Monday, June 18, 2007

Kingdom Hearts 2 Post Card Book

Kingdom Hearts 2

Well, I actually got this way back in May.I haven't had much chance to talk about it or flip through it coz of my lack of time and brain cell to process this piece of fine art. Anyway, I kind of like this postcard book. Although the art is a bit "different" from what I Imagined it to be, the book overall quality is top notch. The paper is made out of thick glossy paper.

Kind of like fancy postcard paper. If you get what I mean. Anyway, whats disappointing for me is the art itself. I was fully expecting it to be hand drawn special art from the KH artist but instead, what I got is the art you can get anywhere else. Albeit the fact that this one is slightly nicer.

Overall quality I dare say this is good. But if you are looking for something better, I suggest look elsewhere.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Post Card Book can be purchased from HERE

Pretty thick for my standard.

Cover of the Post Card Book. Damn Its nice!

Some of the arts found in KH Post Card Book


Dyna said...

Think my gf will flip if she saw that book. It looks cool tho

Reveur said...

Why would ur gf flip?

Dyna said...

My gf likes those kind of books. That time she purchase KH2 guide book just because it has extra pictures inside lol

Reveur said...

Well, if you were to buy this book for her.. I am pretty sure the night she got it will be preeetttyy wild...