Friday, September 28, 2007

New Super Mario Bros. Sound Plush Doll

What does a Plushie, a sound drop and a huggable throwable projectile have in common?

The New Super Mario Bros Sound Plush Doll! It comes in two form. Question mark block and Koppa shell! I would assume that touching or moving the Plushie will result in whatever ungodly sound that usually comes out of the character in NSMB.

If you can't get enough of Mario or Mario Sound drop. I dare say this shall sate your thirst for a while :D

You know what to do. Click HERE for more purchase information!

Bag of Elegance, Louis Vutton for NDSL

With that kind of name, you know that things can either go horribly wrong or extremely good. Bag of Elegance, I mean, come on. Elegance? Why not Pouch of the king! Pouch of elegant. And a gold stylus! When does gold become elegance? Last time I remember, Gold means bling bling! Bling bling is not elegance!

Regardless, They, Pebble Entertainment did manage to get some of their design rights out of over seven design. I have never heard of Pebble Entertainment so I will assume that they are new comers to this scene. One of the few designs I like from them from their "Bag of Elegance" is the Fox version of Bag of Elegance. The design reminds me of LV design. No not Level Design you dorks, Louis Vutton! ( Did i spell that right? )

Fox's Bag of Elegance

and also the Graphite version of Bag of Elegance

They also included a Gold Stylus with all Elegance bag bought. Check out the BLING BLING!

More purchase information can be found HERE

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Games to look out for

I was checking my calender and realize that there are quite a few games that will be making their debut or have already made their debut this few days. They varies from puzzle game, to shooting game to games that are just plain interesting.

One of the games that I am looking forward to but will not have the chance to sample at all would be Halo 3. What with finishing the fight and all that craziness, I will be avoiding all major gaming website and also few selected major game store, then I will go home and hide in a dark corner until all this passes.

In the mean time,There are quite a lot of Halo 3 Goodies coming out together with the Halo 3 launching.

Click HERE for all the Halo 3 Goodieness and also HERE for exclusive HALO 3 Limited Edition.

Just so that I don't get excessive screaming from Zorocaster for Plagarism, there are also a few games that I would like to highlight here which I am looking forward to play. Some I have played too and would like to introduce it to you guyz.

They are as followed

My Sims DS - Already played it. The graphic is nice the gameplay is slightly a bit animal crossing like but hey, its SIMS!

Prims: Light The Way - A very interesting puzzle game which requires player to bounce light against mirror, through color block and also through prism block. Very addictive. I played it and it got a Snapped Approved seal on it.

Sonic Rush Adventure - A good attempt to include RPG into the game. All the good Sonic Rush element is retained in the game, while more goodies are added into it. Minigames such as sailing, gem collecting, path finding through sea and shooting enemy via screen tapping are but some of the gem in game. A must for all sonic fans. Another Snapped Snapped Approved for this!

The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - How can I forget about Zelda! I mean, there are only 7 more days before the launch of the game! I know some of you already pre-ordered it. Me, I will wait for some poor soul to sell of his copy in a month time.

Digimon World: Dawn & Dusk - I have played this, I have heard from others and we all came to a consensus, the game are worth it. what with two different storyline working hand in hand with monster that are more refined and interesting, this game is good. Get it if you are a digimon fan!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Modding Skin

Hah! Check out what I found on Play-Asia.
Modding Skin for your NDSL. Apparently this is made out of HIGH QUALITY stuff. Right... Anyone wanna try it out and tell me?

Granted, this design looks damn evil. Me likey!

More purchase information can be found HERE

Review: Pocket Book DS Lite

Well then, about time I reviewed the Pocket Book DS Lite (orange). No? I received the Pocket Book back in September 18, 2007 and promised to review it. Well, 2 weeks down the road and I finally got my ass down in front of my laptop to review it. Anyway, enough chit chat and on with the main course

The Pocket book is a very nice looking pouch, its half leather and half jean cloth. both are stiff and hard to the touch but the inside are leather wrapped and nice to the feel. The pocket book gives a feel that you are holding a small diary that people used to use before the appearance of PDA or Cell phone :P. Granted, this makes it that when you are playing your NDSL with the pocket book while taking the tram will make you look scholarly and high class. ( we all wanna pretend for the chick across from us don't we?

The inside of the pocket book though is a bit disheartening for black or dark blue NDSL user. As you can see from the picture, the pocket book stick onto the bottom of your NDSL. This leaves the flap hanging then your NDSL is open with no protection or wrapping on the top of your NDSL, and as all Black or Blue NDSL user knows, this will leave your NDSL prone to finger print and what not.

The strap that binds the pocket book is also feels a bit hard. ( if you know what I mean) The button on the strap, straps and lock the pocket book tight. But they added this other feature where you can pull out the strap or keep it back in to make the NDSL being bound tight or less tight. I have no idea why they do that now but I hope I will find out the reason in the future.

As mentioned earlier, the bottom of the pocket book is adorned with two very small looking cello tape thingy to allow the pocket book to stick onto the NDSL. I have been told that the tape is strong and are made of very good quality. Interesting but I still don't like it.


All in all, the pocket book ds lite is a very stylish casing for your NDSL. If you are using any NDSL but blue and black then this is a very good protection/fashion accessories . But if you are using black and blue and know the hardship of wiping clean your bodily cell or dust from your NDSL, you might want to think twice about purchasing this. What about protection you say? Well, this is a leather cover. not a pouch. The protection on the side are minimum. But who needs protection when you can look cool!

More purchase information can be found HERE

More Picture can be found HERE

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pre-Order Gifts:The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

9 more days till the launching of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass . For those that have yet to preorder this game, I would suggest to do so now. And if you are from australia then Lucky you! Preorder The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass from EBGAMES Australia and you will be given a free golden aluminium case with zelda logo on it! No extra charge! Only Preorder!

Click the picture for more purchase information
For those that are located locally or not in Australia, you would have to make do with the plain old game only. You can Pre-Order the game now but I am not sure if it will still be available. You might have to wait for the 2nd batch. or the third if you are unlucky.
Me? I am gonna sit tight and wait for some guy to sell his copy. What with the amount of people buying this game, there is bound to be one or 2 second hand copy out for cheap in a month or so :D

More purchase information for None Australian HERE

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kingdom Hearts confirmed for DS

Christmas Came early this year! Wohoo!

Kingdom heart are confirmed to be coming to NDS! Oh yeah! *dance around like a monkey*

Below are quoted from IGN

September 19, 2007 - In a closed doors video montage session at TGS 2007 Square showed off three upcoming titles based in the Kingdom Hearts universe. Though the trailers were brief, all the titles seem to incorporate the same kind of action-RPG gameplay of the previous games.

On display were trailers for Kingdom Hearts Coded for mobile, Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days for DS, and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP. No specific release dates were given for any of the titles, save for a "work in progress" text flashed at the end of each trailer.

Story details were sketchy, but it appears Birth by Sleep will be set in "the distant past," according to text in the trailer. 358 / 2 (called 358 over two), whose title, said Square, will apparently make sense once you play the game, will take place somewhere around the events of Kingdom Hearts 2. Coded appears to be set somewhere during the course of the first KH and its sequel, indicated in the trailer with a line of text reading "time has gone by." The overall timeline is a bit muddled, though, something a Square representative admitted to while we were asking for further explanation.

Coded's gameplay had Sora running around various dungeons filled with floating red and black blocks. During battle it's possible to engage a "debugging" mode to clear away the blocks, but their exact nature and implications with regard to gameplay were not clear. 358 / 2 had a darker thematic element than KH games of the past, with all the characters, including Mickey, draped in flowing black robes. It appeared to support some kind of four player mode, though it just may have been one human player with three AI companions. Birth by Sleep featured an unidentifiable playable character during the gameplay portions of the trailer.

Naturally, a host of Disney characters were also present in each of the trailers. Stay tuned for more as we hear it.

That is just SUPER! WOOOOOT

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pocket Book DS Lite

Last saturday a package arrived at my address. It was a surprise that the item arrived in 5 days to my place as my experience was between 10 to 21 days for the package from Play-Asia to arrive. Anyway, I was practically jumping out of my seat trying my best to calm down before i unveil the glorious Pocket Book DS lite. Never mind that the box is dented as you can see below as I believe it will take a huge amount of trashing to really hurt the package inside.

So I gently cut the box opened and pull out the box. Boy does it look great. The packaging is like any other but the color shines out of it. Its as if its begging to be used. To be touched! To be savoured! ( ok i am scaring myself here )

Anyway, to cut the story short I took out the Pocket book and was hit with a wave of amazement and realism. The Pocket book is perfect and great. The leather is hard and looks original ( i do not know how to differentiate between real or fake leather ) The orange covering was made out of jeans material cloth and are quite hard. which will provide a good cover for the NDSL

Below are some of the pictures that I took for it. I would try to put up a review of it but as of now my brain has been declining in creativity cell.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion

What with the launching of Final Fantasy Crisis Core, no good self respecting marketer would give up on this chance to further cash in on this. Final Fantasy VII 10th Anniversary Potion is a combination of art book and Potion that can be drank. Details of the ingredient and what exactly is in it is as below

  • Content: 100ml, 58kcal/100ml
  • Ingredients: (Fructose, glucose, sugar, syrup) royal jelly, acid, caffeine, preservative, vitamin B6 & B1
  • Pages: 208
  • Format: A4
More purchase information can be found HERE

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sega History Collection Gashapon

I made an order for Sega History Collection Gashapon over a week ago ( read about it HERE ) and lo and behold its here at me mailbox ( 2nd time the item received in 7 days! AMAZING ) Anyway, the Sega History Collection Gashapon is highly detailed and have various detachable part. No words can do justice of it. Hence the picture below. Enjoy em

More purchase information can be found HERE

I ordered two, one is a Dreamcast, the other is a Master System
Look ma! I finally own a Cheap DreamCast!
The set comes with controller, CD Casing, CD, two memory card and the console. Talk about details!

Mario Kart DS

Miss out on those endless mario kart reincarnation racing kart figurine? Don'y worry, Yujin is once again out with an all " new " set of Mario Kart for your collection purpose.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pocket Book DS Lite by Keys Factory In Stock

The Pocket Book DS Lite is FINALLY in stock. I just purchased mine less then 10 minutes ago. Just to recap though, there are 5 available color. Orange, Lime, Strawberry, Mint and Mocha. I am partial to Orange though.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Mario Sound Drop & Key Chain Reloaded

Super Mario Bros. Sound Drops Gashapon is currently back in stock. Its not the New Super Mario version but its still Super Mario. If you get my gist that is. I mean, how different can a Jump sound be when its New and Old?

More purchase information can be found Super Mario Bros. Sound Drops Gashapon HERE

The keychain is also back in stock.New Super Mario Bros. Figure Keychain now this one is the NEW version. The figure keychain features 9 character which includes Mario, Luigi, Gomba and Boo.

More purchase information can be found New Super Mario Bros. Figure Keychain HERE

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Reviewed: Stationary Style Set DS Lite

Stationary Style Set DS Lite

I purchased this over 2 weeks ago out of whim and the need to satisfy my itchy finger. It was supposed to dual as a cover for Pocket Book DS Lite (orange) but apparently the Pocket Book ran out of stock before it even had stock! ( i suspect foul play) Anyway, I took a number of picture of the Stationary Style Set and surprisingly enough. I like it.

Ok I can see the twinge of skepticisms on your eye. The thing is this, the Stationary Style Set DS Lite had been on sale since December last year and it is still on sale now. So there must be something wrong with it. Correct? I can see the problem with people not buying this Stationary Style Set DS Lite is due to the lack of pictures of the set. ( Which I will remedy with all the pictures at the bottom. Anyway, to get the short review going. I would start off with the material of the Pouch and work my way through to the whole shebang.

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Pouch

The pouch is made out of jean like material which gives it a firm and strong feeling. The inside of the pouch is padded with thin layer of sponge which does not really give it much of a protection but does well to prevent scratch. The outer layer of the pouch is laced with an outer pocket held together by those stick on thingy. ( I have no idea what its call and its hairy and cling on to each other ). Inside the outer pocket, there is another built in DS game slot for two games. Which is more then enough for certain gamers. On top of that, there is also a small slot where the Stylus c an be strapped on. Talk about good thinking!

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Stylus & Screen Cleaner

The stylus is something that everyone are familiar with. Its strong, its hard and we grow with it. Style as the conventional pencil that most people are familiar with, the 6 edged Hexagon pencil gives the user ( which is me ) a very good feeling. Granted it looks clumsy and feel clumsy when playing games that require fast movement. But the Pencil Stylus is large and long enough for user that have big palm ( again, me ). Its comfortable and nice although at times you can't really see the screen considering that the stylus blocks off part of the bottom screen. That said, I would not trade of this stylus for anything else as it is VERY comfortable and Nice.

The screen cleaner is something new. Designed to look like a Eraser, the screen cleaner is large and gives the user good grip to clean off the screen. It also provides a good range when cleaning the screen. What this Screen cleaner does right though is in the way its design. A spring strap is incorporated into the design to enable the user to move the screen cleaner anyway they want while allowing the screen cleaner to be strapped onto the back of your NDSL. Nice move if you ask me.

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Conclusion

All in all, the conclusion is that, Stationary Style Set DS Lite which is sensibly priced at USD 12.90 ( RM 45.67 ) is a good buy. The Pouch is thin and does not take up much space, the stylus is comfortable and the screen cleaner is pratical. Although, if you are looking for a sturdy protection pouch, I would give this a pass as the cushioning is not thick enough. I manage to solve this problem by putting my NDSL in a Crystal Casing and then using the pouch. This is a good compromise considering that the casing protects the NDSL and the Pouch protects the Casing without taking a huge space.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gameboy Advance SP Keychain Type Picture

Remember the Gameboy Advance Keychain that I ordered a week ago? ( Click HERE ) I got it today together with my Minish Cap Gashapon. Anyway, The following is a couple of picture I took of the Keychain using my N73. Enjoy!

Purchase Information can be found HERE

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Touch Pen. Restocked!

Well, What do you know. More touchpen. But at least its no longer Animal Crossing or god forbids, Mario! Gah! This time its more original. Its BOMBERMAN! The Blue bomber! ( wait, I think thats Megaman )

Anyway, More purchase information can be found HERE

And do you remember the Pokemon Gashapon Stylus? Well, Its back in stock! So make your purchase NOW if you missed it last month

Purchase information can be found HERE

See that Red button? Do not press it

Holy Jack A**!

No amount of reason is going to stop me from buying this baby. Wohoo! Boy, Have I waited long enough for something like this to pop up. Some of the features of the Big Red Button
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP
  • A unit designed as the ultimate stress relief or panic button
  • Count down clock on the interface
  • 3 different screen effects to choose from
  • To be used as a stress relief or a instant blackout to block important data on your screen from others viewing range
  • Connect to your computer via USB
  • Powered by USB with 4 feet of cable

Ever wanted to push the big red button? The more obvious the thing is, the less resistible it is the urge to press it.

More purchase information for the BIG RED BUTTON can be found HERE

Gaming on the Slide and Sega on the Roll

If you would allow me to let my pun slide ( yet again ) I would like to highlight the price drop for a week on Play-Asia for the Slide Adventure: Mag Kid game which is currently on sale for a mere US 29.90 ( RM 102 ). Considering that this game comes with a slot two accessories, at US 29.90, Slide Adventure: Mag Kid is a pretty good deal. Although the slot two accessories only allow player to play the game on hard and smooth surface kind of make the game redundant its still a novelty to purchase at US 29.90.

More purchase information for Slide Adventure: Mag Kid can be found HERE

I also found this during my ritual Play-Asia browsing earlier. Sega History Collection Gashapon which ran out of stock in 2004 is currently back in stock. Do not ask me where they find it, but the matter remains that they have it on sale now. Retailing at the slight price of US 3.90 ( RM 13.81 ) the Sega History Collection Gashapon is a pretty good collection for those golden oldies time when Sega dominate the world and was not reduced to a mere one roomed company.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A preview

Apologises for the lack of posting for the past week. I have been " disconnected" for 5 days from the world of internet due to my absent from Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, posting will resume at normal pace this coming week. No worries, I have a couple of topic in mind that I wanted to talk about. But just to get a taste of what is coming in the next few days. Take a garner at this picture and await my future post. As this picture has EVERYTHING to do with what I will be posting in the next few days. About gaming.