Monday, March 26, 2007

Keroro Gunso + Dragon Ball + Animal Crossing

I am high, in fact I think I am about to collapse right about 2 second after I finish typing all this. Let me start the story from the beginning. So here I am, innocently browsing through Play-Asia and seeing if there is anything new or cute or fun there. I can't help it. Even if I can't afford it at least I can look at it right? Anyway, there I am looking and looking and then I found this few items. To understand the nature of my happiness, it should be noted that la froggie ( keroro ), Dragon Ball and Tom Nook are one of the few character and manga that I keep up with all the time. Obviously Tom Nook is from AC and he likes to squeeze us off in-game. But now, out of game he is still squeezing us off.

The Dragon Ball sticker is not really as nice, it looks 2nd rate and although they gave us two choice, the first one featuring Goku,Goten,Trunk and Goku Super Saiyan.
The second one though feature the bad guys turn good guys. Vegeta,Picollo and young Son Goku

The dragon ball pouch though is a nice change, featuring three different design with three different symbol, the design looks simple and makes you feel like you are part of the house that bore the symbol. The three symbol are Capsule, Kamesen and Bikoro.

Lastly there is the Keroro. If you say you don't know who is Keroro then seriously, you need to start to get in touch with your inner self. Keroro is the alien froggie that is set to invade earth but ended up serving as a servant to a human family.
There are 4 item featured for the Keroro family. Two pouch and two screen pouch and sticker set.

The first sticker set features Keroro gunso, It looks nice and all but I seriously prefer the second set featuring Giroro. It looks a lot more cooler and menacing in a sense.

Then there is the two pouch. Again, somehow it seems the Giroro Pouch is getting all the love in terms of design, a skull in between the eye and a scar across the eye makes the design looks all more eye catching.
The Giroro Pouch design though is slightly disheartening. A pair of eye that looks as if they wanted to sleep and a star in between the eye. Bleh, ugly and not nice at all

But the GEM of it all is the the Animal Crossing Protective Cover and Touch Pen DS Lite. The protective cover is white and have the Tom Nook symbol etched smacked in the middle, not bad. But the stylus.. OMG! Tom Nook standing there! How can any fans of Animal Crossing resist that?!

Of course, I would have to make a pass at this piece of fine fine item because of my Modded DS Lite. I don't think my gf will take it kindly if I spend money buying the Animal Crossing Protective cover.