Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seiko Watch Bought From City Chain - Fixed

Yesh! It is fixed!! It took up to 10 minute for the VERY VERY NICE GUY at City Chain to help me do a bit of his voodoo magic.

The thing is this, normally it will take 3 months for a watch to be fixed. In accordance to their Standard Operating Procedure. A watch will first be given to the dealer, which will then be sent to the distributor which will then be determined is what kind of problem and then called back to inform the dealer which will then call the buyer (thats us) about the problem and whether we want to fix it or how much it might cost. Then the call will go back to the distributor which will then "order" the parts and then fix it.

This back and fro will take up to 3 months to get it over and done with. What the guyat the City Chain did was. He took a new watch, took out the whole mechanics inside and then swap it with my watch's mechanic. He will then claim that the new watch broke down for no reason.

This is of course illegal like hell and he will get into one heck of a hot pot water if he was found out. But he did it and I am forever in his debt. To keep him out of hot soup, I am not going to reveal the location of the shop.


-Because I Can-