Thursday, April 23, 2009

De_Dust 2 (Second Assault)

Continued from HERE

On the second floor, I peek out towards an opening which leads towards the terrorist suspected base. I ran pass the opening and head towards the second opening which leads out to bomb site B. Peeking my head out, I was greeted with one very well placed shot that missed me by the milimeter. I kid you not, the shot grazed my helmet and pushed me back.

Deciding that the better alternative is by taking a risk towards the terrorist base, I creeped back towards the first opening and peeked out again. This time, I was greeted with another shot which hit the wall by my side. No pressure, Just two really good sniper aiming down two rather small and long opening into the tunnel. What else can go wrong?

That's when I heard the footstep echoing from the first floor heading towards me.

Me and my big mouth

Quickly grabbing the last of my flash grenade and another grenade, I pulled the pin and rolled the grenade across the tunnel opening and down the stair while listening to the glorious musical bouncing of the grenade upon the staircase followed by a rather girly scream of GRENADE! Immediately, a really loud boom which is amplified by the tunnel's structure cut off the rest of the sentence..

A grenade is dangerous when hurled across an open expanses but you can always run away from it if you are fast enough and the damage will be spread liberally across the open field. Hurl a grenade inside an enclosed space though, the force of the blow has no place to go and will be contained inside the structure itself. Taking out everything that is not hard enought to withstand the blow sky high. There is no need to worry about getting pinned by the baddies downstairs now.

Taking refuge behind the wall by the tunnel leading towards the suspected Terrorist base, I rolled the flash bang into the tunnel gently, hoping that it does not roll out of the tunnel yet not too near to me to keep me blinded. Turning to keep my head down and covered from the flash bang, I heard it explodes and immediately ran out through the tunnel, hoping to take the momentary respite that might or might not happen.

Pumping my leg as hard as I could, I ran down the tunnel and towards the farside wall. Its merely 20 meters away but right now, it's as good as 2 miles away if the Sniper wasn't aiming down the tunnel when the flash bang exploded. Reaching the wall, I dropped down and try my best to control my breathing to not be too loud.

Looking up the wall, a nozzle of a really long and really big rifle appeared. Judging from the size of the nozzle, I can cleverly guess that its an Artic Warfare Police sniper rifle which uses 7.62 x 51mm ammo with 10 shots in one magazine. Translation: Its a really big gun that can put a hole in your chest if you are not careful, but it is also useless after one shot as it uses bolt action mechanism. which needs 2 second to pull back the bolt to reload. 

I slowly crept up the ramp where the sniper is hiding and pull out my secondary gun, peeping out from across the ledge, a silhoute of the sniper lying down on the floor beside his spotter appear. With my USP aimed at them, I decided to shoot the sniper first because he is the one holding the gun while the spotter is holding a binocular. Prioritizing, thats what everyone must learn.

In the academy, we are thought to double tap anything we shoot. Its a standard procedure, double tapping allows us to make sure that whatever we are shooting at is very dead. In the double-tap technique, after the first round is fired, the trigger is quickly squeezed again as the muzzle drops down out of recoil. This is exactly what happened when 4 rounds of bullet found its target at the head of the spotter and the sniper both. I can safely say that they are very dead.

Crawling out of the ledge, I holstered my secondary and grab my M-16 while mentally calculating how many Terrorist is left. 1 exploded himself, 1 was shot in the back by me, 3 ate the dust when the grenade exploded on their leg, 2 more is lying dead behind me. That leaves 9 more terrorist unaccounted for. 2 is aiming down the tunnel on bomb site B, and judging from the amount of girly squeal when I lobbed a grenade down the tunnel, 3 more is out of commission.

If my calculation is correct, that leaves 4 more terrorist out in the open and based on my very brief and violent encounter with them, I guess they work in 3 a team. Which also means that I will be facing 3 person a team, one bomber and a sniper with his spotter. I can also say that they are all now in Bomb Site B. No reason to guard the site and aim down the tunnel if they are not going to be there to do anything nasty.

With that assumption in mind, my mission is still a go. Heading back towards the tunnel, I jog down the stairs to reconfirm the amount of baddies that was taken out when the grenade landed. What greeted me was a sight best left to be seen in movies. One of the terrorist did not manage to run fast enough and based on the damage on his back, it would be prudent to say that he took the brunt of the explosion with his back. Two other terrorist were  found a few feet away with their legs in shred and judging from how they were propped up on the wall, they bleed to death before they get to stop the bleeding.

Thats 12 down and 6 more to go, creeping out of tunnel and careful not to make any sound, I squat ran out of the tunnel towards bomb site B. Peeking out from the corner, the view of bomb site B is as quiet as a hornet's nest. That's to say that it's quiet but loaded.

To be concluded...

-Because I Can-