Saturday, September 8, 2007

Reviewed: Stationary Style Set DS Lite

Stationary Style Set DS Lite

I purchased this over 2 weeks ago out of whim and the need to satisfy my itchy finger. It was supposed to dual as a cover for Pocket Book DS Lite (orange) but apparently the Pocket Book ran out of stock before it even had stock! ( i suspect foul play) Anyway, I took a number of picture of the Stationary Style Set and surprisingly enough. I like it.

Ok I can see the twinge of skepticisms on your eye. The thing is this, the Stationary Style Set DS Lite had been on sale since December last year and it is still on sale now. So there must be something wrong with it. Correct? I can see the problem with people not buying this Stationary Style Set DS Lite is due to the lack of pictures of the set. ( Which I will remedy with all the pictures at the bottom. Anyway, to get the short review going. I would start off with the material of the Pouch and work my way through to the whole shebang.

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Pouch

The pouch is made out of jean like material which gives it a firm and strong feeling. The inside of the pouch is padded with thin layer of sponge which does not really give it much of a protection but does well to prevent scratch. The outer layer of the pouch is laced with an outer pocket held together by those stick on thingy. ( I have no idea what its call and its hairy and cling on to each other ). Inside the outer pocket, there is another built in DS game slot for two games. Which is more then enough for certain gamers. On top of that, there is also a small slot where the Stylus c an be strapped on. Talk about good thinking!

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Stylus & Screen Cleaner

The stylus is something that everyone are familiar with. Its strong, its hard and we grow with it. Style as the conventional pencil that most people are familiar with, the 6 edged Hexagon pencil gives the user ( which is me ) a very good feeling. Granted it looks clumsy and feel clumsy when playing games that require fast movement. But the Pencil Stylus is large and long enough for user that have big palm ( again, me ). Its comfortable and nice although at times you can't really see the screen considering that the stylus blocks off part of the bottom screen. That said, I would not trade of this stylus for anything else as it is VERY comfortable and Nice.

The screen cleaner is something new. Designed to look like a Eraser, the screen cleaner is large and gives the user good grip to clean off the screen. It also provides a good range when cleaning the screen. What this Screen cleaner does right though is in the way its design. A spring strap is incorporated into the design to enable the user to move the screen cleaner anyway they want while allowing the screen cleaner to be strapped onto the back of your NDSL. Nice move if you ask me.

Stationary Style Set DS Lite - Conclusion

All in all, the conclusion is that, Stationary Style Set DS Lite which is sensibly priced at USD 12.90 ( RM 45.67 ) is a good buy. The Pouch is thin and does not take up much space, the stylus is comfortable and the screen cleaner is pratical. Although, if you are looking for a sturdy protection pouch, I would give this a pass as the cushioning is not thick enough. I manage to solve this problem by putting my NDSL in a Crystal Casing and then using the pouch. This is a good compromise considering that the casing protects the NDSL and the Pouch protects the Casing without taking a huge space.

More purchase information can be found HERE