Saturday, June 9, 2007

Chapter 1.1: The Emergence of the Chosen.

I have no idea if any of you enjoyed the prologue of The Enemy Of My Enemy is My Friend. But heck, this is the first chapter of it. And the last chapter before the whole thing died down.

Chapter 1: The Emergence of the Chosen.

Jarock the Mage of the Red Flight

Years have pass since the emergence of the "insect". The gnome mage closes his book with a thud and sigh. Sitting within the library of Quell Tha'Las. The mage has tried to look for spells that he has never learned in Dalaran. And as expected, the spell was abundance. But not all are useful.

Suddenly the runes in his pocket flashed and heats up. As the mage pulls out the rune, he knew that he has new task in hand. Gazing at the ancient language, he interprets the message from his master. A certain mage which has been around longer then he knew. A certain mage called Krasus.

As he finishes interpreting the runes, the mage stood up and gather his item as fast as he could rushing out of the library and almost slamming into a red haired mage. Avoiding the mage and mumbling an incomprehensible sorry. The mage rushes out of the library and tries to pulls out his runes of teleportation. But instead he pulled out his communication runes which he translated just now. The mage read again what the runes said.

“My young apprentice. I need you to go to Thunderbluff and help them. They are under attack and in need of help. There are shortages of mages and you are one of the few that is powerful enough to go alone. Go to stormwind. There you will find a certain Captain Rencil which is looking for crew to Thunderbluff. Or you can teleport yourself to Thunderbluff, but it is not advisable to do so as the Silithus might seize upon your magic and pull you into their hive. Good luck my apprentice and May the lights be with you"

The mage repocketed the runes of communication and pulls out the correct rune. Gesturing towards the empty air in front of him the mage calls upon the power of arcane and threw the rune up into the air. As the rune started to fall, it disappears and was replaced with an empty black void. The mage steps into the void and disappeared.