1 -Tesla Coil

Right! As I was saying last weekend, I had a little trip to the south of Malaysia. Specifically, Singapore! Now, as any other curious and like minded intelligent people here, I visited the Singapore Science Center under strong persuasion by my lovely GF (she was pulling my ear).

My... What big mouth you have..

The visit for less of a better word. Electrifying. We arrived and got our first COOL impression of the science center when we were greeted with a roar by the resident T-Rex. After making a very good impression to us, we were quite thrilled to go in and arrived just in time for some TESLA COIL action! They had 4 demonstration of how Tesla Coil works and what it can do, I have uploaded 3 of them. One is the classic Red Alert style Tesla Coil, an exploding balloon and also power conduction! View them all below!.

Blue Forest

The rest of the trip though, is a bit... Boring... Well, what would you expect after the shocking show? The science center has too many broken machinery, most of the stuff there doesn't work. And the stuff that work is not THAT interesting.
That's a real Ferrari Enzo if you are wondering

Nevertheless, we spent nearly 5 hours there, looking through every exhibit and even manage to take picture with Ferrari Enzo, Blue Forest and various other stuff. It's bang for money the exhibit is, but I still prefer KLCC Petrosains. Theirs are a lot more fun!
My Shadow. Cool huh?

Anyway, I also went to the END OF EARTH. Literally! Find out about that in the next post!


The power is in your hand!

Exploding Balloons!
-Because I Can-