Friday, June 29, 2007

Xbox 360 Controller Guide

When I decided to look around for a controller, my objective were to get a relatively painless installation controller. Now, here me out. There have been quite a few suggestions on what I should get. It ranges from Logitech controller, PlayStation 2 Controller with a converter to support PC game and lastly the Xbox 360 controller

Now, I have heard good things about Logitech Controller, how the controller feels just right. how it feels as if you are holding a PS2 Controller. ( Duh?) Then I was asked to purchase a PlayStation 2 Controller, and a PC Joybox 3in1 to convert the PlayStation 2 controller to be compatible to PC. Ok... Sounds like a lot of work and money. Not my kind of thing

After pestering a number of people, I was then enlightened with the knowledge that an Xbox360 controller for Xbox 360 can be plug and played for PC! Yay! *Firecracker explodes in the background* NOT!

Well, the Xbox 360 controller is indeed compatible with PC and Window XP or Vista but there is a catch! The game is not compatible with it! Unless its direct ported from Xbox360 game. Meh!Which defeats the whole purpose!

Anyway! I got my hand on a friends Xbox 360 Controller. Found the driver for the controller on microsoft website. Fire up my Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition and hope for the best. This is where the weird part comes in. The left analog key is the "look" around key. The right analog key is the movement key. The L2 and R2 key cannot be use. What the hell...

I tried to remap the key. No dice. reconnect and reinstall the controller. Didn't work.
Fine! A bit of uncle Google will do the work and this is what I found to remap the Xbox360 controller to work on PC.

The following guide is taken from XBCD 360 Controller Guide All credit goes to them and them alone!

First, go to the download option on the Guide and download 2 file. Look for the file that is compatible to your PC. For Example if you are running Window XP 32 bit.

Download 1.Windows XP Xbox 360 Driver(Latest)
Then, 2. Updated Default Xbox 360 drivers profile.(Should Be like Default Microsoft Drivers layout with the new updated xbcd drivers.)**

Then, follow the Guide from 1 to 16 and you will be fine.

Credit goes to the folks at XBCD

I highly doubt that you would have any problem doing all this unless you are illiterate, stupid or just lazy to read. Meh.

For those that want to purchase an Xbox 360 controller. Do note that there is 2 version
Xbox 360 Controller for Windows


Xbox 360 Controller

The only difference between those two is that, the Windows version comes with a Installation CD while the normal version does not. If you want to save the moolah on the installation CD, just head over to microsoft website to download the Driver.

There is also the Wireless version for both the PC and the Xbox 360 version.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows

which comes with a controller and a wireless receiver and the installation CD.

and the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
which requires a Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows if you want it to work.

My suggestions? Get the Xbox wired controller or the Xbox 360 Wireless controller for windows.


mr-penman said...

so have u bought it yet?

Reveur said...

No woo.. Using Sihum ko ko one.. Tried it on DMC 3.. Thuumb sore..

Nicholas Leong said...

err tat sounds like a lot more work compared to the PS2 controller :P