Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Disrespect for Writers

Again, another one of those long-long rant related or unrelated to my previous Review:Reviewer post. Again, another warning. Back off you are not good with reading long post or has adverse sense of nausea when a person starts to rant. Because that is exactly what I am going to do right about....

Now, do you have disrespect for others? Be it your colleague, your friend, your maid or the old lady sweeping floor? If you do. Shame on you. Do you understand the term, Cog on Wheels? A wheel goes around and around, and if one cog is missing, the whole wheel goes to hell. Capish? No? What the hell, I have time to spend. Let me put it this way, if the old lady that are sweeping the floor on Sg Wang street is missing, you would be treading on 2 feet high of dirt and rubbish every time you go there. If your maid have not been cleaning your home and your dishes after you are done, you will be sleeping with various little critters at night. If your colleague is not doing their job, you will be doing DOUBLE the job. Which brings us to the juicy part of MY rant

Disrespect for writers. I have met and had interview with interviewer for the position as writer. And I quote her statement, " Writing only, how hard can It be. Just take the information and write it out". Lady, if its that easy you wouldn't be hiring a bloody writer in the first place. Even if you CAN do that, there is one tiny little problem. How long can you keep it up? Can you do it consistently? Can you churn out CRAP that people will actually sit down and read? I am a writer by profession and I have respect for every other position. Marketing is no easy feet, Account servicing ( the front liner ) has even worse shoes to fill, then there is the admin, the accountant and various others! They have their own strength.


Like it or not, writing is not. I can churn out CRAP for you in 2 hours time if you give me the title based on something I have NEVER heard of before. I have to do research, read through the fact. Digest it all. Understand it and churn it out in a COHERENT matter. What would you as a none writer do? How would it take for you to do it?
Every time we write, we have to take responsibility of what we are writing, who are we addressing and to what subject are we writing about. What WE churn are read by not only our client or our readers. Its read by the MASSES. Yes, a lot and a lot of people. Can you say the same thing about your P & C document which has only one thing in mind, LEGALITY?
We have to think about the legality of our article, accuracy, and how it APPEAL to the masses! Do you actually in the right mind think that your P & C document will be something you will read when you are FREE? HELL NO! You have better relaxing things to do then reading some boring document over and over again!

So please, don't disrespect us. Give us some respect. There is no need to look down on us but neither are there need to look up on us. It is not easy doing what we do. We do it out of love for writing not out of the fact that we are doing it for the sake of doing it. Can you say you are happy doing what you do? I can.

-Because I Can-


Potpot said...

i agree with you.. writing, in it's simplest form is not easy... people treat writers as obligatory objects to satisfy their imagination... i salute you sir on your deed and more power to your site!

Reveur said...

Lol thx, More power to writers!