Sunday, December 2, 2007

Play-Asia Galore!

One month of absent from the blogging scene and anything can happen. Launching of new product, launching of new games, world went to hell and back and whatever that is happening over at your place. But true to every business nature, Play-Asia have been cracking their whip extra hard on santa's reindeer to bring us this fabulous product. Let us let the picture do the talking.

As always, click the picture for more purchase information
1. Nintendo DS Lite Leather Dragon Ball Pouch. The picture says it all. It comes in two version. Goku and the Dragon.

2. Nintendo DS Lite Custom Hard Cover. Think crystal casing with embossed design on it. But with Goku and the dragon in it.

3. DR Slump Nintendo DS Pouch! One is Arale and the other is Suppaman!
4. Animal Crossing touch pen. Pretty self explanatory no?

5. Code Geass, Lelouch of the Rebellion leather pouch. Fans of this anime series should know who it is. none fans would be delighted to know that the anime is drawn by the CLAMP group. A good anime too. Get em if you can!
6.A black exterior pouch with a red interior. Pretty darn slick looking pouch if you ask me!
7. Spectrobe NDS game pack! This "Special Edition" comes with all 38 code card needed to level up the spectrobe! And this game comes at a mere USD 34.90! A bargain for those that intended to get this game in the first place!

8. Hello Kitty Pouch! Need I say more?

2 type of key chains (Wii game machine and control pad),each key chain is attached with 1 kind of mini game CD Box.

Total of 6 different mini game CD Box.

1. Excite Truck
2. Fire Emblem
3. Paper Mario
4. Sports
5. Wario
6. Zelda

Crystal Clear case from Capdase with a rubber strap which binds both top and bottom of the casing together. Pretty slick looking thing if you ask me. Check em out!