Friday, April 10, 2009

Bose- In Ear

So I have been hunting for the right earphone, considering the fact that I am a picky person it took me a REALLY long time to find which one that suits me. So I tried out some earphones from Sony, (didn't like it, too normal), Philips In-Ear (not bad sound but the rubber is irritating when it rubs against my body and create shrak shrak sounds) then I tested out Shure, Senheisher and what not which is way over my budget.

2 months down the road I found a little thread by a relatively unknown fellow (to me) in a local forum. He is selling an OEM version of Bose in-ear. Now the thing is, he started off the thread by INSISTING that he is selling OEM, not original. He also kept a well updated thread and lots of imformation that is relevant and appreciated. But what was interesting is his pricing. Its competitive like hell.

An original BOSE In-Ear goes for 99usd, he was selling the OEM version at 49.30usd. Virtually halve priced! That perks my cautious radar. But he did a thorough comparision for his product against known fake BOSE in-ear and his OEM came out the winnah. I took the plunged and order a set. This is the part where it gets interesting

Authencity Review

I did a little bit of comparison myself and this is what I manage to came up with based on a site I found online.

The site above provided picture to picture comparison of each item and comparing it to the current one I have, it scored all on authencity.

Personal Review


The comfort level for this is high. That much I can tell you first. I had a number of In-ear phones and each of them have their own quirks. The in-ear makes my ear feel pain, or the cables create weird shreeking noise when I move around and various others.

BOSE-In Ear works on a different concept altogether. It is called In-Ear but in essences, it stays outside the ear and have the rubber tip going into your ear, giving you THAT In-Ear music without the need to fully seal off your ear. This of course means that you are privy to everything that happens and all the sounds that will disturb your music. So the logical thing to do next is to crank up the music, and that's exactly what I did. 


Now there are a lot of those different frequency thingy machingy. I had zero knowledge about that but cranking up the music does not by any chance distort or crack the music, in fact, the louder it goes, the crispier it is. But maybe coz the music is louder....

It is also worth mentioning that the sound emitted from BOSE In-Ear is heavier on bass and not so good on the treble. Its a very good set of earphone if you punch your head clean full of heavy bassed music. In fact, listening to Tocas Miracle by Fragma, my heart thumped faster. It is good. It gave me goosebump.  but if you are more of the classical music listener well, the sound came out nice but.... it can be better.

Furthermore,the sound sounded (pun intended) a bit rounded on the edges, I am not sure why but when compared to my Creative In-ear which admittedly have been used for some time and requires no burn-in. The creative has a clearer crispier sound but it also has slight crackling sound at the volume i was pumping the music. 

But the BOSE In-Ear also provides some of the clearer version of the music I have been hearing. I can now sometimes pick up apart a few of the sound that were mixed together. Granted I have only used the fellow for less than 3 hour. After burning it in for a couple of hours more ( 30++ or was it 50++?) the sound might be different then.


So if you asked me, is this a good buy? Time will tell if this will live up to the original BOSE, but it is a damn good buy for the price offered now. With the high base and good treble. Get this if you can and are on budget. If you have more to throw though, invest in those higher higher ends. 

P/S: The code for registration attached actually works on too!


What you see is what you get.

Cloth Clip

Earbuds - Small to Large
The In-Ear 
Bose Branding on cable
Gold 8.35mm angled jack in
The earphones
 Notice the wire mesh on the earphones? Its the higher quality type which is close knit instead of the immitation type. 
Attached Leather Case
 Able to fit an Ipod Mini!

 Product Leaflet
Instruction Booklet
Warranty Card

First time user leaflet

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