Saturday, June 30, 2007

Origin: Chaos

Chaos, a form of magic that is most unpredictable yet, delectable. From Chaos, magic was expelled, enchanting those "lucky" few which was at the wrong place at the right time. Thousands died as the chaos within them reigned and regale. A few manage to plant their seed into their child before they fell to the chaos, a seed of their own with a little of Chaos.

The unborn child was luckier as they grew with but a portion of Chaos' power. As they grew,they find themselves light, enchanted and brimming with confidence. They find themselves hungering for more magic. for more. Chaos.Yet, Human are a resilient species, they grew,they adapt and they grew again. They found Chaos and they regale in it. They bath in the blood of others as they seek the true source of their power. Chaos

As the time goes, those with the power of Chaos sat on the pinnacle of their evolution, they gaze down upon their subject and realized they lost what they were craving for. Chaos does not exist if one reigns, Chaos does not grow if the scale is tipped . With that knowledge, the one with the power of Chaos planted two seed upon every human in the world.

The Seed of Knowledge where the wielder studied knowledge of power to aid them and the Seed of Power where the wielder uses their will power alone to exert their will. Both are inferior to Chaos, but in each of them, there will forever be conflict as each will grow and grow and create chaos as they fight to prove their superiority. Thousands of millennium past before the war grew to a standstill as each side retreated to lick their wound.

Within this period of time, a human blessed with an insight seek to try something different. He was born with the Seed of Knowledge but he seek to gain the Seed of Power. He studied, he learned, he questioned the Sage of Knowledge and he drew the attention of those on the pinnacle of power. Those with the power of Chaos.

Chaos looked in amusement at this turn of event and in an unprecedented move, decided to stroke the fire. They cursed one child with the Power of Knowledge and Power.

From the notes of Kro'Veur Ocer