Sunday, June 10, 2007

Interesting weekend

Two interesting happened on the weekend.Details all about it soon but a summary of it is as so..

First, I chatted with Yellox Wong. The MD of Gameflier. He was acting as the MC for Gameflier event and also the "life" of the whole event. So to speak. Kudos for him for stepping up to the job as MC while he is the MD.

Secondly, A much anticipated game was released superbly early. 1 month earlier in fact. The game is a rarity among the list of games in DS. Although games such as this are most suited on the DS console. Yeap, its FPS game. The title?
Brothers in Arm DS. This game is a surprise in terms of gameplay. storyline and even graphic.. Ok.. Maybe not graphic. But hey. The game play is SUPERB. More about it in the coming days as I dwell deeper into the game and I will TRY to bring you guyz a review about it