Thursday, April 16, 2009

NDSi - Built-in Anti-Piracy? Region Locked Game Cart?

 The DSi doesn't just include some hardware upgrades and the ability to download games directly to the system, it might also include more robust anti-piracy software as well.
Reports of some DS games, perhaps bootlegged copies of these games, not working on the DSi have started to show up in our mailbox and on several forums including GameSpot, IGN, Yahoo and CheapAssGamer.
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Excerpt from Kotaku, its an interesting thought on how NDSi can have built-in anti-piracy. I was just discussing with a fellow blogger the other day tokyo_nights in regard about the region locking thingy machingy on an NDSi. He noted the fact that the region lock only works for online shop and a few others and not on cartridge game.

I then questioned what's to stop a certain cart game from being played on the new NDSi via region lock? Eg: Japanese game not working on US DSi. This of course might not be done on all games but then, its a sobering thought that if they wanted to earn more money. They can easily just region lock a game, then make a statement saying that the game will be launched in the states. Hence the japanese version is region locked. Or a game is exclusive for Japan hence its region locked.

Dragon quest or Square Enix immediately comes to mind.

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