Monday, June 11, 2007

Yellox Wong Crits Poring for 9999 Damage

I didn't realize that part of the job description of being the MD of a company is to be the MC for events also. Well, I was enlightened over the weekend with the antics of Yellox Wong as the MD of Gameflier, the company which brought us Ragnarok Online in Malaysia.

Beg me if you want more of this!

What I must say is that Yellox really knows how to stir up the crowd with his antics. There were small competitions where he pull the crowd up to to the stage to make the cutest posture while eating ice-cream. And the winner is an old auntie doing a Jet li kung fu flying eagle post and a young man posting as a cute bunny. *Belch visibly*

After the competition Yellox decided to STIR up the crowd again with a bit of prize giving. And his choice of distributing the prize? Throwing it into the crowd and letting the vulture feast upon themselves. Not a pretty sight at all. :/
This is where the ugly and greedy part of Malaysian starts to show, just for a few book the crowd started pushing and pulling on each other. Best mud wrestling I ever saw. Except there is no mud.

Yellox Wong Crits Mob for 9999 damage

Did I mention that one of the prizes turn into a flying projectile ala Ninja style when Yellox threw it? Oh yeah. and It was headed towards me. My survival instinct kicked in and I was rolling against the floor before the "prize" soar across my head and hit a guy on the head. But hey, he got a prize for his trouble.

I look cute don't I?

After the ensuing struggle, Yellox invited 2 fellow which I had no idea who up the stage for some piano show and solo. And boy, do they SUCK! Bleh, the piano was actually not half bad but the Solo guy has better bring his lethal voice somewhere else. Whoever you are mate, Learn to sing before you learn to perform.

Yellox Wong Stirring up the Crowd

Not bad pianist with a bad soloist

The black cat say BYE!