Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron Man Short Movie Review (SMR)

Iron Man is a movie not about Iron Man but about the man inside the Iron. The whole movie, you see less of Iron Man (I.M) but more of Tony Stark. This is a refreshing turn from other super hero movie where they strive their best to wow you with their visual effects and fighting scene. While Iron Man does the same, it does it with style and substance.

The movie starts off innocently enough and immediately stamps Tony Starks characteristic into your head. Outwardly cool, good looking and rich, Tony strive to do what he think is the best way to help his country to defend against others and like all good movie, everything goes horribly wrong but what Tony did was different. Instead of prolonging his suffering and making all Hoo and Haa about changing his company policy. Tony went in straight for the kill and refined I.M. From there the movie soars on high and over as it shows how I.M was developed, how I.M came into public view and what Tony did to make his creation works.

The gem of the movie is showing the man behind the Iron, behind the war mongering and behind the gold and red armour. This is what made the movie a good movie. I would recommend this movie if you are into comics, even if you are not. I would still recommend it. Its THAT good.

-Because I Can-