Monday, April 20, 2009

De_Dust 2

Everyone else is dead.
It's a simple mission, defend the two sites from terrorist. I mean, how hard can it be? We have higher fire power. We are well equiped. Our men are well trained. We have two elite team consisting of 8 people each. What can go wrong?

We were too arrogant, we underestimated the terrorist for being an unorganized group due to their "non-existence" pedigree. We were dead wrong. They had 2 top sniper which took out 4 of our team member in seconds. They have blatant disregard of their own life and would sacrifice themselves just so that others can take a shot at us.

Counter-Terrorist Allied Force were converging under the archway of suspected bomb site A. The plan was simple, Team A to bomb site A, Team B to bomb site, Find the best defending position & dig in.

Team A were setting up the defending position for bomb site A when we heard over the com as Team B were ambushed. It was over in less than 5 seconds. From what we gather over the com, their sniper took out 2 of Team B rear guard before the hail fire started. A suicide bomber bombed apart the two front guard while the rest of them were took out in a well organized cross fire from the back and front. Team A were alone in less than 10 seconds after the mission started.

I was assigned as scout for Team A and were scouting the adjacent tunnel heading towards the Terrorist's suspected base when I heard 4 cracks in a space of 2 second followed by a rush of communication over the radio as bomb site A came under attack. From the tunnel door, I saw the terrorist rushing through the alley heading towards Bomb site A,  well tempted to take them from the back, I primed a grenade and get ready to throw it into the alley from inside the tunnel when a team of 3 terrorists rush by the tunnel door, they somehow missed me while I froze with the now primmed grenade in my hand inside the tunnel.

Holding the grenade, I carefully edge deeper into the darkness and subsequently noticed the lack of communication over the com and the silence now reigning from bomb site A. Turning around, I hid behind the boxes inside the tunnel and double tapped my com mic, a signal to response from any surviving member that can be easily disguised as static. I waited for a response that never came. I am alone.


I switched to a private channel to HQ, " This is Ringo to Eagle, Ringo to Eagle. Team A and B has striked out. I repeat, team A and B has striked out. Requesting for field hitter. Over." a few months later, the reply came.
"Ah, Negative Ringo, Negative. Your field is hot with homerun, you are on your own. Over."

Translation: The whole area is hot with SAM site which the terrorist no doubt brought in to join the party. There won't be any air support coming from HQ.

Double Crap.

Still holding my primmed grenade, I thumbed the safey off from my silenced M-16 and creep out of my hidey hole and straight into the back of a terrorist sweeping the area for people in suspiciously uniformed clothing which looks just like me.

Triple crap.

I slammed two burst of lead into his back and took cover when he fell with as much grace as a ton of bricks. The nerve of that guy, he does not even have the decency to fall silently so I can escape without attracting the attention of his buddies.  True enough, his buddies were not happy with what I just did to their friend and started shooting really well aimed shot at my cover, shattering the now very thin box that is protecting me from certain holey death.(see what I did there? Optimisim despite adversaries!)

I can tell you how I cooly counted their shots and waited for them to reload  before launching my counter attack or how the time crawl to a stop as I rushed out of my cover and fired a few well placed aim at the terrorists. But the fact is, I am scared shitless. I am alone, the terrorist managed to take out two teams of elite Counter Terrorist in two swift move, and I only have a USP with 3 clips, M-16 with 6 clips, two flash bangs and 3 grenades. One of them primmed and in my hand.

I looked at the grenade in my hand and my flash bangs. A few seconds later, my gun is on the floor as I threw the flash bang in the general direction of the terrorist which is standing by the tunnel opening, a second later I threw the grenade harder, out towards the alley by the tunnel opening, ricocheting it off the wall to land by the now I perceive, huddling terrorist outside the tunnel door, trying to avoid the flash bang.

I heard a stream of words which ended with Fuck, followed by a loud bang & another loud boom. Picking up my M-16, I rushed towards the tunnel opening to take out the stunned terrorist. I need not bother as the alley is now clean from bad guys in shawl, only a mess of innards and burned meat. Taking a head count, I counted at least 3 heads. Thats 5 down  counting the suicide bomber and  the fellow with holes at his back inside the tunnel. According to intel, there is 11 more to go.

I retreated back into the tunnel from the alley and made my way up the stairs towards the second floor. I was quite sure the double bang would attract the attention of everyone that I don't want to meet now.

On the second floor, I peek out towards an opening which leads towards the terrorist suspected base. I ran pass the opening and head towards the second opening which leads out to bomb site B. Peeking my head out, I was greeted with one very well placed shot that missed me by the milimeter. I kid you not, the shot grazed my helmet and pushed me back.

Deciding that the better alternative is by taking a risk towards the terrorist base, I creeped back towards the first opening and peeked out again. This time, I was greeted with another shot which hit the wall by my side. No pressure, Just two really good sniper aiming down two rather small and long opening into the tunnel. What else can go wrong?

That's when I heard the footstep echoing from the first floor heading towards me.

Me and my big mouth.

To be continued....

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-Because I Can-