Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Slow (or is it?)

Things are slowly picking up after a slow month, with various interesting but disappointing games, bright lights are finally  shining upon gamers with the coming of this few games I have been looking forward to and some games that already out and did get some good review.

They are as followed with my top 2 preference on the well... top 2 :D

(Click on the title of each picture to get a link to more purchase information on each products)
Sonic Chronicles: Dark Brotherhood

Star Wars The Force Unleashed

 Lock's Quest: Contruction Combat
 Spore Creatures

This last one though is surprisingly fun and goes back to the basic of what it is supposed to be. A digimon game where digimon are raised, trained and then send to battle. If you like Digimon and none of the RPG crap, then this is a good game to invest in. 

-Because I Can-