Monday, April 13, 2009

Blog post

 Huh.... I just realized why I haven't be able to blog lately. Well... not lately but more like for the past one year.The thing is, I am trying too hard to be a gaming blog. I figured that gaming blogs need only talk about games. Hence the lack of post due to the fact that review are not fun to write and sounds too much like a job. I want to write whatever crap I like without the need to answer to people.

Meh, that is also one of the reason for this post I guess... The uselessness of this post is beyond even my explanations. There is no reason for me to post this blog post at all but reason seems to have taken a leave of absent so expect me to rant. A lot. Which reminds me, I have another thing to rant about Seiko watches.

-Because I Can-