Monday, March 3, 2008

Mario Keychains

When a girl/women wakes up, they go through their ritual of cleaning up, pruning their feathe.. I mean, hairs and eyelashes, and then selecting the right kind of clothes, rings, bracelet, ear rings, nose rings ( you get the idea)

There is no difference with me though (I am a guy btw), I wake up, I shower, go through the usual routine of mouth rinsing, ice cold water eye opening shower, shaving (if I have the extra time), gel my hair and some freshener on my body. Then I go for the accessories, I select the type of keychains or phone strap that I will put on.

Yeap, I have a collection of them. Ranging all the way from Anime strap to Zelda strap (see what I did there? I made an A to Z pun). Anyway, adding to the latest accessories that I have for my cellphone and keychain, this 3 item will make a nice addon of my collection.

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-Because I Can-