Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood Opening Song MTV

 A bit of recap first. For those that are VERY VERY UNINITIATED, Full Metal Alchemist or FMA has a new anime which has been airing since April and is now in Eps 4 even as we speak. From what I have gathered from much reading online, the anime will be a redrawn following the Manga's storyline. Considering that the Manga is coming to an end soon, they are banking on this fact and redoing the anime again.

What makes this a fantastic and wet dream come true for fans is the fact that we are able to finally see the series reliven again after the Manga ends. The anime even kicks off with a very appropriate song called AGAIN by YUI. Its a very very good song. I kid you not. Watch the MTV below.

Again - Yui

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

De_Dust 2 (Second Assault)

Continued from HERE

On the second floor, I peek out towards an opening which leads towards the terrorist suspected base. I ran pass the opening and head towards the second opening which leads out to bomb site B. Peeking my head out, I was greeted with one very well placed shot that missed me by the milimeter. I kid you not, the shot grazed my helmet and pushed me back.

Deciding that the better alternative is by taking a risk towards the terrorist base, I creeped back towards the first opening and peeked out again. This time, I was greeted with another shot which hit the wall by my side. No pressure, Just two really good sniper aiming down two rather small and long opening into the tunnel. What else can go wrong?

That's when I heard the footstep echoing from the first floor heading towards me.

Me and my big mouth

Quickly grabbing the last of my flash grenade and another grenade, I pulled the pin and rolled the grenade across the tunnel opening and down the stair while listening to the glorious musical bouncing of the grenade upon the staircase followed by a rather girly scream of GRENADE! Immediately, a really loud boom which is amplified by the tunnel's structure cut off the rest of the sentence..

A grenade is dangerous when hurled across an open expanses but you can always run away from it if you are fast enough and the damage will be spread liberally across the open field. Hurl a grenade inside an enclosed space though, the force of the blow has no place to go and will be contained inside the structure itself. Taking out everything that is not hard enought to withstand the blow sky high. There is no need to worry about getting pinned by the baddies downstairs now.

Taking refuge behind the wall by the tunnel leading towards the suspected Terrorist base, I rolled the flash bang into the tunnel gently, hoping that it does not roll out of the tunnel yet not too near to me to keep me blinded. Turning to keep my head down and covered from the flash bang, I heard it explodes and immediately ran out through the tunnel, hoping to take the momentary respite that might or might not happen.

Pumping my leg as hard as I could, I ran down the tunnel and towards the farside wall. Its merely 20 meters away but right now, it's as good as 2 miles away if the Sniper wasn't aiming down the tunnel when the flash bang exploded. Reaching the wall, I dropped down and try my best to control my breathing to not be too loud.

Looking up the wall, a nozzle of a really long and really big rifle appeared. Judging from the size of the nozzle, I can cleverly guess that its an Artic Warfare Police sniper rifle which uses 7.62 x 51mm ammo with 10 shots in one magazine. Translation: Its a really big gun that can put a hole in your chest if you are not careful, but it is also useless after one shot as it uses bolt action mechanism. which needs 2 second to pull back the bolt to reload. 

I slowly crept up the ramp where the sniper is hiding and pull out my secondary gun, peeping out from across the ledge, a silhoute of the sniper lying down on the floor beside his spotter appear. With my USP aimed at them, I decided to shoot the sniper first because he is the one holding the gun while the spotter is holding a binocular. Prioritizing, thats what everyone must learn.

In the academy, we are thought to double tap anything we shoot. Its a standard procedure, double tapping allows us to make sure that whatever we are shooting at is very dead. In the double-tap technique, after the first round is fired, the trigger is quickly squeezed again as the muzzle drops down out of recoil. This is exactly what happened when 4 rounds of bullet found its target at the head of the spotter and the sniper both. I can safely say that they are very dead.

Crawling out of the ledge, I holstered my secondary and grab my M-16 while mentally calculating how many Terrorist is left. 1 exploded himself, 1 was shot in the back by me, 3 ate the dust when the grenade exploded on their leg, 2 more is lying dead behind me. That leaves 9 more terrorist unaccounted for. 2 is aiming down the tunnel on bomb site B, and judging from the amount of girly squeal when I lobbed a grenade down the tunnel, 3 more is out of commission.

If my calculation is correct, that leaves 4 more terrorist out in the open and based on my very brief and violent encounter with them, I guess they work in 3 a team. Which also means that I will be facing 3 person a team, one bomber and a sniper with his spotter. I can also say that they are all now in Bomb Site B. No reason to guard the site and aim down the tunnel if they are not going to be there to do anything nasty.

With that assumption in mind, my mission is still a go. Heading back towards the tunnel, I jog down the stairs to reconfirm the amount of baddies that was taken out when the grenade landed. What greeted me was a sight best left to be seen in movies. One of the terrorist did not manage to run fast enough and based on the damage on his back, it would be prudent to say that he took the brunt of the explosion with his back. Two other terrorist were  found a few feet away with their legs in shred and judging from how they were propped up on the wall, they bleed to death before they get to stop the bleeding.

Thats 12 down and 6 more to go, creeping out of tunnel and careful not to make any sound, I squat ran out of the tunnel towards bomb site B. Peeking out from the corner, the view of bomb site B is as quiet as a hornet's nest. That's to say that it's quiet but loaded.

To be concluded...

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I found an interesting site which sells everything that you can ever think of which relate to phone.  The fun part is, they are all from japan. In fact, the site and company is based in Japan. Some of the notable stuff available there are as followed


Got your attention? There are actually a lot more of this kinda stuff at their site. Go over to their website by clicking the banner below to get a grasp of how many stuff they have.


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Monday, April 20, 2009

TWEWY is a copy of Sh15uya J-Drama?

 I found an interesting J-Drama online that has a VERY familiar storyline with the hit DS Game The World Ends With You. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about Sh15uya

Sh15uya (シブヤフィフティーン Shibuya Fifutīn?, also known as Shibuya Fifteen) is a Japanese television drama that premiered on TV Asahi on January 10 2005. It ran for 12 episodes until its conclusion on March 10, 2005. Set in a virtual simulation of Shibuya, Tokyo which is regulated by an entity named Piece which does not allow inhabitants to live, the series focuses on a fifteen-year-old boy named Tsuyoshi who seeks to find both his lost memories and a way to escape Shibuya. To maintain control, Piece locks "kills" those who do not operate within the proper confines of the world, which results in their being reset and inserted back into the city with a new name and identity and without their previous memories.

Taken from wikipedia from over HERE

That got your attention?

Now check out TWEWY's plotline. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about TWEWY

In the game, Neku Sakuraba and his allies are forced to participate in a game that will determine their fate 

The game takes place in a fictional version of the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. While everyday life goes on in the Realground (RG), the chosen dead are brought to a alternate plane of existence called the Underground (UG). The UG is also the venue for the Reapers' Game.[2] By offering their most treasured possession to enter the Game, the dead (Players) gain the chance to contest for the prize: to be brought back to life or to transcend to a higher form of spiritual existence.
Taken from wikipedia from over HERE

So, about the same storyline, about the same stuff. Minus the battle and what not. One has to wonder, is this plagarism?

Check out the official website for Sh15uya at HERE
Check out the official website for TWEWY at HERE

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De_Dust 2

Everyone else is dead.
It's a simple mission, defend the two sites from terrorist. I mean, how hard can it be? We have higher fire power. We are well equiped. Our men are well trained. We have two elite team consisting of 8 people each. What can go wrong?

We were too arrogant, we underestimated the terrorist for being an unorganized group due to their "non-existence" pedigree. We were dead wrong. They had 2 top sniper which took out 4 of our team member in seconds. They have blatant disregard of their own life and would sacrifice themselves just so that others can take a shot at us.

Counter-Terrorist Allied Force were converging under the archway of suspected bomb site A. The plan was simple, Team A to bomb site A, Team B to bomb site, Find the best defending position & dig in.

Team A were setting up the defending position for bomb site A when we heard over the com as Team B were ambushed. It was over in less than 5 seconds. From what we gather over the com, their sniper took out 2 of Team B rear guard before the hail fire started. A suicide bomber bombed apart the two front guard while the rest of them were took out in a well organized cross fire from the back and front. Team A were alone in less than 10 seconds after the mission started.

I was assigned as scout for Team A and were scouting the adjacent tunnel heading towards the Terrorist's suspected base when I heard 4 cracks in a space of 2 second followed by a rush of communication over the radio as bomb site A came under attack. From the tunnel door, I saw the terrorist rushing through the alley heading towards Bomb site A,  well tempted to take them from the back, I primed a grenade and get ready to throw it into the alley from inside the tunnel when a team of 3 terrorists rush by the tunnel door, they somehow missed me while I froze with the now primmed grenade in my hand inside the tunnel.

Holding the grenade, I carefully edge deeper into the darkness and subsequently noticed the lack of communication over the com and the silence now reigning from bomb site A. Turning around, I hid behind the boxes inside the tunnel and double tapped my com mic, a signal to response from any surviving member that can be easily disguised as static. I waited for a response that never came. I am alone.


I switched to a private channel to HQ, " This is Ringo to Eagle, Ringo to Eagle. Team A and B has striked out. I repeat, team A and B has striked out. Requesting for field hitter. Over." a few months later, the reply came.
"Ah, Negative Ringo, Negative. Your field is hot with homerun, you are on your own. Over."

Translation: The whole area is hot with SAM site which the terrorist no doubt brought in to join the party. There won't be any air support coming from HQ.

Double Crap.

Still holding my primmed grenade, I thumbed the safey off from my silenced M-16 and creep out of my hidey hole and straight into the back of a terrorist sweeping the area for people in suspiciously uniformed clothing which looks just like me.

Triple crap.

I slammed two burst of lead into his back and took cover when he fell with as much grace as a ton of bricks. The nerve of that guy, he does not even have the decency to fall silently so I can escape without attracting the attention of his buddies.  True enough, his buddies were not happy with what I just did to their friend and started shooting really well aimed shot at my cover, shattering the now very thin box that is protecting me from certain holey death.(see what I did there? Optimisim despite adversaries!)

I can tell you how I cooly counted their shots and waited for them to reload  before launching my counter attack or how the time crawl to a stop as I rushed out of my cover and fired a few well placed aim at the terrorists. But the fact is, I am scared shitless. I am alone, the terrorist managed to take out two teams of elite Counter Terrorist in two swift move, and I only have a USP with 3 clips, M-16 with 6 clips, two flash bangs and 3 grenades. One of them primmed and in my hand.

I looked at the grenade in my hand and my flash bangs. A few seconds later, my gun is on the floor as I threw the flash bang in the general direction of the terrorist which is standing by the tunnel opening, a second later I threw the grenade harder, out towards the alley by the tunnel opening, ricocheting it off the wall to land by the now I perceive, huddling terrorist outside the tunnel door, trying to avoid the flash bang.

I heard a stream of words which ended with Fuck, followed by a loud bang & another loud boom. Picking up my M-16, I rushed towards the tunnel opening to take out the stunned terrorist. I need not bother as the alley is now clean from bad guys in shawl, only a mess of innards and burned meat. Taking a head count, I counted at least 3 heads. Thats 5 down  counting the suicide bomber and  the fellow with holes at his back inside the tunnel. According to intel, there is 11 more to go.

I retreated back into the tunnel from the alley and made my way up the stairs towards the second floor. I was quite sure the double bang would attract the attention of everyone that I don't want to meet now.

On the second floor, I peek out towards an opening which leads towards the terrorist suspected base. I ran pass the opening and head towards the second opening which leads out to bomb site B. Peeking my head out, I was greeted with one very well placed shot that missed me by the milimeter. I kid you not, the shot grazed my helmet and pushed me back.

Deciding that the better alternative is by taking a risk towards the terrorist base, I creeped back towards the first opening and peeked out again. This time, I was greeted with another shot which hit the wall by my side. No pressure, Just two really good sniper aiming down two rather small and long opening into the tunnel. What else can go wrong?

That's when I heard the footstep echoing from the first floor heading towards me.

Me and my big mouth.

To be continued....

Click to get a better picture of what happened.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

First 5! Rhythm Heaven

Do Re Mi Fa Soooouuuullll!!

Ehem, excuse me. I am just trying to get intune with Rythmn Heaven. It's been some time since I found an enjoyable music related game. The last music game that I took notice of in DS is Elite Beat Agent and Ouendan & Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 or better known as Ouendan 2. And these three games has the same formula. Tap tap tap, do a bit of para para while your at it, clean the screen with your stylus left to right and then pray like crap you can whack the next 20 over succession of buttons without losing a beat.
Flick stylus when the music hits the note "So"

Rythmn Heaven is.... well.. erm.... (hold on, let me think of a term first)

Rythmn Heaven is a game of music. Thats the best term I can give it. The formula that Rythmn Heaven employ on its game is to mash lots of mish mashed mini games which employs the usage of Rythmn into one large set of twisted salad of Rythmn based Games.


This is how it works,

The game works by leading you to tap, flick, hold and various other small movement to control your various onscreen avatar ranging from oil filler, a fellow that cannot keep his mouth shut, apes & many others to the required beat.

Tap screen to shut your yapping!

Some would require you to fuel up robots in tune with mechanical cadense, others will require you to close the mouth of the yapping kiddo in a Choral singing. Whatever the method is, it gets you tapping to the tune set and finding the correct rythmn yourself to actually score well in game.

The other notable thing is the instruction of the game. Each instruction are explained in a matter of fact tone which will gets you laughing and wondering what will they pull out of the hat next. One of the memorable quote is, " This is a Factory. Of course it's for building robots!. That's what a factor is for!" or something to that effect >.<


The graphic is simple down to earth graphic which you can find in games such as Wario Ware Touched & Ouendan and it fits right in! You will not be playing this game for its graphic, but the graphic does such a fine job at it and is so intune with the game's formula, you will be left wanting to see whats next!

Monkey see, Monkey Do

Being a rhythm based game as it is, the music itself is lively, happy and clear. Its a music game for crying out loud! That's to be expected no?!


I have not had so much fun playing a music game for a really long time. Notable game such as Ouendan is nice and all that but this one cleans the clock with them. The games are easy to get into, the graphic are quirky and sweet. The music are upbeat and happy and makes you look at the world in a different perspective through the way the game is portrayed. Simply put, the game gives rhythm to everything you will be hearing soon after.

This is a must get game for those that love mini-games & music games.Check out Rhythm Heaven's website at http://rhythmheaven.com/ for more pictures and what mini-games you get in game.

Get the game over at Play-Asia through HERE

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Misery Loves Sherman & Other Webcomics

Misery Loves Sherman. A very nice webcomic which I am now following among other notable webcomic such as:

Looking For Group
Least I Could Do

p/s: Click on the name above to go to the notable webcomics mentioned.

I am highlighting this particular strip due to the fact that it defines us Malaysian truly. Have you encounter situation or people doing such things as before?

Read more from Misery Loves Shermant at http://www.miserylovessherman.com

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NDSi - Built-in Anti-Piracy? Region Locked Game Cart?

 The DSi doesn't just include some hardware upgrades and the ability to download games directly to the system, it might also include more robust anti-piracy software as well.
Reports of some DS games, perhaps bootlegged copies of these games, not working on the DSi have started to show up in our mailbox and on several forums including GameSpot, IGN, Yahoo and CheapAssGamer.
Read the full article at kotaku.com

Excerpt from Kotaku, its an interesting thought on how NDSi can have built-in anti-piracy. I was just discussing with a fellow blogger the other day tokyo_nights in regard about the region locking thingy machingy on an NDSi. He noted the fact that the region lock only works for online shop and a few others and not on cartridge game.

I then questioned what's to stop a certain cart game from being played on the new NDSi via region lock? Eg: Japanese game not working on US DSi. This of course might not be done on all games but then, its a sobering thought that if they wanted to earn more money. They can easily just region lock a game, then make a statement saying that the game will be launched in the states. Hence the japanese version is region locked. Or a game is exclusive for Japan hence its region locked.

Dragon quest or Square Enix immediately comes to mind.

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Geek or Nerd?


As defined by http://dictionary.reference.com/dic?q=geek&search=search, the term Geek means

  1. A peculiar or otherwise dislikable person, esp. one who is perceived to be overly intellectual
  2. A computer expert or enthusiast (a term of pride as self-reference, but often considered offensive when used by outsiders.)
  3. A carnival performer who performs sensationally morbid or disgusting acts, as biting off the head of a live chicken.

What the fuck?

I like Nerd better, they are less offensive & better refined.

As defined by http://dictionary.reference.com/dic?q=Nerd&search=search

  1. A stupid, irritating ineffectual or unattractive person.
  2. An intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a nonsocial hobby or pursuit: a computer nerd.

Now you may ask, why the sudden interest in wondering if I am a Geek or a Nerd.
The thing is, I was asked by my colleague on another term for the word: "Weird"

to be used as a term where its a sort of feeling that something is going to happen, not necessarily bad but not sure its good either.

Yeah I know, It sounds a bit "weird" but thats what my colleague asked for. The first thing that popped into my head is the term

Spider Sense, Tingling


That triggered the question of How Geeky Nerdy Am I? Considering the fact that there are other terms that can be used for what my colleague asked. I gave her a few selection and now is on a quest to discover my nerdiness. So I took the Geek Test!

Test 1 - www.matthewbarr.co.uk

Geek Test Results

You are 50% geeky.

Not bad. Maybe you spend a little too much time with your computer, but at least you have friends. You do have friends, right?

The current average score is: 32.27%

Fact: 8.89% of people who took this test wear a bum-bag on holiday.

Test 2 - NerdTests.com


Overall, you scored as follows:
47% scored higher (more nerdy),
1% scored the same, and
52% scored lower (less nerdy).
What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:

Somewhat nerdy. I mean face it, you are nerdier than about half the test takers.

Righto.... I guess I am not that nerdy. Phew?

How nerdy/geeky are you? Take the test and find out!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First 5! Tokyo Beat Down

This game made no illusion of what it is in the first place. A cheesy 3rd grade beat em up and surprisingly, it works damn well.

If you are expecting a superb beat em up game, you might be disappointed. After 15 minutes of this game, I almost threw up from motion sickness. Maybe I am just allergic to it but then I still wants to go back and get more of this game due to among the unlikely things, the cheesiness of it.


Lets start off with the crux of all games. The gameplay. The games respond is slow. Press block and you got to wait a good 2 second before it happen. By then, the baddies would have kick your proverbial ass across the screen twice. Pull out your gun and shoot? sure, by the time you pull the gun out, the baddies would be in front of you and you would again get your ass handed to you fast and furious style.

So what does that leave you? That leaves you with hand to hand combat smashing. Don't bother with flying kick or left-right-up-down-punch-punch-kick-up combination. This is an honest to god beat down. Just mash that kick button and do a bit of punching here and there and you are good to go


The graphic is the normal polygonal 3d that tries too hard to be PSPish yet still do good enough to look good without making you go wtf. Storyline are told with screenshot drawing of each scene followed by dialog box. Think of it as a comic and you are good to go.


Oh yes, I love this part. Its funny, its cute and its cheesy like hell. Even for the first 5 minutes, you will get a dose of cheesiness straight from the game.It even pulls gag from other japanese comic such as Initial D where the AE86 car is part of the scene with Takumi inside. (see if you can recongnize any more other comic) there are also character name that again fits right into the game.
One of the character name is, "Plot Progression Officer". LOL?


Its a decent game with great storyline but the control time, response time and everything that makes a game better need to be improved. I would not be getting this game for the gameplay but I might be getting it just for the cheesiness of it.

Tokyo Beat Down can be ordered directly from Play-Asia right over HERE

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Seiko Watch Bought From City Chain - Fixed

Yesh! It is fixed!! It took up to 10 minute for the VERY VERY NICE GUY at City Chain to help me do a bit of his voodoo magic.

The thing is this, normally it will take 3 months for a watch to be fixed. In accordance to their Standard Operating Procedure. A watch will first be given to the dealer, which will then be sent to the distributor which will then be determined is what kind of problem and then called back to inform the dealer which will then call the buyer (thats us) about the problem and whether we want to fix it or how much it might cost. Then the call will go back to the distributor which will then "order" the parts and then fix it.

This back and fro will take up to 3 months to get it over and done with. What the guyat the City Chain did was. He took a new watch, took out the whole mechanics inside and then swap it with my watch's mechanic. He will then claim that the new watch broke down for no reason.

This is of course illegal like hell and he will get into one heck of a hot pot water if he was found out. But he did it and I am forever in his debt. To keep him out of hot soup, I am not going to reveal the location of the shop.


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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Airsoft Gun

The other day I saw this Airsoft Gun thingy at Suncomic The Curve, retailing at around RM180 per gun, the gun shots plastic bullet and is a kawai version of the normal gun.

Remarking this to my colleagues the next day at office, he told me he saw a a few airsoft gun and in fact he noted that the price tag was quite cheap. I was quite excited and asked him about the price, and he said if he don't remember it wrongly, it's only RM70. What the hell?!

Look at it! It's CUTE!!

Considering the price of the kawai Airsoft gun sold in Suncomic, this is one hell of a good price! But then it gets better because couple of days later, he found picture of the gun. Its a freaking Steyr! Holy Crap! This is it, in all its glory.

Scopes that can be attached and taken out

Laser pointer in scope

A comparison of the Steyr with M16. The M16 look like a damn toy!

P/S: This reminds me of the time when I played Counter Strike long ago..... Maybe I can tell the gloriest story of my CS fight....

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NDSi - Get?

I am thinking, key word. THINKING of getting an NDSi

I have perfectly good reason of doing that and the least of them is coz it looks cool or its another new NDS console or coz I wanna stick it up me ears. But I am faced with the questionable question of, is it worth it getting it? Yes it has dual touch screen. Yes it has bigger screen. Yes it has nicer speaker and yes it has cameras, yes it has all those nifty little gadget that will make a nerd scream in ecstasy whenever they touch it.


1. Enlarged Screen (17% Bigger at 3.25")
2. Reduced Size (about 12% thinner)
3. Two built-in cameras
[Still waiting to see what's this for]
4. SD memory card slot to save pictures and display them on Wii
[Don't need this]
5. Built-in Browser
[Nice, but still need to see how good it is & how does it cope with heavy sites]
6. Built-in Music Playback
[Don't need that, I have an iPod for this]
7. Download & Store games on SD card
[Eh? They supporting pirates now?]

But the thing is, is it worth getting it NOW? I mean its new, its ability is not yet tested, the game that support it is not yet coming in drove, and like every new things, I wouldn't be surprised that the new batch of NDSi will get a similar broken hinge problem like the old first batch of white coloured NDS.

Granted asking such a question or even stating such a thing in a fanboy forum will create riots but still I am dying to know if there is any foreseeable problem with the new NDSi. Meh, I am being a scardy cat by not making a move now but my wallet is much more important than a scream fest. I can do that in the coming Final Fantasy Orchestra in Singapore. Which reminds me, anyone have spare ticket for that? I found out too late about it and the tickets are already sold out. Sigh!

But if I were really going to get an NDSi now, I am going for a special edition one such as the Kingdom Hearts Version above which you can start booking for SOON at over
A bit of comparison between the
Older, Old & New DSs

-Because I Can-