Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monster Hunter Freedom 2G & Crisis Core

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
Well, the game is finally out in Japan, much hooo haaa went over it. What we need to do now is sit calmly and wait for Capcom to finally translate the damn game and release it over in English! Alas also, the

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories Set

which I ordered over a month ago has finally been shipped. There is also a significant price increase from 29.90 ( during pre-order) to 34.90. The game is also available yet again now at Play-Asia so do make your order if you still wants it. But really now, a 5usd increase? I would think twice about it..

On another note, the Crisis Core has been leaked online a couple of days back. The ISO can be found if you are diligent enough to google it. What most didn't know is that the ISO released is not US version but are instead the Asian version with English Language. That also means that its not "leaked" at all

For those that are interested in purchasing Crisis Core US version. You would have to wait until the 31st of this month to get the US version from Play-Asia. For those that can't wait though. You can get the ASIA version of Crisis Core right about now in Play-Asia

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US Region)
(Available March 31st)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (English language Version) ( Asia Region )
(Available Now)

-Because I Can-

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crisis at its core. Crisis Core!

The future looks bleak here at Snapped.. It seems that I may have lost interest in writing, either that or you can blame it on my PSP. I have neglected my NDS for a better part of 1 month and boy, this is definitely not boding well especially with the imminent launch of Crisis Core in (check date) 2 week and 1 day time.

Good f*cking lord! I need time! I need time off! wait, I can't! (with a capital C) There is a huge stack of paper on my table (metaphorically speaking since we use MSWord nowadays) and I need to deal with all this copy :( Jamie! How in the name of everything holy did you get your job done?!

Back to the main story, I am thinking of purchasing Crisis Core UMD from Play-Asia but my recent pre-order of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories Set (Japan) (you can see the picture HERE) which comes with a “leather” lookalike pouch, a dragon decorated cover face plate and a set of clip on earphone which totals up to 29.90 USD. (Incidentally, the set is now no longer open for pre-order, the allocated pre-order amount has been sold out)

So now I am having a crisis not at the core but at my finance account which has sent their attorney in the form of my mother holding a long whip and saying., "Boy, spend more and you will really get a whipping out of yah"

Anyone want to sell me their copy of FF Crisis Core when they are done with it?

-Because I Can-

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

On Hindsight

Ever had one of those moment where you really want something and your so called "friends" became the Devil's Advocate and keep provoking and pushing for you to buy it? Overwhelmed by jeer and challenges you would made a split second decision and purchased it.

THEN you realize on hindsight that you made the wrong decision, your "friend" has acted as any friend would. Goaded you into purchasing something that you do not need. Something that will set you back a few hundred if you are lucky, a few thousand if you are not.

Then there is the type of friend which keep going, Wah! You rich! Can buy this, buy that, buy those and buy what. Then the friend turns around and purchased something that is triple the worth of what you purchased. When you ask him/her about it, they goes; aiyo I not like you, I now no money dee, poor dee and a bunch of nonsense. Then they turn around and purchase something else. So what are they doing? Are they mocking you or are they acting as "friend" would?

On hindsight, maybe it's better off not having this kind of friend, or to take all this in strides.

I have been getting snide remarks of how many "things" that I purchased from Play-Asia. But it fail for them to notice that all this things that I purchased are small trinkets which cost a fraction of the price of whatever that they purchase on monthly basis. They also fails to see that when I purchased something, it is only one or two instead of the full set.

For this, I am glad that I had some friends which never made snide remarks of what I purchased but instead fully understand what I did is what I did. They made full purchase on certain things, on full sets of gashapons or games. Made almost monthly ritual purchase of original games. And never once show off to friends. They might goad people and make snide remarks from time to time but every time after that they will give a word of cautions and ask me to be moderate on my spending and never overspend.

For me, I really hate it when people goad others to purchase things without thinking of how the person’s financial situation is. Buy your own thing but don’t ever goad others to purchase something with earnest just to see that they can or cannot purchase something

-Because I Can-

Monday, March 3, 2008

Mario Keychains

When a girl/women wakes up, they go through their ritual of cleaning up, pruning their feathe.. I mean, hairs and eyelashes, and then selecting the right kind of clothes, rings, bracelet, ear rings, nose rings ( you get the idea)

There is no difference with me though (I am a guy btw), I wake up, I shower, go through the usual routine of mouth rinsing, ice cold water eye opening shower, shaving (if I have the extra time), gel my hair and some freshener on my body. Then I go for the accessories, I select the type of keychains or phone strap that I will put on.

Yeap, I have a collection of them. Ranging all the way from Anime strap to Zelda strap (see what I did there? I made an A to Z pun). Anyway, adding to the latest accessories that I have for my cellphone and keychain, this 3 item will make a nice addon of my collection.

Click the Picture for more Purchase Information

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