Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Airsoft Gun

The other day I saw this Airsoft Gun thingy at Suncomic The Curve, retailing at around RM180 per gun, the gun shots plastic bullet and is a kawai version of the normal gun.

Remarking this to my colleagues the next day at office, he told me he saw a a few airsoft gun and in fact he noted that the price tag was quite cheap. I was quite excited and asked him about the price, and he said if he don't remember it wrongly, it's only RM70. What the hell?!

Look at it! It's CUTE!!

Considering the price of the kawai Airsoft gun sold in Suncomic, this is one hell of a good price! But then it gets better because couple of days later, he found picture of the gun. Its a freaking Steyr! Holy Crap! This is it, in all its glory.

Scopes that can be attached and taken out

Laser pointer in scope

A comparison of the Steyr with M16. The M16 look like a damn toy!

P/S: This reminds me of the time when I played Counter Strike long ago..... Maybe I can tell the gloriest story of my CS fight....

-Because I Can-