Sunday, September 21, 2008

Meiji Can Drops Candy

Look look! Look at what I got! An honest to god Meiji Can Drops Candy. If you guys have watched the anime Graves of the Fireflies one of the characters in the movie has as fruit drop. And I would not go as far to say that this is THE fruit drop but hey! It's as closed to a reminder as it is to me about the movie Graves of the Fireflies. If you have never watch this movie, watch it. Its a brilliantly made anti-war movie.

If you are not interested in the movie, you should still get one of this can drops. As the can of drops is a brilliantly made can with an abundance of choice of sweet.

Get this can of drops HERE

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Friday, September 19, 2008

Old + New School Gasha

I got some pretty interesting stuff from Play-Asia this week, some Monster Hunter Kitty love and another more old school Fighting Plane from
R-Type III (R-90)
Star Blade (Geo Sword)
Fantazy Zone (OPAOPA)
RayStorm (R-Gray 1)
Star Luster (GAIA)

I am getting 2 of each. This should be interesting stuff. That or I am in buying mood.

(Click the picture/title below to get more purchase information and pictures!)

Shooting Game Historica 2 SP - Classic Game Fighting Planes Trading Figure

Monster Hunter X Touma Hunter Airou Collection Pre-Painted Trading Figure


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Monday, September 15, 2008

First 5! Star Wars - The Force Unleashed (PSP)

Star Wars The Force Unleashed for PSP is an interesting game which hurls you straight into action while slowly showing you what you need to do. Provided you can remember the moves that were shown to you while you are slashing away at storm troopers and enemy alike.

The first 5 minute impression of Star Wars to me provide enough headaches. No, its not the gameplay, its the camera. The camera pans around and follows you automatically. The only problem is, its either too fast or its too slow. It takes a while to get used to the camera angel and when you finally did, the game flows in smoothly together.

The amount of customization for Star Wars The Force Unleashed (SWTFU) at first glance is staggering. Starting from the light saber and moving towards the costume which you need to unlock first. Then you have the amount of moves you can make, force choke, aerial shock, choke, sith strike and a lot more. Each moves can be bought, upgraded and then practised on your various enemies.

What about the storyline then? Well, I ahve only pop the first 5 minute hence I don't know how the storyline will fare but at the rate that this game is progressing, this might just prove interesting. What about the graphic? Well, it tries just too hard to look nice. But ignoring that problem of trying to look too good. I would say this is a promising looking game!

To end this article I am going to provide the lord of all cheat code for Star Wars - The Force Unleased (PSP)

Unlock All Costumes - GRANDMOFF

Star Wars - The Force Unleashed can be purchased HERE

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"Light" Light for a Light Decor

I have this fixation about lights, the more solemn it is, or the more random it is, the more I like it. I find it relaxing to stare into this lights whenever I am stressed. And if I wanted to get into relaxing mood, I would turn off the light and then turn on my E-Revolution Motion Speaker. My favorite toy which is a good combination between Ipod, slowly dimming changing lights and a good set of soft music speaker. (Read about the Motion Speaker HERE)

Very relaxing. Which gets me thinking, do I want more of this lights? A permanently soft pulsing light to greet me every time I walk into my room? A soft presence to reassure me that its time to relax. Let go of your stress and welcome home. What spark this thought though? Well, I have this two lights at the bottom to thank for that.

(Please click on the picture or link to get more information of the products)

USB X'mas Tree

I know it's a bit early for Christmas but wouldn't it be just SO COOL to have one of this on top of your desktop pulsing away the whole night, reminding you of the gentle sweetness and the glee of Christmas. The sweet smell of love and the joyful feeling all around? Come on!

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

USB Plasma Ball
The old standby, Plasma Ball! Many many times I have pass by one of this little baby by the light shops or lifestyle shops and wonder if this will look good on my desktop, but after much consideration and thought, I just know that I won't be utilizing this much. Doesn't mean I won't be getting this though :D

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

USB Disco Ball

Yes! for the old school people. This is what YOU might want. A honest to god DISCO BALL! I would definitely not get one of this. Why? Coz I have absolute hatred for dancing lights which gets in your eye. Then again those lights are a lot more bigger than this one and I doubt that a USB powered Disco Light will have enough juice to fry my eye. Hmmm..

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

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Saturday, September 13, 2008


Ah... My latest addiction. Tokyoflash Japan watch. Specialized for their unique special edition watches, designed and made by themselves, their watches are not mass marketed and you will be hard pressed to find them in any of your nearby retail stores.

Regardless, my interests lies in this particular watch. The Rogue series. and there is only one word to define this watch. KAKUEI!! COOL!!!

Retailing at 16,900 YEN, this watch cost close to USD160. Not a princely sum for something so cool. Check out the watch HERE if you are interested! They also have other interesting designed watches. When I say interesting, I mean watches that will take some time to get used to and some figuring out on how to read the time.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen

 Fans of Nodame Cantabile REJOICE! As Nodame Cantabile Anime will continue in season 2 of Nodame Cantabile Paris-hen. Picking up the story from where season 1 Nodame Cantabile left off, this season will move to Paris as Nodame and Shinichi starts their new life in Paris!

For those that are new, Nodame Cantabile follows the romantic comedy story of  two music students, Chiaki Shinichi and Noda Megumi as they develop their relationship, develop music further into the next level. The music in Nodame Cantabile are classical music and revolves around orchestra, piano and various other classical instrument. A truly delightful anime even for those that has no interest in classical music.

Check out the trailer HERE  (10th link on the left)

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Yanni: Voices

One of my favourite New Age composer Yanni has just released a new album titled Voices. Details of this album is a bit sketchy for me but it seems that this album is a mix of various vocal talent. One of the first song in the album entitled Change with vocal by Chloe is a song that chills you down and entwine your concious with your heart. A very haunting song. I have embeded the song at the bottom. Listen to it, you might just like it.

Change_Chloe.mp3 -

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

First 5! - Lock's Quest

The first 5 minute impression that I get from Lock's Quest is a game of brain and brawn. This is no game where you are required to have a combination of button pressing attack or a lightning fast reflex. No, this game is a game of strategy, construction and ARPG.

A short tutorial of how you are supposed to build walls and fight are first given, but the games turn interactive and interesting when you are required to create a new turret. The tutorial will allow you to create your first turret and normally at this juncture you will click what you want with the parts you have. But with Lock's Quest, you are supposed to pick the parts that you have and create the turret based on the picture given. Meaning, you actually have to first build the turret before being able to use it. Brilliant!

The fighting is a simple point and stab, your character will auto-attack and you can monitor the situation from a top down slanted view, moving around the map to view other part of the battle. The hero will also have direct contact against the enemy, moving around to attack the oncoming onslaught.


Graphic wise, the pictures are bright and colorful. Something akin to your normal Final Fantasy game but with colour combination closer to Drawn to Life. All in all, an interesting and appealing colour combination.

I would say the First 5! of my impression for this games is solid and makes me feel like diving in for more action with Lock's Quest. Check you this new experience if you are interested.

Lock's Quest can be purchase HERE


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New Section! First 5!

I believe that in the first 5 minutes of gaming, if the game can gets you, then it can get you to be hooked to it. Some does this splendidly, some does it badly by piling up the slow and ugly tutorial in the first 5 minutes with no interactions for the gamers.

This new section is for my first 5 minute impression of the game before I plow on further in. Look forward to this section here!

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Maxis Wireless Broadband

So I had some slight problem with my Maxis wireless broadband for the past week. and after some "voicing" of concern for Maxis Customer Service which handled it well, they sent a technician over. Lo and behold, it seems that at that point of time, my internet was so good it hit 800++ kbps for upload!

The Technician was shocked and keep repeating that I have good internet lines and all that crap. Not believing my crappy luck, I tried again in 30 minutes before he leaves and got a drop of over 500++ kbps. Hitting only 370++ kbps. The technician was against shocked and had nothing to say. Eventually he promised to forward this "rare" case to his superior and will personally follow up on it.

Interesting technician to say the least. I am looking forward to see how Maxis is going to handle this huge fluctuation of speeds.

Get your own internet speed test at

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lock's Quest

After much hype, much reading and much research into Lock's Quest for DS, I have come with a conclusion. either this game is going to live up to its hype or its going to flop. Badly.

For those that are uninitiated, Lock's Quest is a game that blends in real-time strategy with some action in it together with some old school role-playing. Now, on Lock's official website here you get to know more and play a flash version of the game which I assumed is supposed to be taken in part from the original game.

The initial feeling I get from the flash version of the game is that, it feels a lot like playing Tower Defense, except that the cannon is not on auto fire, and you don't get to instantly at that moment repair or build a new tower. This, requires you to shoot at your opponent manually and endure it all till the next break comes.

I might talk more about this game when I got it. But for now, Lock's Quest is sure hyping up to be a good game.

p/s: this game is brought to you by the same company that brought you Drawn To Life

More purchase information for Lock's Quest can be found HERE

Lock's Quest Official Site

First 5! Impression of Lock's Quest can be found HERE read more of what I think of Lock's Quest if you are interested!

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Super Mario Galaxy Goodies

I have interest in anything that is cute, small and erm... well just plain kawai? Anyway, I was looking through Play-Asia yet again ( why am I not surprised eh?) and I found THESE!

(Click on the title of each picture to get a link to more purchase information on each products)
Super Mario Galaxy Desktop Mascot Gashapon

Super Mario Galaxy Enemy Character Collection Keychain Gashapon




Super Mario Cap Cushion: Luigi Cap Cushion

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Slow (or is it?)

Things are slowly picking up after a slow month, with various interesting but disappointing games, bright lights are finally  shining upon gamers with the coming of this few games I have been looking forward to and some games that already out and did get some good review.

They are as followed with my top 2 preference on the well... top 2 :D

(Click on the title of each picture to get a link to more purchase information on each products)
Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

 Lock's Quest: Contruction Combat
 Spore Creatures

This last one though is surprisingly fun and goes back to the basic of what it is supposed to be. A digimon game where digimon are raised, trained and then send to battle. If you like Digimon and none of the RPG crap, then this is a good game to invest in. 

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