Tuesday, December 11, 2007

20th Metal Gear Anniversary Kubrick Picture!

I do believe a little bit of gloating is in line :D For those sensitive to gloating. Stay away, Stay clear and stay where you are. Especially if your name is Zorocaster! :P Cos this is gonna hurt your ego real good. Kekeke

2 Weeks ago I made a ( emphasize on A as in One [1] ) Purchase for Metal Gear 20th Anniversary Kubrik hoping against hope that I can get either Ninja or Raiden and nothing else. This morning I found out that I have a package waiting for me at the Local Post Office. Excited over the arrival of package, I contacted a fellow blogger inquiring about the time they open. From our conversation, I also found out that he purchased 5 of the Kubricks and got 2 set of identical Kubrik. A Solid Snake and Raiden. He missed out on Ninja and Old Snake.

Forewarned that It might not be THAT easy to get Ninja, I went ahead to the post office to collect my package. I calmly picked up my package, walk as slowly as possible fighting the urge to sprint for my car before tearing into the package ( which reminds me, I have to clean up my car from all the Styrofoam strewn open from the package )

Lo and behold, In my hand, I hold the Kubrick Box for Metal Gear! Gently I pry open the box to find! NINJA!! WOHOOO!! Yes sir! NINJA! Thinking I am lucky as hell, I checked the box and found out that there is a "Assortment Rate" for each and every Kubrick. I assume the "assortment rate" is the chances of getting it. Below are each of the assortment rate for the Kubrick:

Old Snake: 25%
Raiden: 25%
Naked Snake: 20%
Solid Snake: 16.6%
Ninja: 12.5%

GYAHAHA!! This calls for Excessive gloating! I also taken a couple of pix hurriedly for this post. Check em out!

More Purchase Information can be found HERE