Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Review: Brothers in Arm DS




f you find yourself familiar with those commands, I am pretty sure you are not a stranger for World War 2 films or the numerous FPS game where you take on the role of an Airborne Trooper on the fields in Normandy or a Private on the shore of Normandy on D-Day.

Now you can bring your war out with you while on the streets. Brothers in Arm DS recreates all the glories of World War 2 in your DS. The graphic is nothing to shout about but the game-play is just superb. Turning on the Game will take you straight towards the menu where you get to choose the Solo or the multiplayer campaign. As of now, I still had to have the chance to multiplay it. But the Solo is keeping me glued long enough towards my DS.

There are three campaign in BiA DS. Normandy, Tunis and Ardenne. Each campaign has a large selection of mission to go through with clear cut instruction and story to push you along with the war against Krauts. Each level you clear will unlock the next available difficulty, although some might find this a drag, Personally I feel that this is quite justified. Due to the fact that the AI for this BiA DS is not a pushover.

Aiming and moving around is a simple dragging your stylus across the DS and moving towards the direction you desire via touch-pad. The shoulder button is to shoot and to reload you only need to drag the bullet towards the gun. If you run out of ammo, the game will just auto reload for you.There is no need to double tap to crouch or to jump or to roll. All you need to do is run and shoot anything that moves.

Move towards the wall and you will automatically strafe it and peek towards the corner. Aim while peeking and when you shoot, you will automatically step out of a second to shoot and hide back. Move to the back of a bunker or anything and you will automatically crouch down to take cover. Simple easy and nice. I like the control a lot more then MPH.

As for the weapon there are 3 selection available. A normal gun, A Bazooka and a sniper. But whats amazing is how you can rush a position to grab the MG and mow down the incoming Kraut with it, or driving a jeep while the AI shoot anything that it sees. Better yet. Drive a Tank and rape anything and everything else. Talk about a variety of available arsenal!

What the game really do well is the ensuing carnage you and the AI leaves behind. There is no lag or slowdown with all the shooting and screaming happening in game. 20++ kraut shooting at you with 10 other allies shooting back with a lot of grenade lobbing involves and a few tanks to add into the mix, and there is not even a slight hiccup with the game. AMAZING!

What about the sound you say, boy. I don't know about you but I am amazed and the sheer realistic of it. Exploding grenade? Expect debris all around your screen and some really loud boom to go around. Dying soldier is made more realistic with moans and cries for help added into the mix. If there is enemy on your flank, your fellow comrade will shout out their locations and curses while they command you to take out the krauts. For a DS game, there is a lot of dialog involved.

Brothers in Arm DS is an amazing game fit onto an amazing console. This is not a matter of fanboyism. This is the truth. Forsaking the long storyline, BiA DS is build on the basis of arcade gaming with lots of shooting involved. Which suits me just fine as I can play the game in short burst without the need to scroll through the story that is already well known by all.

Personally, I say Brothers In Arm DS is worth every penny if you like FPS.