Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First 5! Tokyo Beat Down

This game made no illusion of what it is in the first place. A cheesy 3rd grade beat em up and surprisingly, it works damn well.

If you are expecting a superb beat em up game, you might be disappointed. After 15 minutes of this game, I almost threw up from motion sickness. Maybe I am just allergic to it but then I still wants to go back and get more of this game due to among the unlikely things, the cheesiness of it.


Lets start off with the crux of all games. The gameplay. The games respond is slow. Press block and you got to wait a good 2 second before it happen. By then, the baddies would have kick your proverbial ass across the screen twice. Pull out your gun and shoot? sure, by the time you pull the gun out, the baddies would be in front of you and you would again get your ass handed to you fast and furious style.

So what does that leave you? That leaves you with hand to hand combat smashing. Don't bother with flying kick or left-right-up-down-punch-punch-kick-up combination. This is an honest to god beat down. Just mash that kick button and do a bit of punching here and there and you are good to go


The graphic is the normal polygonal 3d that tries too hard to be PSPish yet still do good enough to look good without making you go wtf. Storyline are told with screenshot drawing of each scene followed by dialog box. Think of it as a comic and you are good to go.


Oh yes, I love this part. Its funny, its cute and its cheesy like hell. Even for the first 5 minutes, you will get a dose of cheesiness straight from the game.It even pulls gag from other japanese comic such as Initial D where the AE86 car is part of the scene with Takumi inside. (see if you can recongnize any more other comic) there are also character name that again fits right into the game.
One of the character name is, "Plot Progression Officer". LOL?


Its a decent game with great storyline but the control time, response time and everything that makes a game better need to be improved. I would not be getting this game for the gameplay but I might be getting it just for the cheesiness of it.

Tokyo Beat Down can be ordered directly from Play-Asia right over HERE

-Because I Can-