Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Monster Hunter Freedom 2G & Crisis Core

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
Well, the game is finally out in Japan, much hooo haaa went over it. What we need to do now is sit calmly and wait for Capcom to finally translate the damn game and release it over in English! Alas also, the

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories Set

which I ordered over a month ago has finally been shipped. There is also a significant price increase from 29.90 ( during pre-order) to 34.90. The game is also available yet again now at Play-Asia so do make your order if you still wants it. But really now, a 5usd increase? I would think twice about it..

On another note, the Crisis Core has been leaked online a couple of days back. The ISO can be found if you are diligent enough to google it. What most didn't know is that the ISO released is not US version but are instead the Asian version with English Language. That also means that its not "leaked" at all

For those that are interested in purchasing Crisis Core US version. You would have to wait until the 31st of this month to get the US version from Play-Asia. For those that can't wait though. You can get the ASIA version of Crisis Core right about now in Play-Asia

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (US Region)
(Available March 31st)

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (English language Version) ( Asia Region )
(Available Now)

-Because I Can-