Friday, April 17, 2009

First 5! Rhythm Heaven

Do Re Mi Fa Soooouuuullll!!

Ehem, excuse me. I am just trying to get intune with Rythmn Heaven. It's been some time since I found an enjoyable music related game. The last music game that I took notice of in DS is Elite Beat Agent and Ouendan & Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 or better known as Ouendan 2. And these three games has the same formula. Tap tap tap, do a bit of para para while your at it, clean the screen with your stylus left to right and then pray like crap you can whack the next 20 over succession of buttons without losing a beat.
Flick stylus when the music hits the note "So"

Rythmn Heaven is.... well.. erm.... (hold on, let me think of a term first)

Rythmn Heaven is a game of music. Thats the best term I can give it. The formula that Rythmn Heaven employ on its game is to mash lots of mish mashed mini games which employs the usage of Rythmn into one large set of twisted salad of Rythmn based Games.


This is how it works,

The game works by leading you to tap, flick, hold and various other small movement to control your various onscreen avatar ranging from oil filler, a fellow that cannot keep his mouth shut, apes & many others to the required beat.

Tap screen to shut your yapping!

Some would require you to fuel up robots in tune with mechanical cadense, others will require you to close the mouth of the yapping kiddo in a Choral singing. Whatever the method is, it gets you tapping to the tune set and finding the correct rythmn yourself to actually score well in game.

The other notable thing is the instruction of the game. Each instruction are explained in a matter of fact tone which will gets you laughing and wondering what will they pull out of the hat next. One of the memorable quote is, " This is a Factory. Of course it's for building robots!. That's what a factor is for!" or something to that effect >.<


The graphic is simple down to earth graphic which you can find in games such as Wario Ware Touched & Ouendan and it fits right in! You will not be playing this game for its graphic, but the graphic does such a fine job at it and is so intune with the game's formula, you will be left wanting to see whats next!

Monkey see, Monkey Do

Being a rhythm based game as it is, the music itself is lively, happy and clear. Its a music game for crying out loud! That's to be expected no?!


I have not had so much fun playing a music game for a really long time. Notable game such as Ouendan is nice and all that but this one cleans the clock with them. The games are easy to get into, the graphic are quirky and sweet. The music are upbeat and happy and makes you look at the world in a different perspective through the way the game is portrayed. Simply put, the game gives rhythm to everything you will be hearing soon after.

This is a must get game for those that love mini-games & music games.Check out Rhythm Heaven's website at for more pictures and what mini-games you get in game.

Get the game over at Play-Asia through HERE

-Because I Can-