Monday, September 15, 2008

"Light" Light for a Light Decor

I have this fixation about lights, the more solemn it is, or the more random it is, the more I like it. I find it relaxing to stare into this lights whenever I am stressed. And if I wanted to get into relaxing mood, I would turn off the light and then turn on my E-Revolution Motion Speaker. My favorite toy which is a good combination between Ipod, slowly dimming changing lights and a good set of soft music speaker. (Read about the Motion Speaker HERE)

Very relaxing. Which gets me thinking, do I want more of this lights? A permanently soft pulsing light to greet me every time I walk into my room? A soft presence to reassure me that its time to relax. Let go of your stress and welcome home. What spark this thought though? Well, I have this two lights at the bottom to thank for that.

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USB X'mas Tree

I know it's a bit early for Christmas but wouldn't it be just SO COOL to have one of this on top of your desktop pulsing away the whole night, reminding you of the gentle sweetness and the glee of Christmas. The sweet smell of love and the joyful feeling all around? Come on!

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

USB Plasma Ball
The old standby, Plasma Ball! Many many times I have pass by one of this little baby by the light shops or lifestyle shops and wonder if this will look good on my desktop, but after much consideration and thought, I just know that I won't be utilizing this much. Doesn't mean I won't be getting this though :D

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

USB Disco Ball

Yes! for the old school people. This is what YOU might want. A honest to god DISCO BALL! I would definitely not get one of this. Why? Coz I have absolute hatred for dancing lights which gets in your eye. Then again those lights are a lot more bigger than this one and I doubt that a USB powered Disco Light will have enough juice to fry my eye. Hmmm..

More Pictures and Purchase Information can be found HERE

-Because I Can-