Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Monster Hunter 2nd G Japan Festa Video

Unbeknown to me, the Japan MH2nd G Festa came to an end a few days ago (I didn't know it was even there in the first place!) Regardless, from the site of PSPFANBOY in comes some news of the tournament (or a semblance of it)

There is a video of the final two team duking it out in a separate arena with their choice of weapon against . Watching the video, I realised that I can really use some pointers from what they did and upgrade my hunting skill.. Watch the video HERE.

I am off to hunt my first Hypnock in G2!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Originarer VS Flash Carter

No,no,no. It's not a new boy band or Nick Carter's long lost brother. Its the long war between the fanatic of original games and the pirateS of gameS (Emphasis on the S). Its a long war that will not be coming to any end anytime soon but the fanatics of original games (FOG) is determined to condemn anyone which they know, remotely hint of or blame everything (regardless of the game not releasing in the states or the world coming to an end) on Pirates of Games (POG).

How much is this true? And how many of their blame is justified? Here are some of the usual blames that I have read

1. The game won’t be released here.

2. The game will not be translated.

3. The game’s sale is low making the next instalment not being able to be released here

4. There is no online server due to pirates!

5. Pirate gamer is making the industry losing money

6. Pirate gamer is corrupting the industry

7. Downloading game is stealing!

Here are some of the usual reasons that I have read from pirates

1. The game is expensive

2. I am using it as demo

3. I was testing the game to see if its viable for me to buy

4. I can’t wait for the game to be shipped here

5. I am too poor to buy the game

6. The game is not justified for the price of (insert number here)

7. I have too many games that I want

Its an age old argument. Chicken and Egg kind of thing and for me, I prefer to stand on the middle. I do not condone piracy nor do I condone you going bankrupt to buy a game. I also do not condone POG to flaunt the whole piracy idea around as if it is their god given rights, nor do I condone the FOG from going fanatic and wielding a machete against any pirate or hint of piracy they stumble, dig up or being confessed upon.

If you have the money, support the industry. Buy the original game. If you do not have the money, wait for the game to go cheaper and buy it. In the meantime, get creative. Being able to buy original game does not give you the rights to KOS anybody that hints of piracy. Its tiring, its stupid and its downright idiotic. Going into a tyrant about piracy just because a slight hint of it gets you off but not the others.

Pirates? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? Fine, you can pirate anything you want. Its your right. In fact, no one can control you. But think of it this way. What if your proposal, or your hard earned 100% mark in exam is being stolen and lauded in front of a meeting or assembly by others that has stolen your work? Obviously enough you are going to get angry. Think of those FOG, think of those developer the next time you want to show off your piracy.

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Review: Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull

After 19 years since his last adventure in The Last Crusade, Indy is back! Well, his movie is back but his high action, running around, prancing from one level to another and running away from danger is getting less. Admittedly Indy is a lot more older now than then. Heck, he even admitted this fact on the first scene!

But truth to be told, the movie is every bit a good reminisce of why we love Indiana Jones last time and why we still love it now. (Besides the fact that it reminds us that we are old enough to remember the movie) But regretfully, most of Indy's move is a golden age move which no longer appeals much to the modern crowd. His hat, the music, the sound effects and the fighting scene. The joke is sometimes a bit stale but gradually finds its freshness in you.

Under the direction of Steven Spielberg, the movie takes a sharp turn here and there keeping the fighting scene long and fresh, the scenery panning across a continent to another and the scene superb. In the whole outset of the movie, Steven reminded us on why we love Indy in the first place. The wry joke, the metal knuckle fight & the certain scene that makes you cringe away from the scene.

For those that have watched the first 3 movies before, you can see that Spielberg have retained all the same cinematography style from 20 years ago. But within the old style, there is a lot of CGI and new style which blends in seamlessly. Without spoiling the movie at all, I would say that the movie is an uphill and downhill ride of adventure from one continent to another. Swashbuckling across the globe fighting various element of villain and whipping the enemy into order.

Do keep an eye open for some cameo appearance of past artifacts & hints of where Indy has been to and involved in. Figure out the puzzle before him and pride yourself as a stalwart Indy fan. Albeit old.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Free 5 Play-Asia Coupon for $5 Off

I have 5 Play-Asia coupon which entitles the user to $5 off from $50 purchase. Do feel free to use it for purchase at Play-Asia in the next couple of days.

There are always ways to make use of a coupon. For example, make a purchase of anything which amounts for $49.90 or $45.90 or anything that ranges there. Then pick some candy or snacks from HERE and make it total up to around $50. Then use the coupon below. With that you have free candy and if you are lucky. You get some discount on your purchases too!

Example, I purchase for Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift $44.90 and then purchase 3 of these Shuwa Puccho Cola Stick Candy which cost 1.99 each. Totaling up to $50.87. Use one of the coupon below and you get $45.87 and 3 candy to chew on.

QW-NDQ-TVE = Expires on 23 May
TO-OAN-FHB = Expires on 23 May
KM-TQE-BIX = Expires on 29 May
ME-HAI-EVM = Expires on 7 July
CP-RJJ-ZAP = Expires on 15 June

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Peanuts Lite Slipon Socks Pouch Picture & Review

Over a week or 2 ago I highlighted this cute Peanuts Lite Slipon Socks Pouch which I recommended for those that love snoopy. Well, I received my sock yesterday and frankly, I am disappointed.

The pouch is not elastic. Its made out of some crappy cloth which stays in shape. Thats ok with me but the problem arises when I try to slot in my DS. The pouch won't fit! The mouth of the pouch requires 3 minutes of coaxing and gentle pushing at the right position to get the DS in. Once its in, you will see that the pouch does only one thing. Cover your DS. Nothing else. No protection. No nothing.

Now, you figure you might want to put on a hard cover or something to give it shock protection. Right? WRONG! Like I said, the pouch won't fit anything else except for the DS. So don't bother. This Pouch is a novelty product. You buy it for the design. And that's it. I would recommend against buying this if you are looking for protection for your NDS.

If you still want to purchase this pouch. Go to HERE for more purchase information on ALL 4 DESIGN.
My package!
Front design
Back design
Won't fit with a hardcover
Tight fit
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 PSP game for Super Bargain Price

If you like DJ MAX portable or those rhythm based game, you might want to purchase this game called Pump It Up EXCEED Portable + Pump It Up Zero Portable Bundle. The game revolves around dancing and basically has the same mechanism as any other rhythm game that you have seen or played.

Available at only USD19.90 for 2 games, you might want to purchase this!

More purchase information available HERE

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Malaysian Artist For Unity

free download

Over the weekend I caught this new song that was written by Pete Teo with over 50 Malaysian Singers. I was quite skeptic about this song at the first place due to the ensemble that was singing it. But when the song played, it gave me goose bumps. It is good. There are no mention about the standard malaysian thingy. It sings of only one thing.

Your home.

Very nice.
The song is called Here In My Home, I would recommend heading over to their website at

You can also download their song and lyric over at their download section. Check it out!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

E-Revolution Motion Speaker Video

I got my speaker over a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post up a video of its flickering light and how the motion sensor works. But I didn't have a decent videocam with me. But yesterday, I figure I might as well just post up a video, regardless of how grainy it is for you guys to see.

A warning though, the video looks bad but the real thing looks very very cool. I would suggest you grab one if you can.

E-Revolution Motion Speaker is retailing at USD19.90 only now at HERE.

Edit: Woops, the motion speaker has since been out of stock >.< You might have to search elsewhere to get this now..

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Cool Accessories

Very Very Very Very Very Very Cool set of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Pouch. I shall let the picture do the talking. Better get clicking soon if you want this pouch. It will sell out like HOT CAKES!

Selling now at $49.90 I still expect the thing to be out of stock in less than a week. You won't be seeing me trotting that bag around. That bag deserved to be kept in a glass case and put on somewhere really high with my collection of Lightsabers, Life replica of World Of Warcraft Swords and an Akantor Bow Set.

Click on the picture for more purchase information and to salivate the hell out of your mouth.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Mafumofu Pouch
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Hunter Leather Cover

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Travel Case for PSP-2000

Logitech has this cool hardcase for PSP-1000 which adds like 10 gazillion of weight to the already bulky PSP-1000. But when the PSP-2000 with its slim feature came out, there aren't any dumbbell accessories for it. Well that ain't true no more.

Introducing Travel Case for PSP-2000. Released by Sony, This baby can store 2 UMD and 2 Memory card while protecting your PSP-2000. The design is essentially the same as logitech's hardcase for PSP-1000. Now available at Play-Asia for USD19.99.

More purchase information can be found HERE

Pictures courtesy of PSPFANBOY

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Charge Stand DS Lite

Hori got this really cool DS charger on sale now, conventionally the Charge Stand are normally designed with the DS standing on the charger. But this one changes the conventional idea by slanting the charger. Pretty cool design but I wonder how easy would it be to plug in your NDS for charging.

Currently available in two colour, to country launch date and get this, two price.

US White Charge Stand : Launch on Jun 2008 at the price of US$ 14.99
Japan White/Black Charge Stand: Launch on May 2008 at the price of US$ 16.90

So if you want your charger early and are willing to fork out more money, make your order now!

Click HERE for more purchase information

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Peanuts Lite Slipon Socks Pouch

Looking for a really cool & adorable Sock pouch? This Peanuts Slipon Socks Pouch are designed for NDS Lite, decorated with various Snoopy design, with 4 colours and design available. My personal favourite? The yellow & white one. Check out the picture below.

Check out all 4 design HERE or click on EACH picture for more picture & purchase information
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Restocked Hot Item

There are a few restocked item currently on sale back in Play-Asia. So if you guys missed out some of the items, you might want to check them out now. My recommended item are as followed:

Click on the picture & link to get more purchase information

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Super Mario Galaxy Gashapon

I haven't really updated on any gashapon craze this few weeks coz there are none. But today, today there are a few interesting stuff you guys might be interested. Super Mario stuff which sells like hotcake every time it is out. And I bet this few guys would too.

In fact, some of them are already sold out during Pre-Order. So you might want to take the initiative and purchase the Mario stuff below too.

Click on the picture for more purchase informations

Super Mario Key Holder Vol.2
Super Mario Galaxy Screen Cleaner Strap Gashapon

Super Mario Galaxy W Mascot Keychain Gashapon

Super Mario Galaxy W Mascot Super Ball Gashapon

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Review: Speed Racer Movie

Speed Racer gives no illusion about what movie it is. It does not sugar coat you with all the lovey dovey things that other movie tends to leads you into nor does it do what it is not supposed to be. Speed Racer is all about two things. Speed. Racing.

I was in the preview of Speed Racer movie which is set out to start showing on the 8th of May and frankly, this movie was not in the list of movie I am going to watch. Not with its comical name and association with the old cartoon from years ago. Neither has the trailer impresses me and my friends. But beggars can’t be choosers when two preview tickets are presented to me by my now constant supplier of free movies. A tribute goes to Anthony!

Anyway, back to the movie. The start of the movie sets the pace of the whole movie. There is no growing up scene. There is no, I am out for revenge thing. It starts with a bang and the bang turns to a boom all the way after 2 hour and 15 minutes. But to give a brief summarization of what the movie is about. Its about a family of racer which give births to a prodigal son of racing aptly named, Speed. It has a brief flash back of how he got into racing intermixed with a bit of current timeline. The flash back and forth blends in simultaneously and does a super job of handing you the introduction of the whole story without slowing the pace.

In most movies, we can see the confusion of the director trying to decide what the movie is supposed to be. Hence they throw in the villain, the hero, the gun scene and then the damsel in distress where they will eventually fall in love and live happily ever after. With Speed Racer, there is no such thing. It focuses the movie on the main character. Speed and proceed to hammer the racing scene into your head over and over again. And the effects are spectacular. ( more about that later) There is no love scene, there is no sad scene, and there is no fist fight scene (well there are some..). There is though, a lot and a lot of car fight scene.

Now, what make this movie more interesting than others are the effects. It does not try to blend the movie into real world. In fact, what it does is to make the whole movie as cartonish as possible. The backdrops have too many colours and are all too bright for the eye, the car races are impossible to be done in real life. The car crashes provides a symphony orchestra of impossible combination of lights and colours. Truly spectacular.

What about the actor? Frankly, I have not much comment on them. They are a bunch of believable act, in fact. The actor portraying Speed is very much the naïve character that he is supposed to be. There are parts of the emotion where he fails to portray the right one but he comes true quite well enough if you can close one eye. What about Rain then? He holds his character well enough by itself and speaks good English too. But there is just something not right with his acting which I can’t quite pin down and some of the actors are just “monkeying” around

Anyway, whatever the actor maybe, one thing is true. The movie is good. The racing scene does not get boring, the car fighting scene is spectacularly colourful and the storyline ties up well. A must watch if you like cartoons, car racing, good movie and are not afraid of clashing colours.

I manage to snap a few pictures of some Speed Racer stuff I got from KFC while dining with my GF. Its two keychain of Racer X car and Speed’s Mach 5. Also in the pictures are my ticket to the movie and the real racing car present at the movie to “launch” the movie. I heard Amber Chia was there and I “think” I saw her but heck, for the love of all sane things. I could see no relationship of her and the movie. Maybe the cars did but it sure as hell are not flashy enough. ( the opening event that is) If given to me, I would play around with some cartoonish characterism and put a real life model of Racer X and Speed’s car. That might pull more attention. Oh and maybe lots and lots of flashy lights.

Evo decorated with Speed Racer Logo

The Invitation Card (Outside)
The Invitation Card (Inside)
KFC Speed Racer Key Chain

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pre-Order Guitar Hero: On Tour

Open for pre-order now in Play-Asia at a whooping price tag of US$ 59.90 and this is excluding the US$ 10.40 postage fees! Whats even worse is, knowing how cool this things is going to be, the price tag will sour up in the future after the allocated pre-order has closed and when they restock. So if you want Guitar Hero: On Tour, my suggestions is pre-order it now, get a bunch of friends to share the shipping fees and rock your way to stardom in June!

Guitar Hero: On Tour will be launched on Jun. More pictures and information can be found HERE

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Short Movie Review (SMR)

Iron Man is a movie not about Iron Man but about the man inside the Iron. The whole movie, you see less of Iron Man (I.M) but more of Tony Stark. This is a refreshing turn from other super hero movie where they strive their best to wow you with their visual effects and fighting scene. While Iron Man does the same, it does it with style and substance.

The movie starts off innocently enough and immediately stamps Tony Starks characteristic into your head. Outwardly cool, good looking and rich, Tony strive to do what he think is the best way to help his country to defend against others and like all good movie, everything goes horribly wrong but what Tony did was different. Instead of prolonging his suffering and making all Hoo and Haa about changing his company policy. Tony went in straight for the kill and refined I.M. From there the movie soars on high and over as it shows how I.M was developed, how I.M came into public view and what Tony did to make his creation works.

The gem of the movie is showing the man behind the Iron, behind the war mongering and behind the gold and red armour. This is what made the movie a good movie. I would recommend this movie if you are into comics, even if you are not. I would still recommend it. Its THAT good.

-Because I Can-

Forbidden Kingdom more like Forbidden Movie

Here is a scene of what transpire in the meeting before Forbidden Kingdom was shot.

Movie Executive (M.E): You know what would be a hit movie? Two of the best Kung Fu master dueling!

Boss: Hmm that’s interesting, but it would be better if the movie happens in the past!

M.E: Yeah yeah! And to add in some spice, lets throw in some Chinese legend. Audience love Chinese legends. I know which one we should use, Journey to the west! But instead of the journey, we talk about the pre-journey!

Boss: Hmm, that might work but I thought Journey to the west is about 4 man going to the west. We need pretty faces in it!

M.E: No problem, lets just add in a cute damsel in distress which is out for revenge against the same villain!

Boss: But what would her dialogue and role be?

M.E: Lets just cast her as an add on and show her face here and there and a bit of background of why she is there. The audience wouldn’t care less!

Boss: But we are targeting American audience aren’t we? Shouldn’t we add in some American element in it?

M.E: The dialogue, jokes and fighting scene is a shoe in for American audience. Don’t worry! We would also cast an American in it! He would be the Staff Bearer! The man that will travel from the future to the past to return the staff to the owner! Hell, the story would be about a group of guys and girls which are good in what they does protecting him to bring back the staff!

Boss: Isn’t that similar with LOTR?

M.E: Yeah! And that’s why its bound to work!

Forbidden kingdom, more like forbidden movie. It was two hour of none stop questioning from me and my GF as to what is going on in the movie. The action is not half bad but the fight is drawn out too much. The dialogue switches between mandarin and English and gives no reason for doing so. In fact, it did not even explain why the Chinese can speak English in the first place! So as a smart audience, we assumed that the staff gave the guy the ability to understand Chinese and simultaneously translate all the language to English for us. Think Babel Fish.

Then there is the plot, good lord. HOW CHEESY CAN IT BE?! It’s a typical B-Grade movie with A-Grade actor. In fact, I would say the only saver in the movie is the name Jacky and Jet. Or else the movie will be a total flop. I would really give this movie a miss if I were you. It’s a total waste of 11 buck for me.

-Because I Can-