Monday, April 20, 2009

TWEWY is a copy of Sh15uya J-Drama?

 I found an interesting J-Drama online that has a VERY familiar storyline with the hit DS Game The World Ends With You. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about Sh15uya

Sh15uya (シブヤフィフティーン Shibuya Fifutīn?, also known as Shibuya Fifteen) is a Japanese television drama that premiered on TV Asahi on January 10 2005. It ran for 12 episodes until its conclusion on March 10, 2005. Set in a virtual simulation of Shibuya, Tokyo which is regulated by an entity named Piece which does not allow inhabitants to live, the series focuses on a fifteen-year-old boy named Tsuyoshi who seeks to find both his lost memories and a way to escape Shibuya. To maintain control, Piece locks "kills" those who do not operate within the proper confines of the world, which results in their being reset and inserted back into the city with a new name and identity and without their previous memories.

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That got your attention?

Now check out TWEWY's plotline. Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia about TWEWY

In the game, Neku Sakuraba and his allies are forced to participate in a game that will determine their fate 

The game takes place in a fictional version of the Shibuya shopping district in Tokyo, Japan. While everyday life goes on in the Realground (RG), the chosen dead are brought to a alternate plane of existence called the Underground (UG). The UG is also the venue for the Reapers' Game.[2] By offering their most treasured possession to enter the Game, the dead (Players) gain the chance to contest for the prize: to be brought back to life or to transcend to a higher form of spiritual existence.
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So, about the same storyline, about the same stuff. Minus the battle and what not. One has to wonder, is this plagarism?

Check out the official website for Sh15uya at HERE
Check out the official website for TWEWY at HERE

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