Monday, March 26, 2007

Keroro Gunso + Dragon Ball + Animal Crossing

I am high, in fact I think I am about to collapse right about 2 second after I finish typing all this. Let me start the story from the beginning. So here I am, innocently browsing through Play-Asia and seeing if there is anything new or cute or fun there. I can't help it. Even if I can't afford it at least I can look at it right? Anyway, there I am looking and looking and then I found this few items. To understand the nature of my happiness, it should be noted that la froggie ( keroro ), Dragon Ball and Tom Nook are one of the few character and manga that I keep up with all the time. Obviously Tom Nook is from AC and he likes to squeeze us off in-game. But now, out of game he is still squeezing us off.

The Dragon Ball sticker is not really as nice, it looks 2nd rate and although they gave us two choice, the first one featuring Goku,Goten,Trunk and Goku Super Saiyan.
The second one though feature the bad guys turn good guys. Vegeta,Picollo and young Son Goku

The dragon ball pouch though is a nice change, featuring three different design with three different symbol, the design looks simple and makes you feel like you are part of the house that bore the symbol. The three symbol are Capsule, Kamesen and Bikoro.

Lastly there is the Keroro. If you say you don't know who is Keroro then seriously, you need to start to get in touch with your inner self. Keroro is the alien froggie that is set to invade earth but ended up serving as a servant to a human family.
There are 4 item featured for the Keroro family. Two pouch and two screen pouch and sticker set.

The first sticker set features Keroro gunso, It looks nice and all but I seriously prefer the second set featuring Giroro. It looks a lot more cooler and menacing in a sense.

Then there is the two pouch. Again, somehow it seems the Giroro Pouch is getting all the love in terms of design, a skull in between the eye and a scar across the eye makes the design looks all more eye catching.
The Giroro Pouch design though is slightly disheartening. A pair of eye that looks as if they wanted to sleep and a star in between the eye. Bleh, ugly and not nice at all

But the GEM of it all is the the Animal Crossing Protective Cover and Touch Pen DS Lite. The protective cover is white and have the Tom Nook symbol etched smacked in the middle, not bad. But the stylus.. OMG! Tom Nook standing there! How can any fans of Animal Crossing resist that?!

Of course, I would have to make a pass at this piece of fine fine item because of my Modded DS Lite. I don't think my gf will take it kindly if I spend money buying the Animal Crossing Protective cover.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mario Galore!

After quite sometime, I finally received two things from Play-Asia. New Super Mario Bros. Sound Drops Gashapon and Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Phone Strap Gashapon. I covered the Phone Strap a few post ago over HERE.
So there is nothing much to say about it except that I was wrong about not solid. The phone strap is quite solid and hard. There is no sign or seam or threats of breaking up and it blends in perfectly well into your bag,phone or even your DS. Its also a good attraction when you want to show off or just attract the attention of your counterpart. Pull the thread and out pops the coin or whatever is it that you got.

Anyway, the main character of today is the sound drop. Its HUGE, its sturdy and its loud. The middle button is soft to press, the sound drop is medium weight and the sound made by the sound drop is loud enough to attract attention. I took a few snaps of both gashapon. Enjoy em :D

Both New Super Mario Bros. Sound Drops Gashapon and Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Phone Strap can be found at Play-Asia.

DS LITE! Modded??

A lot of brilliant ideas are born from stupid thoughts or copied from every other person they see and then call them as their own. Some went further and grab all the ideas that they see and mix them up to make it their own. I have no idea what to call that. A moment of enlightenment perhaps? No matter! That moment of "brilliance" struck me when I had nothing to do.

Long story short, I saw a post online about how china user modded their DS Lite casing to look cooler and funkier with graffiti arts, I was intrigued and wish to investigate more, but the language barrier was huge and I was stopped short at the forum where they discuss it. Add in the fact that I just sold off my Soft Jacket ADV to my uncle, I am in desperate need of getting a new casing that looks cool on my DS Lite.

Then the moment of brilliance struck and this is the result of it all

Crystal Casing : $35
Printer Ink: $10
Plain Paper: $0.05
Ingenuity: Priceless

Wanna know how to make your own modification? SIMPLE!
Follow the steps below.

First, head over to MADCATZ (props to them for making such a fine fine program or whatever you call it) Download the program listed there, install it
Then, go over to DEVIANTART and find whatever picture you like, save it
Open the chosen picture with the Madcatz program and then align the picture up. First do the Top then the Base.
Print it out, cut it and there you have it. Skin of your own!

Wait.. I am missing something. Oh yeah...
You need to buy a crystal casing and not just any crystal casing. You need to buy a full face crystal casing. None of those china brand please. Recommended casing would be Blackhorn Polycarbonate Case, Madcatz Casing if you are in the states or if you really really can't find a suitable casing, get a crystal casing which is FULL FACE. Meaning it covers the top part of your DS fully. No empty spaces thank you.

Anyway, to continue with the tutorial, once you got the casing put the cut out design into the casing, align it properly and then snap on your DS, no glues or sticker or anything is needed.

There you have it. Your very own modded DS. Sky is the limit for the design. If you find a cool design post it up here and share it with the rest of us. Have fun yah!

Diablo : The Sin War

If you call yourself Diablo fans, then you should really know that Diablo spawned quite a huge amount of novels. Some of the noted titles are as follows

Diablo: The kingdom of Shadows
Diablo: Moon of the Spider
Diablo: The Black Road
Diablo: The Legacy of Blood

One of the latest series are Diablo: The Sin War 1 – Birthright release last year somewhere during October last year. The story chronicles about the early years before the Sin war and how two brothers are in the middle of a struggle between demon and angels. Below is an excerpt taken from the book

Since the beginning of time, the angelic forces of the High Heavens and the demonic hordes of the Burning Hells have been locked in an eternal conflict for the fate of all Creation. That struggle has now spilled over into Sanctuary -- the world of men. Determined to win mankind over to their respective causes, the forces of good and evil wage a secret war for mortal souls. This is the tale of the Sin War -- the conflict that would forever change the destiny of man.
Three thousand years before the darkening of Tristram, Uldyssian, son of Diomedes, was a simple farmer from the village of Seram. Content with his quiet, idyllic life, Uldyssian is shocked as dark events rapidly unfold around him. Mistakenly blamed for the grisly murders of two traveling missionaries,Uldyssian is forced to flee his homeland and set out on a perilous quest to redeem his good name. To his horror, he has begun to manifest strange new powers -- powers no mortal man has ever dreamed of. Now, Uldyssian must grapple with the energies building within him -- lest they consume the last vestiges of his humanity.

It’s a pretty good book to see how everything started in the world of Diablo. The author of this book is Richard A Knaak, one of my favourite author. He previously wrote for Dragonlance series and Warcraft series too. Anyway the point of this blog is to tell you all that the latest installment in Diablo: The Sin War is out. Entitled as Diablo: The Sin War 2 – Scaled of the Serpent, the story follows Uldyssian’s quest to destroy the Triune while oblivious to the danger that lurks in the shadow. Below is an excerpt taken from the second installment of The Sin War.

Bent on destroying the evil cult of the Triune, Uldyssian does not yet suspect that Inarius (secret Prophet of the Cathedral of Light) has been subtly aiding his quest. Obsessed with restoring Sanctuary to its former glory, Inarius has been playing Uldyssian against the two great religions in a reckless attempt to topple them both. But another player has slipped back into the equation. The demon Lilith, once Inarius's lover, seeks to use Uldyssian as her own pawn in a scheme to turn humans into an army of naphalem -- godlike beings, more powerful than any angel or demon, who could overturn all Creation and elevate Lilith to supreme being.

Get the latest installment in your nearest bookstore. For those that are located in KL, head over to Kinokuniya.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Theme Park DS Review

If you are as old as I am, which is not saying a lot ( I am 23 btw ) you will most probably be familiar with this few title, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Sim City, Sim Tower and of course Theme Park. This few Sim title have spawned various incredibly time consuming game which threatens to make your mind blow away in frustration when you thought you have gotten the formula right to win the game. Of course, there is no winning in this game as the objective of the game is to earn as much money as possible. (No amount of money is too much)

Theme Park DS is a direct port from the computer version over 10 to 15 years ago. Everything that is right about Theme Park is now here, on the DS. Of course, it took some time for most developer to realize that the DS is all about the touch screen. This of course spawns quite a few games that utilizes the so called “brilliance” of the touch screen. One of the few titles is Elite Beat Agents, Heroes of Mana and of course Theme Park DS.

EA has done an incredibly good job in the inventory and menu section as with each jab at the screen up a new set of menu. The menus are spread out on the bottom bar and the rest on the top screen. The top screen displays all the things you need to see, a simplified version of your park map and also where your trusty advisor lurks and pop up to provide you with insights, advices, updates on your research and what not. Tapping on rides or guests will bring up detailed information in regard of it onto the top screen. From there, you can tap onto a special button to switch the top screen and the bottom screen, effectively giving you control over the top screen. To select item or buildings from the menu, you just need to put a check mark or circle the said building. This will clear up the screen and leaves you with the theme park and your selected building. Drag the building anywhere on the map and then tap ok to build it.

For those uninformed, Theme park is a Sim game. (You should have noticed by now), Theme park challenges your resource management and planning skill. The game demands your full constant attention to adjust a myriad of small things to keep the theme park running like a well oiled machine. Little things such as workers wages speed of a ride, constant tweaking of the ride’s price, and attention to the guests grumbling, providing a good planning for the roads to minimize walking (guests grumble a lot about the distance). As long as you manage to handle all that, it’s a simple matter of overcharging your ride and the admission ticket to clean out the guest’s pocket.

Of course, as fine as the game is, there are quite a few problems that are noticeable. One of them is the lack of panning; there is no way to pan the theme park left,right,up and down to organize it easier. You are left with one way to view the theme park and make do with it. Then there is also the annoying problem of having to manually adjust the numbers one figure at a time. This is some of the minor annoyance that will be encountered in Theme Park DS. Easily ignorable. But one thing that is not ignorable is the fact that Theme Park DS is an amazingly simple game which sucks up all your time. It took me 7 hour to write this very short and bad review because every time I turn to my Theme Park DS to refer to it, I will be hooked onto the game for 2 hours before I can drag my face back to facing the computer. Continue writing the review for 10 minutes, then refer back to Theme Park and have my face planted on it for the next 2 hour. So, heed this warning. It’s addictive


This game is gods send for those that are looking for something that is addictively engaging. Although if there are more support in terms of online or what not would have been a better thing, I would recommend this to anyone that loved sim game and for those that loved Theme Park PC version, This is a must get.

Theme Park DS can be purchased from HERE

Monday, March 19, 2007

Laziness, Plagarism and Me

Due to the fact that I have been busy this few days and lack of mood to write ( More like lazy) I haven't been able to update much this few days. Sorry :(

But! I promise you this, by the end of this week I will have at least 2 new games review up and running! So stay tune!

P/S : I changed my introduction to myself due to the fact of plagarism by certain individual .Besides, the previous one sucks anyway. But lets see if this new one will get plagiarized

P P/S : Oh btw, today is my birthday! Happy Birthday to me!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Pre-School Cosmetic Practise

Toys have evolved far from what it was 20 years ago. 20 years ago it is not imaginable that we can play a full fledge game with a small portable console, of course we imagined every other thing might happened, flying car, world peace, teleporter and every other high tech trekkie and Starwars thing. Back to basic toys though, we couldn’t have imagined what I am about to show you now. Its nothing fancy, its nothing interesting. But it sure is “interesting” in a sense.

In case you are wondering what this is, this is a cosmetic set also known as make-up set. This set cannot be found in Christian Dior or Chanell or Lancome Estee Lauder. This particular set can be found in Toys “R” Us. And to clarify further this cosmetic set is not a toy, this set is a full fledge face changing body powdery eye lashing make up set for your kids. With this set your kid can now start their pre-school education on how to pretty themselves up.

Now all we have to do is wait for the toy maker to come up with something really really cool for the male audience. I couldn’t even start to imagine what it is.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lookie! NEW!

Cough cough. Look up and you shalt see a new header. Yes sir, I now have my officially new cool looking header. Muahaha! Despair at my new coolness status!

All this are thankz to my fren from a forum. Due to his shyness and I think because he wants to avoid request from other people like me (Read : CHEAPSKATE). I have been warned not to post his name.

So we shall now call him. Anonymous! Thank yoou mr Anonymous.

Wallet Pouch DS Lite

Those that knew me know that I have been searching for a “suitable” and “cool” pouch far and wide. But alas, it seems that all the DS manufacture has a thing against making DS owner looks cool with their DS pouch or anything that remotely has a hint of coolness in it. The only one that I actually feel is remotely cool cost a bomb and not exactly portable friendly. That and the fact that they don’t deliver outside of US. (There is other country besides western country too you know!)

*Look to the side for a look at the really cool pouch I was referring to.*

I have been eyeing this one for sometime and even test it at a shop. But somehow when I try to push my DSL into the pouch at that time, it won’t fit. Maybe it’s the trembling hand, the piercing eye of the shopkeeper or the high price. I gave up buying one then. Lo and behold 1 month down the road, my original pouch started to get on my nerve with its bulkiness and uncoolness. So I set my sight on Play-Asia and found that they threw the wallet pouch into the bargain bin for Lunar festival! The rest is history as most would say. And let the review begins…

The thing about this pouch that I really like compared to the other pouch is the easiness of it all. Opening the pouch is an easy matter of tearing the pouch apart in the middle ( so to speak) and the pouch bear out all the things you have in the pouch to be seen. There is 3 slot located at the bottom for your DS games each slot are designed to store only 1 game but it can fit snugly 2 game in one slot. Then there is a small “hidden” pocket at the back of the pouch where it is designed to put GBA games, although frankly I have no idea why a DS gamer will want to do that when there are so much DS games to be played. Of course, there is also the problem that when a GBA game is actually put into the slot, the bag tends to bulk up and are a lot harder to close. On the side of the DS game slot, there is a very tiny slot fit to put 2 stylus inside. Only 2, no more, but its still a good design as it covers the slot with a cover that sticks to the bag incase the stylus falls out. Cool huh?

Most of the DS pouches are designed to hold only the DSL. Introduce a hard casing into the fray and the pouch will threaten to burst. Same goes for the wallet pouch. But wait! There is a hidden mechanism in this; either that or it’s a lucky defect. The slot to store the DSL will stretch after a while. It doesn’t stretch too much. It stretch just enough for the DSL with a hard casing or in my case a SOFT JACKET ADV. Pulling out and storing the DSL into the pouch is an easy thing. Storing it is just a matter of pushing it gently into the slot and it will fit snugly. Pulling it out is the same matter too. Only you need to pull it much slower as the slot sucks out all the air and stick onto the DS to provide a better protection. The inside of the DSL slot are lined with cotton to smoothen the entry and prevent scratch. There are absolutely nothing that can scratch your DS once its securely inside the DSL slot. They really thought of it eh?

Closing the wallet pouch is an easy matter, both ends of the wallet pouch comes together ala wallet like (hence the name, duh?) and will stick to each other, and just in case the sticking part fails, there are 2 buttons located there. So its an easy matter to button up the casing. Admittedly, the casing is no hard pouch casing nor does it provide decent protection when drop from 2 feet above. As the whole pouch are made out of a material known as Cordura. The material are apparently 10 times more durable then cotton duck, 3 times more durable than standard polyester and 2 times more durable than standard nylon ( no idea what the heck they are but they sounded impressive to me). The thing with the whole get up is this. The wallet pouch is durable. Except heavy tear and wear usage with not even a scratch on it. But do not, I repeat do not expect it to protect your DSL if you drop it from above 2 feet.


The Wallet pouch is a good investment for those that are looking for a funky pouch to protect their DSL. This pouch is a perfect addition to those that only wants something to protect their DSL from wear, tear and scratches. There are adequate slots to fit in all the extra gadget and games required. All in all get this pouch if you are looking for a “cool” pouch.

Wallet pouch is available for purchase in 3 color. The 3 pouch are made in BLUE, WHITE and BLACK. Click each color to view the item.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon

Due to the fact that Jason AKA Zorocaster's persistently introducing me into the world of gashapon ( I still can't pronounce it right ), I have found myself looking at Play-Asia's Gashapon page from time to time and ogling at all the expensive yet cute gashapon. One of them is the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon.

This baby is nothing special except for the fact that, you can pull out a hidden item from inside the box or tube. A new gimmick, I know but who can resist all this gimmick? I mean! Look at it. The whole thing might not look solid ( Which is one of the reason I didn't get it) but the cuteness and imagine all the fun you can get when you show it off to your pals!

Anyway, for those that want to see this item upclose and personal head on over to your nearest Toys R Us or Gashapon machine, I stumble upon a gashapon machine located outside Toys R Us at One Utama ( For those that are uninformed, this place is located in PJ Malaysia) As you can see from above, I manage to take a snap of the Phone Strap. And the phone strap is actually quite big and look sturdy. Contrary to the picture given from Play-Asia.

If you were to buy the phone strap from Play-Asia, It will cost around RM 7, thats USD 2 for the rest of you none Malaysian and if you were to buy it through the gashapon machine, it will cost you RM8 if I am not mistaken to purchase one. Thats around USD 2 for the rest of you too. For those that like the thrills of not knowing which one you will get next, grab it from your nearest Gashapon machine. For those that prefer to get all 9 without worries, just grab 9 pack of this gashapon at one shot from Play-Asia.

Oh btw, pray tell that I will no longer be tempted to buy this Gashapon, and that means you Zorocaster. Stop tempting me.

P/S: I might get one of this when I next see it at Toys R Us. Damn it!

To get the Nintendo Super Mario Bros Phone Strap Gashapon from Play-Asia. Click HERE

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


This review will be far from perfect. In fact after you guys finish reading this review I believe you will want to lynch me and then feed me to the piranha. No, its not the fact that I am going to beat this game down and give it a really really bad review. Its more of a fact that I have reach an indecision after playing this game. Let me start from the beginning

Spectrobes is a game which has it in their mind to dethrone the pioneer of catch em all cute looking monster called Pokemon, and with the imminent release of Pokemon Pearl and Diamond in a month time, Spectrobes is taking a huge gamble releasing the game now. For those that are ill informed. Spectrobes are about collecting fossil from obscure planet, reviving the fossil to life and then using them to battle outer space alien. Cool concept, but how does the game work?

Spectrobes starts off with a cool CG movie where the main character called Rallen rides up the lift while his equipment is morphed onto his body ( Think Kamen Rider). From the get go, you will realize that Rallen is a trouble brewing guy, hence the game throws in his conscious in the form of a girl called Jeena. She will be informing and teaching Rallen ( that’s you, incase you haven’t notice) what to do. Then there is Commander Grant, the old man that is wiser then the owl and tougher then diamond which keeps Rallen and Jeena in line.The in game animation for dialogue is pretty cool. The character changes expression according to their dialogue to express themselves. The dialogue is quirky and not corny enough to make you squirm.

The graphic are pretty cool actually, it seems a bit weird when you first look at it, but it sorts of grows on you. You cant really see into the details of your character face while moving around but the detail of the surrounding is not half bad, this is especially true when you first start off in the game, the rain effect is nice and makes the whole scenario slightly misty. The battle graphic and the whole battle concept though is something left to be desired. When engaged in battle, the player and the monster will be thrown into a circular room and fight. The controls for the battle is less then perfect, in each battle you will be accompanied by two Spectrobes, one on your right and another on your left. To control them, you need to utilize the R and L shoulder button. When a bar on the bottom left fills up, either one of your Spectrobes can attack. Rallen can attack anytime, he can also charge up the power to use a combine attack from your Spectrobes which hits all monster in the area. To avoid attacks from the opposing monster, Rallen can run around the circular room with the Spectrobes each on your left and right. There is no way to control the Spectrobes individually ( For now that is, this might change further on in game)

Spectrobes is built as an RPG game, hence the dialog, the quest and the tips to move around finding items. But the battle system at its core is action based, furthermore there is also the quirky excavation minigame. The excavation allows Rallen to find new fossil to be changed into Spectrobes, mineral deposit used to grow the Spectrobes and cubes which contains information regarding the planet. The only way to find all this treasure is via usage of child Spectrobes. Tap the child Spectrobes and it will expand a search radius ala sonar style which reveals anything that is buried around the area that its standing. There is only one problem, there is no map to wide scan an area, and the map is pretty huge, so you might have to spend hours around an area and scan it bit by bit. This might get tedious in the future, but right when you just started the game, it feels adventurous.

Excavating the fossil or anything else from the earth is not an easy task either. To excavate, first the child Spectrobes have to find the buried treasure, then you tap it once to reveal the earth. Depending on how deep its buried, you might have to tap the earth a few more time to break open the floor till the tip of the buried treasure can be seen. From here, it’s a slightly slower process of excavating the treasure with 2 types of drill, a big drill which reveals an area easier and a smaller drill to nick and pick the harder to get area. And there is also a blower to blow away the dust and fragment of earth which covers the treasure. The whole process itself is quite engaging, if I am allowed to say so. There is a sense of realistic when you blow into the microphone to clear an area or when you gently drill away the earth covering the treasure and hears the drill hit the treasure. Oh, did I mention that, if you hit the treasure too many times accidentally with the drill, the treasure will be destroyed.

After the treasure is excavated, if it’s a fossil you will then bring it onto your space ship to give the fossil life, so to speak. To “wake” the fossil up, the fossil will be incubated and you can call the fossil or talk to it till it wakes up, although blowing into the microphone will do the trick also. The “voice” level have to hit a certain level that is designated on the screen for an amount of time before the fossil can wakes up. Although there might be hidden trick on how to wake a Spectrobes, this though remains to be seen.Spectrobes and Rallen levels up individually, even though the Spectrobes might be high level, Rallen also need to up his level via fighting or anything else. Equipment can also be used to strengthen Rallen.


Spectrobes is an interesting and innovative idea towards the collect em all mania, the excavation idea, the touch screen incorporation and the sci-fi theme cannot be helped but compared itself head to head against the cute cuddly yellow electrifying monster. The graphic of Spectrobes is not exactly top notch but It does maintain its own standard. All in all, Spectrobes is a pretty decent game at the start, but will the excavation process be a tedious thing in the future remains to be seen.( Told you I will be indecisive)

For this game, I give it a 7 out of 10!

Post-Gaming Session Update: Its been quite a few days since I last played this game and reviewed it for all. Call me a guy that is not persistent or maybe I just don't follow the collect em all hype. Spectrobes is now officially collecting dust at a far corner in my room. The game is cool, the graphic is so and so but its not as fun as it is for me.

The game can be ordered from HERE

Monday, March 5, 2007

Its Disney! Disney! What can I say?

Meteos is an interesting game. A concept that can't really be appreciated if its launched in any other platform, cos if it does it will be just another puzzle game. For those that are uninformed, Meteos is an action puzzle game derived from the Japanese word "Meteo", borrowed from the english word Meteor.Developed by Q Entertainment and published by Bandai ( as quoted from Wikipedia). The game was first released in on march 2005 and then again on Jun 2005 in US. The way the puzzle work is this, Blocks of Meteos drop from the top of the screen and forms a stack. The player will then be able to move the block up or down via the stylus to form a 3 block horizontal or vertical block of the same block. When this happens, the block will then launch into the sky ala rocket style and take off. But! There is a catch. Each map features different type of block and different gravity. Some gravity is heavier while some are lighter which gives diversity towards the game itself.

Meteos: Disney Magic takes the whole Meteos concept and added a few improvement, sprinkled some magic dust on it and threw in every conceivable character from their large vault of collection. The design might veer towards the side of cutesy but the gameplay is as brutal as the old Meteos, only more interesting. One of the most noticeable changes is that the game is not played via the normal way, its now played ala brain age style. Meaning, the DS is flipped to the side and viewed as if you are reading a book. Cool. But not exactly very nice when you need a good grip while frantically trying to arrange the Meteos block.

The gist of Meteos: Disney Magic is that you are asked to help “reorganize” the Disney storybook vault. If you are a veteran from Meteos, then the gist here is pretty familiar. You will be required to play through different scenario which is in the same form as the previous Meteos. No big difference here. The huge-huge difference is that now you can drag the Meteos piece left and right! This feature itself makes the game a lot more easier then its predecessor, there is also special moves available which is located on the left side of the screen, this meter gradually fills up. When it’s full, you can tap the meter to activate is power such as slow down which slows the descending block, and nitrous boost where the block just fly pass without delay once it comboMeteos: Disney magic is a tone down version of the original Meteos. It’s made to appeal kids, girls, newbies and those that are more attuned to Disney then Meteos. There is no sense of accomplishment much when you finish the game as you will just feel, its Disney. In more ways then one the word Disney itself makes the game more relaxed then ever.


With all the rant and rave, one would expect that this game sucks or you are better off getting the old Meteos. The funny thing is this, Meteos: Disney Magic is an improved version of the old Meteos. All the complaints that were given towards Meteos is no longer there, there is only one little remaining problem. There is still no online support. Bring this baby online and the game is very close to perfect.

Meteos: Disney Magic can be purchased from HERE

Trioncube! Addictive,Simple,Cute and Simply Addictive.

An incredibly simple concept for a game, some says its a copy from tertris. Some says its too easy, some says its a really really bad copycat. Me? I say grow up, open your eyes and accept something new! Trioncube is nothing new. Not in term of concept nor in tern of gameplay. But what can I say? All incredible concept has already been covered by Tertris. No matter, for all the oddballs out there, Trioncube is actually quite addictive.

The concept for Trioncube is incredibly easy. Make a square, and then start chaining it to create more and more and bigger square. Its not really that hard to deal with it once you have grasp the concept of it. And frankly, its a bit too easy for those tertis or puzzle game veteran. But for those that are looking for easy simple and cute puzzle game, Trioncube hits the right spot. This is how it trioncube works, there will be 5 differently shaped block dropping from the sky. Your goal is to assemble them in a way to create a 3 x 3 square cube which will then begin a chain. There are actually 4 type of chains. The first type garners you copper, then the second one is bronze, followed by gold. The one that is hardest to get is by chaining until the whole screen is filled up without breaking up, this will gain you diamond.

The scoring is represented via a space shuttle traveling through space, which is a nice break from the conventional number which is associated every where else. Anyway, moving along! there are four mode available in Trioncube, the Arcade Mode,Story Mode,Endless Mode and VS Mode. Arcade mode takes a leaf out of meteos by sending you from one planet to another and then finally against the boss. Story mode follow a story about a kidnapped princess and how the hero needs fuel which can be garnered only by creating as much chain as possible to save the princess and escape the clutches of the enemy.Corny? I know. But frankly I don't care! The game is simple to pick up and play, the graphic is simple and cute. The puzzle is easily solved yet hard enough for you to find ways to score the highest score available! Anyway, as I was saying, the Endless Mode is a none stop 99 level challenge where the time required to reach a certain score gets shorter and shorter. You will not sweat of of this challenge but It sure will keep you glued to the Trioncube for quite some time. Lastly is the VS mode where you can race against the NPC or another player to reach the designated score.

Trioncube is colourful, first thing that you should expect when turning on Trioncube is that the game gives you a sense of nostalgia. Where the graphic is not pretty, the character is no better then stick man and the story is corny. The presentation of the games are done in as colourful and as mild as possible. There is also a few features that can be used to unlock items. The skins and the effects. The higher the score goes both can be unlocked and purchased. The only qualms I have is that Trioncube is too easy. There is no sense of urgency or sense of hardship when you complete the games. This will turn some people off. Another matter is that there is no touch screen usage at all. Which is pretty gay but forgivable in this case. Although the game might be slightly better with it.


Trioncube is a cutely engaging puzzle which fell short of perfection. Get it if you like puzzle but cannot seem to wrap around the concept of hard puzzle. Avoid if you prefer something to really shoot your brain with adrenaline.

Trioncube can be found in Play-Asia in HERE