Monday, March 5, 2007

Trioncube! Addictive,Simple,Cute and Simply Addictive.

An incredibly simple concept for a game, some says its a copy from tertris. Some says its too easy, some says its a really really bad copycat. Me? I say grow up, open your eyes and accept something new! Trioncube is nothing new. Not in term of concept nor in tern of gameplay. But what can I say? All incredible concept has already been covered by Tertris. No matter, for all the oddballs out there, Trioncube is actually quite addictive.

The concept for Trioncube is incredibly easy. Make a square, and then start chaining it to create more and more and bigger square. Its not really that hard to deal with it once you have grasp the concept of it. And frankly, its a bit too easy for those tertis or puzzle game veteran. But for those that are looking for easy simple and cute puzzle game, Trioncube hits the right spot. This is how it trioncube works, there will be 5 differently shaped block dropping from the sky. Your goal is to assemble them in a way to create a 3 x 3 square cube which will then begin a chain. There are actually 4 type of chains. The first type garners you copper, then the second one is bronze, followed by gold. The one that is hardest to get is by chaining until the whole screen is filled up without breaking up, this will gain you diamond.

The scoring is represented via a space shuttle traveling through space, which is a nice break from the conventional number which is associated every where else. Anyway, moving along! there are four mode available in Trioncube, the Arcade Mode,Story Mode,Endless Mode and VS Mode. Arcade mode takes a leaf out of meteos by sending you from one planet to another and then finally against the boss. Story mode follow a story about a kidnapped princess and how the hero needs fuel which can be garnered only by creating as much chain as possible to save the princess and escape the clutches of the enemy.Corny? I know. But frankly I don't care! The game is simple to pick up and play, the graphic is simple and cute. The puzzle is easily solved yet hard enough for you to find ways to score the highest score available! Anyway, as I was saying, the Endless Mode is a none stop 99 level challenge where the time required to reach a certain score gets shorter and shorter. You will not sweat of of this challenge but It sure will keep you glued to the Trioncube for quite some time. Lastly is the VS mode where you can race against the NPC or another player to reach the designated score.

Trioncube is colourful, first thing that you should expect when turning on Trioncube is that the game gives you a sense of nostalgia. Where the graphic is not pretty, the character is no better then stick man and the story is corny. The presentation of the games are done in as colourful and as mild as possible. There is also a few features that can be used to unlock items. The skins and the effects. The higher the score goes both can be unlocked and purchased. The only qualms I have is that Trioncube is too easy. There is no sense of urgency or sense of hardship when you complete the games. This will turn some people off. Another matter is that there is no touch screen usage at all. Which is pretty gay but forgivable in this case. Although the game might be slightly better with it.


Trioncube is a cutely engaging puzzle which fell short of perfection. Get it if you like puzzle but cannot seem to wrap around the concept of hard puzzle. Avoid if you prefer something to really shoot your brain with adrenaline.

Trioncube can be found in Play-Asia in HERE