Monday, December 31, 2007

Neon Genesis Evangelion 1/7 Scale Metallic

Retailling at only USD 19.90 this Evangelion comes in 3 type. Eva-00, Eva-01 and Eva-02. At a height of 18cm, this baby comes equipped with Assault rifle, Knife and Machine gun! Painted with metalic paint, this thing looks almost menacing and cool.

Click HERE or the picture for more purchase information

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Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice

Fans of Ace Attorney be prepared for an all new case in February as the Gyakuten Saiban 4 is finally arriving in English! In fact, you can make your pre-order now at a mere 29.90

So order them now. Do your usual things.
Click on the picture or HERE for more purchase information

While waiting, you might want to stave off any additional addiction from relapsing by taking a look at the few items located below.

Official Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright) Card Case that can be used to hold Credit Cards or the likes. Made out of Genuine Leather, this baby cost a whooping US$ 69.90 way to show off your love for Gyakuten Saiban!

Click HERE or the PICTURE for more purchase information
Find yourself humming the Interrogation music when your parents or teachers are talking to you? You might be interested in Gyakuten Saiban 4 Original Soundtrack. Retailing for US$ 29.90, this is worth a buy.

Click HERE or the PICTURE for more purchase information.
A musical compilation of Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra music. This is a good buy for lovers of orchestra music with Gyakuten Saiban twist.Retailling at US$ 33.90, Gyakuten Saiban Orchestra Album ~Gyakuten Saiban Meets Orchestra~ will be a good addition beside the other Gyakuten Saiban collection you will be gathering by now

Click HERE or the PICTURE for more purchase information

If you are low on the budget yet wants to get a piece of this Gyakuten Saiban madness, check out this Gyakuten Saiban Postcard Book retailing at US$ 13.90

Click HERE or the PICTURE for more purchase information

For those that are has a thing for Art, this might be more your cup of tea. Imagine yourself sipping a cup of coffee by the roadside and pulling out The Art of Gyakuten Saiban to the envy of others. Get this Art Book at US$ 56.90

Click HERE or the PICTURE for more purchase information

What better way to show off to your buddies of your affection for Gyakuten Saiban than to deal a Black Jack with Gyakuten Saiban Playing Cards! Retailing at US$ 19.90 this is not your everyday playing card.

Click HERE or the PICTURE for mroe purchase information.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dragon Ball Z Non Scale Pre-Painted Gashapon: Neo Super-soldier of Legend Version

Things couldn't have been a lot better for fans of Dragon Ball. Figurine of dragonball coupled with gashapon ball design to look like the 7 dragon ball. Pretty cool stuff. You get two in one in a purchase. This is one purchase that is worth looking into.

As usual, click the picture for more purchase information.

p/s I am watching 200 pounds of beauty as I am typing this. Pretty good korean shown.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

3D Image with Wiimote

This is a superbly amazing stuff. By just using a Wiimote and the sensor bar, Johnny Chung Lee invented something that gave me goosebumps. Something amazing that if developed further, will change the gaming world so much, it will reinvent the term Gaming!

The virtual environment lets the TV display objects as if you are looking into a real room, with realistic illusion of space, depth and everything else in real time! Hell, this is THE most amazing way to end 2007!

Watch the embedded clip to get a gist of what I am babbling about.

He also have an array of other program created for the Wii. Check it out at his website HERE

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Climax-D Kamen Rider DEN-O Figure

Fans of Kamen Rider Den-O might be interested in this

As usual, click on the picture for more purchase information
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Monday, December 24, 2007

Review: I Am Legend Movie


I caught the movie last friday and I got quite a mix feeling on the movie. Without revealing the content of the movie (yet again) I would like to briefly run through the movie's acting. The whole movie shows Will Smith 90% of the time. There are no other person on the screen when Will Smith is onscreen. This also means the movie depends HEAVILY on his acting skill and the producer's skill to pan the story along.

Taken into context that this movie is a bit "focused" on Will, it says a lot when you are hooked onto the screen expecting and wanting to find out what happen next. Why is he alone, what caused the whole thing and HOW would it end! The movie started off with a Happy and jubilated mood which quickly turns into a catastrophe. As the movie progress you can see how everything fell apart with a snap of a finger (literally)

There are a few gap here and there on why Will is still alive, why is he the MAN which kinds of makes the whole movie loopy ( if you get what I mean) but the movie make a good run of its money by feeling in the gap via interval here and there. By the end of the movie, the whole things fit together nicely and makes you go Whoa..

What gave me a mix feeling about this movie is that the acting and the storyline is not exactly exceptional when you first run through the movie. Its just another movie of a whole hero saving the world. But upon reflecting back now, I find myself thinking of the whole concept of the movie. On how human messes with their own fate. There is a brief dialog in the movie which highlighted on how DESPERATE the situation is.

What would I say about the movie though?I say the movie is a good watch. Its different from what fare you usually get from the normal hero saving the world flick. This is a movie of a desperate stubborn man devoid of all hope trying to keep his sanity in check which has lost EVERYTHING that he has EVER KNOWN.

Watch it if you want something different.

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Pokemon Styli or is it Stylus?

Words shall not justify the length of Pokemon franchising. And nothing says more than a Pokemon stylus which youwield whild dueling others via Wifi! So take a pick of your very own pokemon stylus and poke away with a pokemon hard cover casing! ( which actually looks pretty cool)
There are 5 choices available for the Hard Cover Casing and 6 choices of Pokemon Styli!

Click the LINK above or the picture below for MORE PURCHASE INFORMATION

*Any injury resulting from overuse,extensive use, inappropriate use (poking) are the users responsibility. So do not get too "excited" and poke the wrong place.

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Poke? Poke a mon!

The closest thing you can ever get to owning a real version of your pokeball with a light beam ala ghost buster style is by buying one of this! ( Which is exactly what I have done) Its a pokeball shapped "torchlight" fashioned with pokemon slide card where the pokemon image will be beamed out when you "summon" them!

Or if you are frustrated with your local gashapon machine always giving you "egg" that you don't want. Get one of this Pokemon Gashapon Machine home!

More pictures and information right HERE or click THE PICTURE to get more information.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Colour Scheme

I tried a new color scheme on my blog now. What do you guys think about it?

More Vibrant right?

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Disrespect for Writers

Again, another one of those long-long rant related or unrelated to my previous Review:Reviewer post. Again, another warning. Back off you are not good with reading long post or has adverse sense of nausea when a person starts to rant. Because that is exactly what I am going to do right about....

Now, do you have disrespect for others? Be it your colleague, your friend, your maid or the old lady sweeping floor? If you do. Shame on you. Do you understand the term, Cog on Wheels? A wheel goes around and around, and if one cog is missing, the whole wheel goes to hell. Capish? No? What the hell, I have time to spend. Let me put it this way, if the old lady that are sweeping the floor on Sg Wang street is missing, you would be treading on 2 feet high of dirt and rubbish every time you go there. If your maid have not been cleaning your home and your dishes after you are done, you will be sleeping with various little critters at night. If your colleague is not doing their job, you will be doing DOUBLE the job. Which brings us to the juicy part of MY rant

Disrespect for writers. I have met and had interview with interviewer for the position as writer. And I quote her statement, " Writing only, how hard can It be. Just take the information and write it out". Lady, if its that easy you wouldn't be hiring a bloody writer in the first place. Even if you CAN do that, there is one tiny little problem. How long can you keep it up? Can you do it consistently? Can you churn out CRAP that people will actually sit down and read? I am a writer by profession and I have respect for every other position. Marketing is no easy feet, Account servicing ( the front liner ) has even worse shoes to fill, then there is the admin, the accountant and various others! They have their own strength.


Like it or not, writing is not. I can churn out CRAP for you in 2 hours time if you give me the title based on something I have NEVER heard of before. I have to do research, read through the fact. Digest it all. Understand it and churn it out in a COHERENT matter. What would you as a none writer do? How would it take for you to do it?
Every time we write, we have to take responsibility of what we are writing, who are we addressing and to what subject are we writing about. What WE churn are read by not only our client or our readers. Its read by the MASSES. Yes, a lot and a lot of people. Can you say the same thing about your P & C document which has only one thing in mind, LEGALITY?
We have to think about the legality of our article, accuracy, and how it APPEAL to the masses! Do you actually in the right mind think that your P & C document will be something you will read when you are FREE? HELL NO! You have better relaxing things to do then reading some boring document over and over again!

So please, don't disrespect us. Give us some respect. There is no need to look down on us but neither are there need to look up on us. It is not easy doing what we do. We do it out of love for writing not out of the fact that we are doing it for the sake of doing it. Can you say you are happy doing what you do? I can.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Fantasy Zelda Spider Hime Kubrick

Sorry, I couldn't resist. The combination of so many figurine and the kubrick fever I am having makes me go a bit nuts. Not to mention my current mental state is on the borderline of craziness.

I Personally know when I am unhappy or just plain feeling down. I would be spending lots and lots of money on object that are totally useless or can make me laugh. Case in point, Halo Kubrick and a superb sling bag my gf gave to me. Thanks dear!

Now, I am feeling a bit down yet again. Maybe its the stress? Maybe its the holiday mood kicking it. Or just the fact that my gf birthday is superbly near. Yeah. Its erm ( check calender ) tommorow. Holy crap! Its tommorow!

You take a look at all the pictures here. Take your pick. Do your purchase and the usual ho ha. I will be back after tomorrow ( after the b'day celebration)

P/S: Press the picture for more information about them. Now GO!

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Christmas in Midvalley, Picture

Christmas in Midvalley is surprisingly forestry . Smack me in the head if you would. The decorations are a bit on the offside. There are trees, trees and more trees and also erm.. grass?

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas in The Curve Damansara

Was in The Curve yesterday night picking out Christmas gift for company Christmas gift exchange or something like that. I couldn't resist taking pictures of the night scene there. But boy am I disappointed with my camera. It cant take anything that even are 3 feets away. Sigh.. The limit of a camera phone. Oh well.. I guess I will just ask for donation to get a Nikon D40. Wooot...

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Bangsar Village Christmas Picture

A week or so ago I was in Bangsar Village, and this is their christmas decoration. A so called Snow Globe which is 12 feet tall and a christmas tree. Interesting to look. Utterly boring in design.Shudder...

I will post pictures taken from Midvalley Kuala Lumpur and The Curve later on. Those are some really cool stuff.
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Review: Reviewer

I have a bone to pick. Indeed I do. This is gonna be one of those really boring post that requires you to think with no pictures involved. So get out of here if you are not a heavy reader.

Still here? Good. Ever wonder what gives a reviewer a right to review things and say things to justify another? What gives the right for a reviewer to trash a product or bring them to heaven? Lately things had got me thinking. Can what a reviewer write or say be trusted? Coming from personal experience, I dare say no. I reviewed on a freelance basis for magazines. And there are products which I freely trashed because it is rubbish. For all I care at that point, its a total waste of time and money to own that product. I don't care if the review came out and the person which designed this product will have their life forever tarnished,So am I doing the right thing then? Maybe? Maybe not.

Then there are times when my review was "edited" and printed in a more "welcoming" light. A totally trashing review of a product was turned into a best buy product. All in the name of advertising, revenue and not ruining peoples life. But what about the life of those that are going to purchase the product? Are theirs not worth it? So are they doing the right thing? Maybe? Maybe not

So what is my beef then? My beef is in the fact that advertising guided too much of a reviewers hand. It guided what we type. what we need to type and what we can type. Granted, sometimes its not the advertising side, it might be due to recommendation from others or the fact that the reviewer is a supporter of a that particular brand. Hence they will close one eye on all the flaws and laud all the good parts.

Case in point, I find the movie Transformers to be so and so. But apparently there are a huge number of fans, reviewer and audience alike which find the movie superb. Best movie of the year and what not. The review that came out from the reviewer lauded the great return of Autobots or in particular. Optimus Prime. Good lord, its just a bloody cartoon! I give credit to the fact that the whole movie is lifelike. But its still cheesy and there are certain bones to pick. But does it warrant all the praise given by the reviewer then?

Another example is my very own review. I love Final Fantasy series. Be if for the fact of the story or the gameplay. I just love it. My review of FF 3 was quite high on the scale. But looking back, I felt the game was slow, the graphic was so and so. The song unimaginative and the story totally FF like. I was being biased then. Does it mean I will be biased in the future? Would I do it again and screw up another review? I don't know. Heck, even if I do. I would probably just go on with my life and write the same review that I write occasionally.

So what does all this means? Does it mean that one should stop coming here to read? ( if any actually does it) or should you still come and hope my review and thoughts are actually sound of mind? I don't know. But what I do know is, Don't trust review too much. It might be right. But most of the time. Its just an opinion of a stressed out person with personal agenda or love for certain brand.
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Friday, December 14, 2007

Bleach: Kon Plushie!

At an approximately height of 32 cm, this KON plushie is well worth its price at only 20usd. Even by the look of the plushie quality, it seems the quality surpasses every other plushie that I have been able to view online!

More purchase information can be found HERE

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Alvin and The Chipmunks Movie Review

Here Comes Trouble! A 5 time grammy award animated music group of 3 Chipmunks! Consisting of Alvin the Macho chipmunk, Simon the Smart one and Theodore the cute chipmunks. For those in the late 20's they will best know Alvin and the chipmunks from the animation made over 50 years ago! Heck! Even I at the age of 23 remember the chipmunks!

Anyway, The movie endears you with its renditioning of popular song such as Bad Day, Only you and its very own song such as Christmas Don't be Late and Witch Doctor! Each song are sang in a high pitch fast note which leaves the audience in stitches. Without revealing too much about the movie, this is what I can say about it

The movies is about the 3 chipmunks meeting David Seville a song writer, and turning his life into hell. It also shows slight moral aspect included into the movie for children. The acting is life like and even believable! The dialog is witty and leaves the audience yearning for more while the songs together with its dancing scene keeps you wondering if the whole thing was done by motion capturing devise ( or the guy can really draw).

All in all, Alvin and the Chipmunks might sound like a movie you would want to pass over due to its not so well known title or the fact that its yet another cartoon meet real life movie, but taking into account that I was totally thrust into the movie theater unexpected and not knowing what the movie is all about I enjoyed the movie a LOT more than the Golden Compass.

If you are debating to either watch This or That, I would say the chipmunks win my heart over.The Soundtrack "Witch Doctor" is especially Good. Check out the song below!

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Mommy, How do I solve this problem?

It seems I have found something interesting to integrate onto the whole blogging thing. But I can't seem to get it work! Gah! On towards more Testing!

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Digg It

Taking a card out of Zorocaster's blog I am trying out the new Digg mechanic thingy machingy. So hold on as the blog will resume service after the maintenance. Check out the below magician video while waiting. Thank you!

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

20th Metal Gear Anniversary Kubrick Picture!

I do believe a little bit of gloating is in line :D For those sensitive to gloating. Stay away, Stay clear and stay where you are. Especially if your name is Zorocaster! :P Cos this is gonna hurt your ego real good. Kekeke

2 Weeks ago I made a ( emphasize on A as in One [1] ) Purchase for Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Kubrik hoping against hope that I can get either Ninja or Raiden and nothing else. This morning I found out that I have a package waiting for me at the Local Post Office. Excited over the arrival of package, I contacted a fellow blogger inquiring about the time they open. From our conversation, I also found out that he purchased 5 of the Kubricks and got 2 set of identical Kubrik. A Solid Snake and Raiden. He missed out on Ninja and Old Snake.

Forewarned that It might not be THAT easy to get Ninja, I went ahead to the post office to collect my package. I calmly picked up my package, walk as slowly as possible fighting the urge to sprint for my car before tearing into the package ( which reminds me, I have to clean up my car from all the Styrofoam strewn open from the package )

Lo and behold, In my hand, I hold the Kubrick Box for Metal Gear! Gently I pry open the box to find! NINJA!! WOHOOO!! Yes sir! NINJA! Thinking I am lucky as hell, I checked the box and found out that there is a "Assortment Rate" for each and every Kubrick. I assume the "assortment rate" is the chances of getting it. Below are each of the assortment rate for the Kubrick:

Old Snake: 25%
Raiden: 25%
Naked Snake: 20%
Solid Snake: 16.6%
Ninja: 12.5%

GYAHAHA!! This calls for Excessive gloating! I also taken a couple of pix hurriedly for this post. Check em out!

More Purchase Information can be found HERE