Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Top Gear

Any car enthusiast would recognize the name of Top Gear, a car show that has 3 blokes cocking around and insulting everyone but their own mother (they tried that but their mom wring them by the ear when they did). A pretty entertaining show if you like cars, great music, superb scenery, ridiculous nature of car testing and lastly the sarcastic presenter.

Me though, I watch it not for the cars. Well, cars have something to do with it but its more on the presenter, the funny challenges that they set for themselves and stunts they set for themselves and of course the various cocking comment they make on everyone else. Why am I on this topic today though, well it seems that with my lack of ability to acquire the latest Top Gear show online now, I have to resort to getting the show from my colleagues (which basically means that I have to wait at least 2 weeks later) and watching old Top Gear show to pass my time.

What about the magazine you say? Well the magazine is not half bad but there is just not that sense of funnies when you are reading a magazine and listening to all their comments. Ah well, I guess I will go back to begging for Top Gear or find an alternate line instead of Streamyx for my home. (In case you are wondering, I still don't have Streamyx at my home, apparently they have difficulty getting a phone line to our place, and there is a huge bloody Tesco smack in front of our house)

-Because I Can-