Friday, April 27, 2007

Nintendo DS Lite Special Edition ( SE )

The other day a friend of mind sent me a link to this KINGDOM HEARTS SE . I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to get it but Play-Asia ran out of stock for this particular item. It also doesn't help when the item itself has been out for 4 years already.
Not giving up, I cruise around the net looking for any seller selling it. And LO AND BEHOLD!~ I found a seller from Japan selling that KH SE for 300 USD! Holy Crap! Fine, I give up. The amount is too much for me to stomach. I might like it. But I don't Like it THAT much.

This few days has seen the launching of 2 Nintendo DS Lite Special Edition. One is to commorate 20 years of certain something. ( I had no idea what it is) Apparently it has something to do with trains. Judging by the look of the design on the casing. The NDSL SE comes with a game called Momotarou Dentetsu DS: Tokyo & Japan.

Then I found another one which everyone can relate to. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings ( -Sky Pirate Edition ). The design of this particular NDSL SE is not really that special. What intrigued me is in the title itself. Sky Pirate Edition? Does that mean there will be more then one edition sold in the future? Heck if there is. I might get it. Of course, if the price is "appropriate" that is.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mario Kart DS Racing Gashapon

I am pretty sure quite a sum of you guyz wanted the mario kart gashapon. I know I wanted it when I saw it last time, although I was turned off from the price I found in EBAY and Forums.

Now though it seems Play-Asia has restocked it again. My suggestions? Grab the mario kart face before it run out of stock "AGAIN"

Grab It HERE

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swatwolf! This is for u man

I have been quite emo today. The week have been hectic. The day have been shorter then ever. Stressed from my new job ( I had to do something I never done before) and the fact that my ass has been hauled off from the bed for the first time in 4 months, I need something to wake my brain up from my permanent hibernation.

In comes Swatwolf a fellow forumer and friend. He created a very simple flash with some funky song. And boy, I had my first laugh of the day. Thankz man. This post is dedicated to you

View the flash HERE

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Confession of a WoW Addict

For those that have no idea what is World Of Warcraft. I have a sentence for you. Where have you been for the past 3 years!? WoW is only one of the most phenomenal game to ever grace the internet. And if you say WoW sucks, I say you haven't actually play the game or you got camped when you are lvl 10. Cry more kthxbai

Anyway, I have been an advent fan of WoW since beta but stopped playing lately due to the fact that the game sucks up my social,casual and working time. Thats right, I plan my life around WoW and not the other way around. Its amazing how they did not put the label "Hazardous Material, User will get addicted and need constant dosage of it"

Heck, even after i stopped 3 months before BC, thats Burning Crusade for you none geeks, the only thing we constantly talk about when ex-wow player meet are about WoW. We grief about how owerpowerful Warlock is ( I am a mage ), how we got ganged all the time. We reminisce about it. and we constantly tie ourself to our bed to prevent ourself from relogging into WoW
(i haven't uninstalled WoW from my PC although I have quit WoW for more then 5 months.

This is made a lot more harder with this 4 new figurine that my so called "fren" keep sending me the link to look at. The figurine consist of

Blood Elf Rogue
Undead Warlock
Orc Shaman
Dwarf Warrior

Thank god there is no gnome mage there. If there is, I will break down and head back to my small corner and receive my calling as a WoW addict.

It ain't easy to kick the habit off. I am still struggling. May Elune shine upon me.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Keroro Character Phone Strap Gashapon

I was pretty curious and intrigued with this KERORO. It looks nice enough but I have a bit of reservation about how the quality might be like and what its made out of. You see, there are some gashapon that are made out of clear plastic material and feels hard. I don't like those. I prefer something squishy and nice to hold on.

Lo and behold, I found one of the Keroro Gashapon over at Toys R Us again. From what I can gather from my brief look at it, the gashapon is actually made out of squishy material. Something like the mario gashapon located HERE. Except that the Keroro is in plastic squishy material

Well, a picture speaks a thousand word. So here it is! in all its glory!

Get the Keroro Character Phone Strap Gashapon HERE

Pokemon Pearl and Diamond OUT Now!

As my week start off at a new job, I anxiously await the day I can start doing some real "A&P" work. But apparently to others there are more important things that work. For example. The launched of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond.

As for those that are eagerly awaiting the Pokemon Pearl and Diamond version. Wait no more as Play-Asia now carries them. If you are fast enough, you might be able to get a copy before it runs out.

Head over to Play-Asia for Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond

p/s: My Chocobo is here!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pikachu VS Chocobo

What with the recent sales of Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales hitting the shores on most places already and Pokemon Diamond / Pokemon Pearl hitting the shores on the 22nd of April some might be saving the money to get pearl and diamond instead of Chocobo. Personally I have already pre-ordered my Chocobo Tales and waiting it to be delivered from Play-Asia.

The scores for Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales has been slightly misgiving when it was earlier reviewed but apparently the scores lately have been quite high if I may say so.

Below are quoted from various website for Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

GN (83/100) doesn't want the presentation to fool you, the game is fun for older gamers: "The game might feel a bit "kiddy" in its focus, what with those great, big, cute Chocobo eyes peeking at you from the box art. But even though the idea might skew young, the product is surprisingly enjoyable for the older crowd."

GamePro (80/100) finds the game to be a melting pot of good ideas: "Chocobo Tales is about quick and easy fun. The Crayola art style, pop-up book style graphics and fable stories may make it seem like a kiddie title and technically, it is. However, the game is fun enough that and packed with enough nods to diehard fans that Final Fantasy fans of all ages should give it a look.

EGM though seems to be a bit harsh on Chocobo Tales with a score of Chocobo Tales - 6.0/6.5/6.5

As for Pokemon though, Nintendo has released a new Commercial to hype up the whole Poke Craze Fans ( As if it needed help anymore). I have slight doubt about this game as the whole concept haven't changed for the past 10 years. But I might just get it just to show that I am a good Nintendo boy too :D

Included is a YouTube Video of the said commercial. Enjoy!

P/S: Have you pre-ordered your very own April Edition game?

Get them here
Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl

More Animal Crossing and Keroro

What with the upcoming Animal Crossing movie and the rising popularity of Keroro Gunso. Play-Asia has decided to pull out all the stops on this two products and bombarding us, the user with all their products. They have seen it deem to print the animal crossing character on anything and every conceivable item. I wouldn't be shocked if they start selling cars imprinted with a huge Tom Nook logo on the hood.

Anyway, they had 9 product that was recently launched. The product is as followed

Animal Crossing Character Phone Strap
Animal Crossing Mini Cushion
Animal Crossing Bath Towel ( K.K. Slider )
Animal Crossing Bath Towel ( Bouquet )
Animal Crossing Face Plush Pouch - Model A: Tom Nook
Animal Crossing Face Plush Pouch - Model B:K.K Slider
Animal Crossing Face Plush Pouch - Model C: Hooter ( Blathers )
Animal Crossing Face Plush Pouch - Model D: Bouquet

Keroro Character Phone Strap Gashapon

I think I am going to Stay away from Play- Asia For a while... All this items for sale is seriously hurting my purse. And my bank account..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Animal Crossing Character Bottle Phone Strap Gashapon

I finally got my Animal Crossing! YAY!!! I seriously got nothing to say about this but boy this Animal Crossing Phone Strap is cute and pretty! And its a good way to attract girls attention too if you are a guy. Good as a gift too btw.
The doll and the gift box is made out of a soft synthetic like thing which can be pressed but still retain a slight hardness. The bottle is made out of plastic. And apparently you can write a short note and keep it in the bottle. Pretty darn good way to use this as a way to "court" girls. If you know what I mean. Wink Wink

Well, if you want a piece of this baby, Head HERE for it

P/S : I realize that I only post about certain items if I were to purchase it. But... Lets just say I don't buy lots of item lately.. Except for a screen and skin protector which I screwed up during installation.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Design for Modding DS Lite

I might not be posting for the past 2 weeks. That doesn't mean I have been slacking off on designing for my DS Lite, In light of the fact I got a printer for review purpose, I fully utilized the time I had with the printer and this Is what I got to show for it.

There is a few more but those are ugly like hell. Looks good on design but on the DS its one ugly piece of design. Just an fyi, most of the white spot you see on the DS is not reflection. They are the design itself.


Gyakuten Saiban 4, Phoenix Wright 4

It took a bit of doing but, Here I am, Back in one piece. Work and life has been hectic for the past 2 weeks. I Found two new job and had to decide which line of company I want to join. The decision making process was not pleasant, Anyway Gyakuten Saiban 4 or better known as Phoenix Wright 4 is out in the market now.

There is a limited edition of the item available HERE. Apparently the box features item such as

  • Gyakuten Saiban 4
  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 Headsphone
  • Gyakuten Saiban Encyclopedia
  • Gyakuten Saiban Animation DVD
  • Gyakuten Saiban 4 Box

Pretty cool set of item, whats even cooler is this. For fear that the Limited Edition Item will be sold out too fast with insufficent stock to back it up, Play-Asia has decided to not to open the pre-order. They will open the order when the item arrives and sell it straight. Talk about good sales...

So head on over to HERE if you want to grab a set. Be warned though, you need to keep an eye out for it when it opens for sale.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Play-Asia 20% Sales

Play-Asia 20% off Sales!

This might come a bit late and I apologize. I truly was busy this few days.but like what they always say. Better late then never. Anyway, Play-Asia is having a 20% off sales for all their items.
This is how the sales works. The sales starts from 30th of March until the 5th of april. Yeah thats 2 days from now, I know... I am sorry!! I should have informed you guys earlier :(

The offer only valid for items that are in stock, items that are restocked is not viable for this offer. So head over to Play-Asia ASAP if you have anything you wanna purchase!

I have bought the following three item, its not exactly very cheap but it's cheap enough for me.

TAKU Professional Screenguard

TAKU Professional SkinGuard

Animal Crossing Character Bottle Phone Strap Gashapon (Theater Version)

What do you guys want to buy?