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Monkey see, Monkey Do

We interrupt todays show to bring you the latest commercial. Please stay tune while the Host reformat himself.

Origin: Chaos

Chaos, a form of magic that is most unpredictable yet, delectable. From Chaos, magic was expelled, enchanting those "lucky" few which was at the wrong place at the right time. Thousands died as the chaos within them reigned and regale. A few manage to plant their seed into their child before they fell to the chaos, a seed of their own with a little of Chaos.

The unborn child was luckier as they grew with but a portion of Chaos' power. As they grew,they find themselves light, enchanted and brimming with confidence. They find themselves hungering for more magic. for more. Chaos.Yet, Human are a resilient species, they grew,they adapt and they grew again. They found Chaos and they regale in it. They bath in the blood of others as they seek the true source of their power. Chaos

As the time goes, those with the power of Chaos sat on the pinnacle of their evolution, they gaze down upon their subject and realized they lost what they were craving for. Chaos does not exist if one reigns, Chaos does not grow if the scale is tipped . With that knowledge, the one with the power of Chaos planted two seed upon every human in the world.

The Seed of Knowledge where the wielder studied knowledge of power to aid them and the Seed of Power where the wielder uses their will power alone to exert their will. Both are inferior to Chaos, but in each of them, there will forever be conflict as each will grow and grow and create chaos as they fight to prove their superiority. Thousands of millennium past before the war grew to a standstill as each side retreated to lick their wound.

Within this period of time, a human blessed with an insight seek to try something different. He was born with the Seed of Knowledge but he seek to gain the Seed of Power. He studied, he learned, he questioned the Sage of Knowledge and he drew the attention of those on the pinnacle of power. Those with the power of Chaos.

Chaos looked in amusement at this turn of event and in an unprecedented move, decided to stroke the fire. They cursed one child with the Power of Knowledge and Power.

From the notes of Kro'Veur Ocer

Friday, June 29, 2007

Xbox 360 Controller Guide

When I decided to look around for a controller, my objective were to get a relatively painless installation controller. Now, here me out. There have been quite a few suggestions on what I should get. It ranges from Logitech controller, PlayStation 2 Controller with a converter to support PC game and lastly the Xbox 360 controller

Now, I have heard good things about Logitech Controller, how the controller feels just right. how it feels as if you are holding a PS2 Controller. ( Duh?) Then I was asked to purchase a PlayStation 2 Controller, and a PC Joybox 3in1 to convert the PlayStation 2 controller to be compatible to PC. Ok... Sounds like a lot of work and money. Not my kind of thing

After pestering a number of people, I was then enlightened with the knowledge that an Xbox360 controller for Xbox 360 can be plug and played for PC! Yay! *Firecracker explodes in the background* NOT!

Well, the Xbox 360 controller is indeed compatible with PC and Window XP or Vista but there is a catch! The game is not compatible with it! Unless its direct ported from Xbox360 game. Meh!Which defeats the whole purpose!

Anyway! I got my hand on a friends Xbox 360 Controller. Found the driver for the controller on microsoft website. Fire up my Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and hope for the best. This is where the weird part comes in. The left analog key is the "look" around key. The right analog key is the movement key. The L2 and R2 key cannot be use. What the hell...

I tried to remap the key. No dice. reconnect and reinstall the controller. Didn't work.
Fine! A bit of uncle Google will do the work and this is what I found to remap the Xbox360 controller to work on PC.

The following guide is taken from XBCD 360 Controller Guide All credit goes to them and them alone!

First, go to the download option on the Guide and download 2 file. Look for the file that is compatible to your PC. For Example if you are running Window XP 32 bit.

Download 1.Windows XP Xbox 360 Driver(Latest)
Then, 2. Updated Default Xbox 360 drivers profile.(Should Be like Default Microsoft Drivers layout with the new updated xbcd drivers.)**

Then, follow the Guide from 1 to 16 and you will be fine.

Credit goes to the folks at XBCD

I highly doubt that you would have any problem doing all this unless you are illiterate, stupid or just lazy to read. Meh.

For those that want to purchase an Xbox 360 controller. Do note that there is 2 version
Xbox 360 Controller for Windows


Xbox 360 Controller

The only difference between those two is that, the Windows version comes with a Installation CD while the normal version does not. If you want to save the moolah on the installation CD, just head over to microsoft website to download the Driver.

There is also the Wireless version for both the PC and the Xbox 360 version.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

which comes with a controller and a wireless receiver and the installation CD.

and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
which requires a Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows if you want it to work.

My suggestions? Get the Xbox wired controller or the Xbox 360 Wireless controller for windows.

Your 1 Gaming Wish

If there is one wish, one gaming related wish. What would you wish for? Would you wish for PS3? Would you wish for cheaper price? Would you wish for the best game ever to come now?

I have thought about this for quite some time and I found that hmm.. My one gaming wish is that

I Wish there is a very succesful game about me! Thats right, you read me right. A game about me. Where I am the Protagonist, Antagonist, and the minion! Yesh! You will see me and me only! I am going to be the Solid Snake kick ass looking hero out to save the world from zombie while battling hordes of operative from Umbrella corporation intending to stop me ala matrix kung fu style with lots of explosion and gun blazing!

With this game, I will earn fame money and more fame and money! Maybe landing a role or 2 in movies too with Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba. Wohooo

I hereby TAG everyone on my list to tell the world what is your 1 gaming wish. That means

Crystal Impulse (Jason number 1! I know ur dream! Ouendan Mastah!)
Dsync (U still alive ar dude? No see u long long)
Game-Lah! (That means you Zio) (Dyna, you too!)
Host Play (Swatty I know u got dream one!)
Kambing319 (I think urs is a game of sheep? Mbekk... )
Nineoverten (Ini budak.. I dont even wanna go there)
Penman (Huiyo, You ar.. I dont even wanna go there too)
Pinky House (A pink game maybe?)
Endu ( if u so happen to read this that is)
Arkayn (Your blog still there? Meh Ur gaming wish.. King of WoW?)

For the rest of u readers, I TAG YOU ALL!

Do Link back to those that tag you. Happy tagging~!

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Gaming Religion

How I wish we have a religion just for gaming. Sigh

The latest story arc from Ctrl + Alt + Del is heading towards an interesting subject :D
Catch their comic HERE

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My very own Ninja!


Lol Check out what I found! My very own ninja! Wohhooo! Put this in your siggy and support me babeh!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Animal Crossing Phone Strap

You would have seen this coming from a mile away didn't you? More Animal crossing stuff for sale? Meh, There is two of them actually and unfortunately enough there is two of them from all the 8 available choices which I liked. Which also basically means... I can buy one of each and hope for the best. Or.. Buy all of them and sell the rest?

Anyone know which one I wanted? Lemme give you a clue. Entrepreneur

Animal Crossing Finger Puppet Screen Cleaner Phone Strap (Theater Version)

Animal Crossing Character Phone Strap (Theater Version)

Monday, June 25, 2007

When will the Final Fantasy Be Final?

The core of Final Fantasy and the repeated recurring character in this very ( very ) successful series of game is not the NPC but its the summoning. Each character in the series be it CID or Wedge and er Beige? They will come out in different guise but the summoning character comes out in the same guise again and again but with improving effect.

What best way to immortalize them then to have a figurine of them prominently displayed on your shelf, locked up in a plastic case and put high up and out of the way from the dirty hands of kids! Muahahah

I would get them if I have a place to show them off but meh.. My room is a storage room, literally. My only shelf is whack full of books and the figurine cost a bundle. Anyway, less word more pic. So here we go

And yeah I hear you Zorocaster. BUY LAH! meh.. go away. You too Andy!

P/S: I saw this full set in XL-SHOP the other day. They were going for double the price you can get in Play-Asia

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2: Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2: Odin from Final Fantasy IX (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures: Leviathan from Final Fantasy IX (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures: The Magus Sisters from Final Fantasy X (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2: Diabolos from Final Fantasy VIII (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2: Knights of The Round from Final Fantasy VII (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Final Fantasy Master Creatures 2: Mateus The Corrupt from Final Fantasy XII (Non Scale Pre-Painted Action Figure)

Friday, June 22, 2007

It's A Wonderful World

You see that space up there? I am watching it very closely as any moment now it will change to THIS and I will be getting that if its decent set of item :D

I am really really interested in this game. I have no idea why. Maybe its the graphic, maybe its the team behind this whole game development but It's A Wonderful World or Subarashiki Kono Sekai is something that I have paid huge attention to since it was announced and tonight I found a supposed DS Box Art of it


I also found a HUGE amount of screen shot about this game. Because readers like Picture more then words, so.. here we go!

Link to more picture are all thanks to JEUXFRANCE.COM

If you are interested in that Limited Edition, "It's A wonderful World DS LITE" do click HERE

If you want to preoder the Subarashiki Kono Sekai, do click HERE

If you want the Subarashiki Kono Sekai: It's a Wonderful World Accessory Set do click HERE

Nintendo DS Wrist Strap + Thumb Stylus

I have no idea what to call this, DS original Strap maybe? I FINALLY got this after looking for it for quite some time. Finally found a good samatarian that sold this to me. Apparently he tossed it somewhere and found it back after a I asked for it.

Anyway, the strap is longer then the conventional DS Lite Strap. A lot more longer actually as the strap can double as a thumb stylus. The strap has this small plastic pad attached to it which allows the user to put it under their thumb and use it on the go.

Apparently the pad is designed for use on a game that requires sliding type of control. Whatever that means. But, I do found out that this is a good addition to my DS Lite as it allows me to just strap on and go. But dont expect this pad to be used in pin point accuracy game as the pad is huge and I highly doubt that you can see your touch screen with your thumb over it

But yeah, this is pretty good if you are an avid FPS gamer on DS as it allows you much greater control and hold over your DS lite.

Don't ask me where to get this coz it took me a pretty long time to find it. If you want one, I say good luck to you!

This has nothing to do with the Wrist strap, just wanna show my new design for my DS Lite thankz to Dyna's idea.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 2 Post Card Book

Kingdom Hearts 2

Well, I actually got this way back in May.I haven't had much chance to talk about it or flip through it coz of my lack of time and brain cell to process this piece of fine art. Anyway, I kind of like this postcard book. Although the art is a bit "different" from what I Imagined it to be, the book overall quality is top notch. The paper is made out of thick glossy paper.

Kind of like fancy postcard paper. If you get what I mean. Anyway, whats disappointing for me is the art itself. I was fully expecting it to be hand drawn special art from the KH artist but instead, what I got is the art you can get anywhere else. Albeit the fact that this one is slightly nicer.

Overall quality I dare say this is good. But if you are looking for something better, I suggest look elsewhere.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Post Card Book can be purchased from HERE

Pretty thick for my standard.

Cover of the Post Card Book. Damn Its nice!

Some of the arts found in KH Post Card Book

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's on Your Desk?

What's within arm's reach on your desk, without leaning forward too much? Well, I don't have a Desk, only a PC table. I guess that counts?

Oh btw, the "Friend" that got nothing to do and tagged me is Zorocaster and Mr- Penman

  • Lots and lots of books on my shelf. None of them is mine
  • Comics on the bottom shelf
  • Gaming magazine X 3
  • War of Minotaurs Series X 3
  • The Legend of Drizzt X 3
- Homeland
- Exile
- Sojourn
  • SD Gundam Unopened X 3
  • Painty pen X 14
  • Ferrari Car Model from Shell X 1
  • Laptop
  • Laptop Cooler
  • Mouse + Mouse Pad + External Keyboard
  • Original BF2142 Game and Box
  • Dustbin
  • Gashapon X 3
  • Water bottle X 1
  • Gatsby Hair Gel and Wax
  • Air Freshner
  • Medication
  • Empty DVD
  • Empty CD
  • Headphone
  • and a lot of other crap...

I HEREBY Tag ALL of YOU which read this to divulge all your personal item within arm reach of your desk. That means all of you readers (if there is any) and ppl on my Blogs Unite!
Do remember to retag the people that tagged you.

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Chapter 1.2 : The Emergence of the Chosen One

This is the last chapter in my possession. I would have to look for more if I want to post it. But I am not sure if this kind of story are hitting the right audience here. Hmm..


Shote the Noble Tauren Hunter.

Shote woke up slowly feeling a hand on his shoulder roughly jostling him awake. He sighed and picked up his rifle and shook Haze, his raptor, awake. The sounds of battle which he'd so easily tuned out a few hours ago rushed back to him like thunder.

They'd been in a pitched battle for three days now, at the border between the Barrens and Muglore. It was a strategic choke-point, and had to be held at all costs. The fortifications had been set up overnight, but the Silithids had arrived by morning, a single massive organism shaking with citichinous armor and bristling with all manner of claws and teeth. The battle was well organized, with enchantments being set upon the enemy, identifying tasks that each company was to tackle. But quickly it appeared that the Higher-ups where having trouble with fatigue too.

"Wake up Shote!" his squad leader said, "We got to get back on the line!” Shote shuffled to his feet and climbed up to the short tower for a better vantage point. He slapped a fresh drum of Mithril Slugs into his rifle and yanking back on the charger. He took aim, making every shot count, and began firing into the massive body of insects.

As he continued waking up, he began to notice things. The battle wasn't going well. Every once in a while a small group of Silithids would scramble over the barricades and reserve teams had to come in and fill the gaps. But they're main problem became apparent. A huge Silithid, almost as big as a house, approached quickly from the rear of the enemy lines. Lesser insects cowered and scampered away, creating a large circle around the massive creature. Warriors of renown leapt over the barricades to deal with the creature, but where having trouble. Just then, Shote saw a new enchanted emblem glowing above the creature. His emblem. He was assigned to this task.

Quickly Shote leapt down off the small tower, rushing towards his target area. He dodged left suddenly, being missed by a massive wasp-like Silithid, but another was not so lucky, and the unfortunate warrior was grabbed by the shoulders and hoisted into the air. Shote raised his gun in his right hand, letting loose a few random shots into the crowd, as his right hand grouped for one of his last grenades. He primed it and tossed it into the crowd, hoping it would buy some time, just as the warrior next to him was tackled to the ground by a Silithid the size of a horse. Shote began counting.

5 . . . The young warrior was being mauled by numerous claws and the creature's large maw. Shote unhooked his Crescent Axe.

4 . . . Shote leveled his rifle in one hand and blasted the Silithid off the warrior. It tumbled to the side, its flank smoldering from the blow. Shote let the gun fall limp on its shoulder strap as he grabbed for his matching axe.

3 . . . Shote blocked its right handed main claw with one axe, and swiped horizontally with the second. But the insect leapt back with surprising agility.

2 . . . Someone was dragging the wounded Tauren away, good, one less distraction. Shote ducked left to avoid a series of slashes, but the Silithid warrior still scored a pair of shallow gashes on his right arm and leg. He swung both his axes left into the creature, hewing its carapace armor and slicing its head clean in two.

1 . . . Shote sprinted again towards the line of soldiers combating the huge Silithid. He ducked low to avoid a hail of poison barbs and nudged past a druid who was tending the wounded.

0 . . . The grenade detonated, sending out a ball of fire, shrapnel and concussive force. Shote dived onto the battlements, then stood and faced the threat he was supposed to be confronting.

The Silithid was huge, poised on four of its six limbs and using the front pair as massive lances to stab downward at its flows. It snarled, dripping saliva that was said to be poisons. It reminded Shote of a Dwarven siege tank, and Shote shivered. He was running low on everything, his current ammo-drum was half empty, but he had a spare, he had only a pair of grenades left. But what's this! He'd saved one Goblin Rocket for a dire situation, and now was the time to use it. But he only had one shot, he couldn’t afford to miss.

Shote leaped over the battlements and onto the ground scattered with bodies, friend and foe. The Tank immediately took notice, as if it noticed everything no matter how small. Shote leaped right to avoid a citichioneos spike that was driven into the ground where he'd just stood, but saw now that although the creature paid attention, that attention still had to split among the rest of the warriors around it. It slashed out with a scythe-like claw for a Shaman, nearly shearing his shield in half, and charged a plated warrior, knocking her of her feet.

"Attack Haze! Keep it distracted!" Haze leaped onto the creatures plated back, digging deep gouges into its hide, which he used as hand holds, then began raking with his hind legs, eventually digging through the thick plate and rending flesh. The Silithid slammed its four "feet" into the ground for stability, and began thrashing about in an attempt to throw Haze off. This was an opportunity that none where about to waste.

Shote slapped adhesive onto each of his remaining grenades and rushed to action. He sprinted to the nearest leg and set the timer, for how long he didn't have time to find out, and glued it to a crevice in the limb. He ran across and began attaching the last grenade to the creature’s other leg. Meanwhile the Shaman shot out lightning, that coursed through the insect's body, a warrior rolled under the creature's main body and began hacking and stabbing. Just then the insect stepped up, dislodging several warriors attempting to scale its bulk, along with Haze, and focused its attention once again on the soldiers. Haze was flung to the ground and lay panting for a few moments, Shote whistled for the raptor to retreat.

The Tank became bored, and decided it was a good time to turn the tide of the battle. It climbed over the barricades, scattering many a seasoned warrior. Just hen the grenades blew first one and then the other a few seconds later. The Silithid slumped to the ground, two of its limbs blown in half, but it quickly tried to stand again, just as the Goblin Rocket flew from Shote's tubular launcher and into its torso, blasting a huge crater into its side and spewing gore everywhere.

Shote sighed, and fell back as the Silithids quickly swarmed to fill the position the behemoth once occupied. He rested for a moment behind the battlements, drinking some water, then climbed onto the wall and once again joined the battle.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review: Brothers in Arm DS




f you find yourself familiar with those commands, I am pretty sure you are not a stranger for World War 2 films or the numerous FPS game where you take on the role of an Airborne Trooper on the fields in Normandy or a Private on the shore of Normandy on D-Day.

Now you can bring your war out with you while on the streets. Brothers in Arm DS recreates all the glories of World War 2 in your DS. The graphic is nothing to shout about but the game-play is just superb. Turning on the Game will take you straight towards the menu where you get to choose the Solo or the multiplayer campaign. As of now, I still had to have the chance to multiplay it. But the Solo is keeping me glued long enough towards my DS.

There are three campaign in BiA DS. Normandy, Tunis and Ardenne. Each campaign has a large selection of mission to go through with clear cut instruction and story to push you along with the war against Krauts. Each level you clear will unlock the next available difficulty, although some might find this a drag, Personally I feel that this is quite justified. Due to the fact that the AI for this BiA DS is not a pushover.

Aiming and moving around is a simple dragging your stylus across the DS and moving towards the direction you desire via touch-pad. The shoulder button is to shoot and to reload you only need to drag the bullet towards the gun. If you run out of ammo, the game will just auto reload for you.There is no need to double tap to crouch or to jump or to roll. All you need to do is run and shoot anything that moves.

Move towards the wall and you will automatically strafe it and peek towards the corner. Aim while peeking and when you shoot, you will automatically step out of a second to shoot and hide back. Move to the back of a bunker or anything and you will automatically crouch down to take cover. Simple easy and nice. I like the control a lot more then MPH.

As for the weapon there are 3 selection available. A normal gun, A Bazooka and a sniper. But whats amazing is how you can rush a position to grab the MG and mow down the incoming Kraut with it, or driving a jeep while the AI shoot anything that it sees. Better yet. Drive a Tank and rape anything and everything else. Talk about a variety of available arsenal!

What the game really do well is the ensuing carnage you and the AI leaves behind. There is no lag or slowdown with all the shooting and screaming happening in game. 20++ kraut shooting at you with 10 other allies shooting back with a lot of grenade lobbing involves and a few tanks to add into the mix, and there is not even a slight hiccup with the game. AMAZING!

What about the sound you say, boy. I don't know about you but I am amazed and the sheer realistic of it. Exploding grenade? Expect debris all around your screen and some really loud boom to go around. Dying soldier is made more realistic with moans and cries for help added into the mix. If there is enemy on your flank, your fellow comrade will shout out their locations and curses while they command you to take out the krauts. For a DS game, there is a lot of dialog involved.

Brothers in Arm DS is an amazing game fit onto an amazing console. This is not a matter of fanboyism. This is the truth. Forsaking the long storyline, BiA DS is build on the basis of arcade gaming with lots of shooting involved. Which suits me just fine as I can play the game in short burst without the need to scroll through the story that is already well known by all.

Personally, I say Brothers In Arm DS is worth every penny if you like FPS.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Yellox Wong Crits Poring for 9999 Damage

I didn't realize that part of the job description of being the MD of a company is to be the MC for events also. Well, I was enlightened over the weekend with the antics of Yellox Wong as the MD of Gameflier, the company which brought us Ragnarok Online in Malaysia.

Beg me if you want more of this!

What I must say is that Yellox really knows how to stir up the crowd with his antics. There were small competitions where he pull the crowd up to to the stage to make the cutest posture while eating ice-cream. And the winner is an old auntie doing a Jet li kung fu flying eagle post and a young man posting as a cute bunny. *Belch visibly*

After the competition Yellox decided to STIR up the crowd again with a bit of prize giving. And his choice of distributing the prize? Throwing it into the crowd and letting the vulture feast upon themselves. Not a pretty sight at all. :/
This is where the ugly and greedy part of Malaysian starts to show, just for a few book the crowd started pushing and pulling on each other. Best mud wrestling I ever saw. Except there is no mud.

Yellox Wong Crits Mob for 9999 damage

Did I mention that one of the prizes turn into a flying projectile ala Ninja style when Yellox threw it? Oh yeah. and It was headed towards me. My survival instinct kicked in and I was rolling against the floor before the "prize" soar across my head and hit a guy on the head. But hey, he got a prize for his trouble.

I look cute don't I?

After the ensuing struggle, Yellox invited 2 fellow which I had no idea who up the stage for some piano show and solo. And boy, do they SUCK! Bleh, the piano was actually not half bad but the Solo guy has better bring his lethal voice somewhere else. Whoever you are mate, Learn to sing before you learn to perform.

Yellox Wong Stirring up the Crowd

Not bad pianist with a bad soloist

The black cat say BYE!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Interesting weekend

Two interesting happened on the weekend.Details all about it soon but a summary of it is as so..

First, I chatted with Yellox Wong. The MD of Gameflier. He was acting as the MC for Gameflier event and also the "life" of the whole event. So to speak. Kudos for him for stepping up to the job as MC while he is the MD.

Secondly, A much anticipated game was released superbly early. 1 month earlier in fact. The game is a rarity among the list of games in DS. Although games such as this are most suited on the DS console. Yeap, its FPS game. The title?
Brothers in Arm DS. This game is a surprise in terms of gameplay. storyline and even graphic.. Ok.. Maybe not graphic. But hey. The game play is SUPERB. More about it in the coming days as I dwell deeper into the game and I will TRY to bring you guyz a review about it

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Chapter 1.1: The Emergence of the Chosen.

I have no idea if any of you enjoyed the prologue of The Enemy Of My Enemy is My Friend. But heck, this is the first chapter of it. And the last chapter before the whole thing died down.

Chapter 1: The Emergence of the Chosen.

Jarock the Mage of the Red Flight

Years have pass since the emergence of the "insect". The gnome mage closes his book with a thud and sigh. Sitting within the library of Quell Tha'Las. The mage has tried to look for spells that he has never learned in Dalaran. And as expected, the spell was abundance. But not all are useful.

Suddenly the runes in his pocket flashed and heats up. As the mage pulls out the rune, he knew that he has new task in hand. Gazing at the ancient language, he interprets the message from his master. A certain mage which has been around longer then he knew. A certain mage called Krasus.

As he finishes interpreting the runes, the mage stood up and gather his item as fast as he could rushing out of the library and almost slamming into a red haired mage. Avoiding the mage and mumbling an incomprehensible sorry. The mage rushes out of the library and tries to pulls out his runes of teleportation. But instead he pulled out his communication runes which he translated just now. The mage read again what the runes said.

“My young apprentice. I need you to go to Thunderbluff and help them. They are under attack and in need of help. There are shortages of mages and you are one of the few that is powerful enough to go alone. Go to stormwind. There you will find a certain Captain Rencil which is looking for crew to Thunderbluff. Or you can teleport yourself to Thunderbluff, but it is not advisable to do so as the Silithus might seize upon your magic and pull you into their hive. Good luck my apprentice and May the lights be with you"

The mage repocketed the runes of communication and pulls out the correct rune. Gesturing towards the empty air in front of him the mage calls upon the power of arcane and threw the rune up into the air. As the rune started to fall, it disappears and was replaced with an empty black void. The mage steps into the void and disappeared.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. Keychain

Quite some time ago, A fellow blogger Swatwolf sold me the Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. Keychain which he got for extra during his trip to Penang and Gashaponing. At that time quite a few of us are laminating about the fact that the Gasha is no longer available in Play-Asia . And it seems due to popular demand yet again, the Gashapon is currently back in stock in Play-Asia. I personally own one of this as my keychain right now and the soft fluffy red mushroom is a good attraction for kids and adult alike due to the cuteness of it. I would say, This is a worthwhile item to get if you like cute stuff or are a fan of Mario.

Do head over and get Nintendo New Super Mario Bros. Keychain by clicking on the yellow words.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Joining the Band Wagon

Aww Snap!

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Well I have Joined the band wagon! Seems that everyone have this burn feeder and as the student to the master of blogging, I shan't miss the bandwagon could I? This looks a bit on the plain side though.. I wonder If I can spruce it up in the future for a bit?

Edit :

This is a crude version I made out of my banner. Not half bad eh?

Aww Snap!

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Prologue - The enemy of My Enemy

Quite some time ago, I participated in something called Online Role Playing. It started off as a hobby of reading off what other people's idea and story of what is happening in the World Of Warcraft. Not long after that I was asked to partake in one of the most daring ( so to speak ) endeavor. To start a roleplaying story of Alliance and Horde togethere with the Outland fighting a losing battle against the silithid. There is only one problem to that. At that time, the Silithid and Outland was not even launched yet.

Imagination was our only salvation. Friendship is our only storyline. And the love of WoW is what pushed us on. This story started off heatedly. Some of the writer was VERY good in it. but somehow, the whole thing died off. What you will read in the following next few days is post taken from World of Warcraft roleplaying Forum. All the best goes to them in their fight against the darkness in WoW. May the moon shine upon you.

Now join me as we go through what would have happen in our mind. All the story below are contributed by the writers in WoW Forum. I have taken the liberty to edit certain parts.
All the best goes to them in their fight against the darkness in WoW.

The enemy of the enemy is my enemy


Swords clashed in the dusty wastes of Silithus. Another petty battle of the mortal races. Alliance versus Horde, another pointless battle in an unending war. Another meaningless genocide of Men, Elves(of both kinds), Trolls, Gnomes, Forsaken, Dwarves, and Tauren. Another battle that would have no impact. Simple, meaningless death.

Suddenly, the ground began to tremble. Many believed a quake was upon them, or the end of the world. Some shouted that the Legion had returned to claim their souls, and others fled.

The battle paused for a moment, the warriors swords still entangled, the mages stopping in midspell. Then, a few realized what was truly happening, as they gazed onto the dust cloud on the horizon. They realized that theirs was a world at an end. For on the Horizon, in every direction, was a mass of the insectoid race, the Silithid. They were surrounded.

Some tried to flee, riding out on their mounts. They were all to perish in the countless waves of the Silithid. Mages fled through their portals, selfishly closing them behind them, sealing the other's fate. The diminished host of enemies knew that they were doomed.

They formed into a desperate circle formation to defend themselves, but as they soon became aware, they were outnumbered by odds of more than one hundred to one. Orc stodd beside man, Elf beside Troll as they prepared to die.

Then, on the left flank, a human and an orc raised their swords and charged. The two bitterest of foes charging together into certain death. Their blood feud had evaporated in an instant of instinct. Self preservation was their best interest. The other warriors followed the example of these two. They concentrated their forced on the left flank, and they broke through.

This has been compiled of the survivors of that battle, and a philosophy to save all of our lives. Remember these words that I say to you, The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend

Fifty Years Later...

The Status of the Tri-Party Alliance

The Continent of Kalimdor has fallen, save for a few strongholds. The world tree Noldrassil, Theramoore Island, and Thunderbluff are the only remaining havens on the Continent. They are constantly under attack.

The Eastern Kingdoms are constantly at war. Lordaeron has fallen, except for the Undercity, which has been connected to Ironforge by a new Tram line, it's only life line. Quel Tha'Las is under a magical barrier, as is Dalaran, but they can only be entered via magical portals, which only a handful of accomplished mages know how to conjure. Ironforge is a safe haven, the home of this new Alliance. Stormwind has been under siege for thirteen years. Illidan has reemerged from Outland to aid us, but our plight is dire. As of yet, the Silithid have not found their way into Outland. We are fighting a losing war.