Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Monster Hunter Madness

After looking through the Monster Hunter Neko Plushie, I did a bit of digging in the more absurd section of Play-Asia and guess what I found! More Monster Hunter crazy items! We have mugs, pouch, very cool looking t-shirt and towels! Check them out below!

I got to warn you though, the price is a capital R, RIDICULOUS!

(Click on the title of each picture to get a link to more purchase information on each products)

 Monster Hunter Cloth Bag


This comes in two colour and have the same basic design. Cool looking but exuberant price.  US$ 34.90


 Monster Hunter Mug

-Because I Can-

Monster Hunter X Plushie

In Monster Hunter 2nd G, Capcom added a feature where hunters can drag along their Neko (thats Cat for you english speaking ppls) for a hunt and I dare bet that quite a number of them went of to buy themselves a Persian cat and teach them to walk on two legs or dance. 
Well, I have a cheaper and better solution. Get one of these Monster Hunter X Plush Keychain!
Retailing at USD12.90, this Neko Plush stands at 110mm and is cute~~
Click the following link for more purchase information and pictures.

Monster Hunter X Touma Kizzuairu Plush Keychain

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Interesting things from Play-Asia

I haven't been browsing Play-Asia for some time now, they have been lacking in terms of interesting things lately. But today though, I found a few interesting things that you might be interested in. First up is:

Led Light Figure Stage

Now this is an interesting thing, for those that have figure and would like to show off it, you might be interested to get one of this LED stand which you can put your figure on and turn on the LED spotlight to showcase your figure. Available in Large size and Small size. Check them out HERE for more information.

Be@rbrick Non Scale 100% Pre-Painted Figure: Elvis Presley

To complete the LED figure stand, you might want to get one of this Bearbrick Elvis. Very cool looking and selling at a tempting price of only USD9.90. Quite cheap if you are a bearbrick collector.

MJX R/C Technic 1/43 Scale BMW Z4 M Coupe Motorsport
This is something that I am personally interested in. A model car of BMW Z4 Coupe and this little bugger even have a headlight, turbo (whatever that is) very cool looking. Only thing I don't like about this model is the controller. With its flimsy looking buttons. But then again this is quite cheap. Its retailing only at USD19.90!

MJX R/C Technic 1/43 Scale AMG Mercedes C-DTM
Then we have this, The AMG Mercedes, this version is very cool looking but the scale though is quite small. Only 1/43. Nothing much to admire at since it is that small. But is still very very cool looking. Having the same feature with BMW on the top, this is actually the same thing with only different body.

MJX R/C Technic 1/10 Ferrari 599 GTB Florano Last on the list is this baby. Very very cool looking and selling for only USD44.90, This Ferrari 599 is approximately 450mm long and has front and back light. Cool feature. But what sets this apart for me is not all that. Its the design of it. Superbly detailed and very cool looking. I am really torn inside and want one of this...

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Review: Wall-E

Before going to this show, I have been getting mix reaction from fellow bloggers and friends. Some say the movie sucks because it long, there is no talking and erm, well.. Some other crap. Then I have been told that the movie is boring and stupid. Granted, I took it all in stride and insisted on watching it.

Frankly, the Wall-E is brilliant! The graphic surpasses anything that they have done before, Wall-E is lifelike with all his expression etched for the viewer to see using his eye, his hand movement and his body stance. Granted he speaks no more than 5 words in the whole movie. Wall-E surpasses anything that Pixar has done before. All animation with minimum dialog.

Wall-E tells a story about a robot and his discovery of life and his loneliness working alone. But in the deeper sense, Wall-E tells about the situation on earth if we do not start recycling. Touching on wastage, human laziness and the eventual collapse of the eco system. Wall-E weaves a tale of love, environment hazard and human behavior into a great story.

Be prepared to laugh your heads off and wondering what happens next when you watch Wall-E as it is an experince for your inner child.
-Because I Can-

Back to back!

No no no, there won’t be a back to back review or back to back whatever. It’s me being back! Hopefully... Anyway I first would have to apologize for the lack of posting from my side (or rather, no posting) but no, no! I have a good reason for that. I didn’t have internet at home and my office internet has been, for the lack of better term. Playing tantrum. Logging on to hotmail requires several tries at least. This of course impacted on my desire to blog.

Anyway, now I have Maxis Wireless Broadband. Interesting little gadget and I will review it in a few days time. I will also be reviewing certain other games. Namely Warrior Orochi by PSP, a childlike giddiness for Macross Ace Frontier an upcoming PSP game and anime, some tarot card power (and lack of understanding), a review of Final Fantasy Tactic, trauma center (if I can get to it) and lastly more thoughts on other random things.

Yeah. I know. I have been busy while not blogging. But you won’t know the extent of it. Anyway, look out for this. I will be back soon enough!

-Because I Can-