Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trip: Day 2 - End of Earth

So.. End of earth! Well, not literally anyway. But its still the end of the end. The mother of dead ends, the END OF EARTH! The southern most tip of Mainland Asia if you want specific. Now this location is at Johor and is called Tanjung Piai. Getting there requires an hour++ drive from the city of Johor Bahru, through another small town and end up on a small road leading deep into the middle of nowhere.

When we reached there, we were greeted by this HUGE rock. Man made if you were wondering but still, HUGE! We were expecting well.. truthfully, I wasn't expecting anything as the southernmost tip of asia mainland would look the same to me, everywhere....

Regardless, I shoulder on and found THIS!

Yes sir! The sign to the end of earth! Now, we were lead into a forest of trees and boy, the smell is BAD. Imagine, sea side, high tide, lots of rubbish and lots of other "things" which add up to one very strong odor which you get used to after a while. But boy is the place stuffy! Maybe because its by the seaside and we are in the middle of huge canopy of trees?

Anyway, I made my way following the road sign and reached THIS!
You see that globe right there? Yeap, thats the end of earth. Now the problem is this, as you can see from the "road" there, I highly doubt that it will sustain my weight and I am feeling particularly unbrave at the moment. So I took THAT picture and declare myself. Conquerer of the end of earth.

Thats it. End of Earth. Pretty undramatic isn't it? I would have expect something there, strong wave, huge stone outcropping. A few menacing looking statue or something. But nada, all you get is that lousy looking globe and a very dangerous looking bridge. But there is a good thing out of the trip. We had great lunch.

We had SEAFOOD! Now, within 5km of Tanjung Piai is a small fishing town called, KUKUP. The place there is bare and the houses are on water. They built it on pillars and on top of water. and they had QUITE a number of seafood restaurant there. I got to warn you though, don't drive your car into the town. If you see a HUGE BUS STATION on your left. Start looking for parking and a way to U turn as there is no road ahead. Only dead ends and sea.

Anyway, we arrived at this brilliant restaurant at the end of the town called, New Kukup Seafood. You won't miss it. Its the last shop on the last row of shops. There were 4 of us and we ordered 5 dishes and paid RM111.90 for it. Expensive? I have no idea but the food there is great! Now, I took pictures of 4 of the dishes, the 5th one was missing coz at that point, we were devouring the picture. Anyway, the dishes we ordered were

Duck egg fried bitter gourd

Fried blackpepper Crab

Duck egg fried prawn

Fried belacan clam

And the last dish, Steam Fish with sour plum. No pictures for this one. For this fabulous lunch, I have my lovely GF to thank as she spent us for it. For this, I Thank Her Here!

-Because I Can-