Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lookie! NEW!

Cough cough. Look up and you shalt see a new header. Yes sir, I now have my officially new cool looking header. Muahaha! Despair at my new coolness status!

All this are thankz to my fren from a forum. Due to his shyness and I think because he wants to avoid request from other people like me (Read : CHEAPSKATE). I have been warned not to post his name.

So we shall now call him. Anonymous! Thank yoou mr Anonymous.


Bidfordun said...

Hehe, i think who he is. Should i reveal his name?

Samus Ng said...

hehe reveal reveal!!!

Anonymous said...

Better not, later some kid go bug the person. Not good. Kid already copy one thing. Doubt he has any problem copying every other things