Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Gear

Any car enthusiast would recognize the name of Top Gear, a car show that has 3 blokes cocking around and insulting everyone but their own mother (they tried that but their mom wring them by the ear when they did). A pretty entertaining show if you like cars, great music, superb scenery, ridiculous nature of car testing and lastly the sarcastic presenter.

Me though, I watch it not for the cars. Well, cars have something to do with it but its more on the presenter, the funny challenges that they set for themselves and stunts they set for themselves and of course the various cocking comment they make on everyone else. Why am I on this topic today though, well it seems that with my lack of ability to acquire the latest Top Gear show online now, I have to resort to getting the show from my colleagues (which basically means that I have to wait at least 2 weeks later) and watching old Top Gear show to pass my time.

What about the magazine you say? Well the magazine is not half bad but there is just not that sense of funnies when you are reading a magazine and listening to all their comments. Ah well, I guess I will go back to begging for Top Gear or find an alternate line instead of Streamyx for my home. (In case you are wondering, I still don't have Streamyx at my home, apparently they have difficulty getting a phone line to our place, and there is a huge bloody Tesco smack in front of our house)

-Because I Can-

Monday, July 21, 2008

Review: The Dark Knight

Conclusion: I am gonna put the conclusion here instead of the bottom to save you guys from scrolling down through my rant and thoughts. Batman is the MUST WATCH MOVIE if you are a fan, not a fan, going to be a fan or have been a fan of Batman. The effect is gorgeous, the storyline is superb and the characteristic is out of this world. Be prepared to be taken through 2 hour and 30 minutes of whirlwind of psychological reasoning with cat and mouse game. 

Instead of expecting Batman jumping out of building, driving cars/tank/the immovable object through building and then fighting bad guys in the dark while keeping us and the bad guys jumping out of seats when Batman appear out of nowhere. Expect, well... The same thing.


The Dark Knight is a great 2 hour 30 minutes ride of roller coaster. This is the first Batman movie that does not feature the word Batman in the title, The Dark Knight  tells not about the struggle against evil or the great escapade of Batman after kicking a huge number of mob asses. In retrospect, this movie kicks the whole realism movie term into new ground. What we have in this movie. Is a telling of how hard it is to be the outcast, the vigilante, the man that has taken everything there is in his life and throw it into his darker side. A man that is tired of what he is doing but is still doing it because he believe its the right thing.

It also tells of a struggle of a "hero" if it is to happen in this world of our own. The problem that he have to go through and the undeniable truth that there are people out there that do things just for the sake of having a laugh of it. Joker.

The character Joker portrayed by the late Heath Ledger is nothing short of brilliant. The sheer craziness on Joker's face every time he pops on screen makes half the cinema goer cringe in disgust and fear and the spark of intelligent and genius planning that twinkle in Joker's eye when he plans out his terrorism a makes you wonder, is there such person in the world.

Then there is the secret character that have been kept silent the whole time while Joker has his way off-screen. Harvey Dent "Two Face". The scariest looking guy on screen. I am not going to spoil it for you but they really did a great job with Harvey Dent. Expect some gruesome scene from Harvey.

Lastly, do you still remember Rachel Dawes? The pretty chick from Batman Begin? Well, the 'new' Rachel Dawes is NOT pretty. Previously portrayed by Katie Holmes, the NEW Rachel Dawes is portrayed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. There is just something wrong with her acting. Be it her not so pretty look or the fact that she is just not that powerful enough. Then there is her acting, at one point. She stands defiantly against Joker but when Joker starts to hold her and threaten her, the look on her face is totally well. different. Lets just say that she is not good in what she does.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008


 Ever had those really really sick moment? Not sick of life those kind of thing. But sick in general. I have been having the 4 heavenly king sickness for the past week. Fever, Cold, Flu & Sore Throat. And it shows no sign of abetting. Not that this has got to do with me not posting anything on the blog. Well, I haven't been posting much coz there is nothing much to post. Lame, I know. But heck, a man can just buy that much stuff from Play-Asia, review it and post it up there untill he run out of funds!

That said, there will be some movie review coming up now and then. What with my latest form of entertainment is watching movies. Or maybe some game review. But those are just too long and lengthy.

Before that, let me heal first. Pray for me.

-Because I Can-

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Play-Asia Summer Sales Returns!

 Well what do you know, since my blog started I have mentioned about play-asia summer sales for at least twice. Now, it is going to be the third time. With 25% off for all IN-STOCK items ( technically, only stuff that can't be sold)

This is a pretty good time for you guys to pick up that thing you always wanted at play-asia.

For more details, go to HERE

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Review: Hellboy 2 The Golden Army

 Predictable, Lackluster & lacking that hard right hook which shocks you. Comparing Hellboy and the recent onslaught of super hero movies, I would give Hellboy a pass if you are a hardcore fan of comics. The character is there, the effect is there. The sudden onslaught of fighting scene is there too. But it all just seems, Lacking...

Let me put it this way, Hellboy is as it is. An ass which can fight and give a mean right hook when he wants to. But the rest of the crew is just... Lacking... The enstranged Girl friend does not look enstranged enough, the fish guy is so and so but when you add all of them together. The whole movie is more or less, predictable. By the middle of the movie, you could have guessed the ending, know how the movie flow is going to be and glancing at your watch, wondering how long this debacle is going to last.

My criticism for this movie is quite critical due to one very major fact. There is no story. The story has too many looses ends with lots and lots of question mark and random remarks which is supposed to keep you guessing if there is going to be another sequel or why is Hellboy here. Granted, I don't really feel like knowing. Not with how this movie lacks all the story.


Yes its a good 2 hour of punching and fighting and a egoistical red demon, yes its a good set of movie with cool sound effect. No its not a movie that has a good storyline  
-Because I Can-