Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Crisis at its core. Crisis Core!

The future looks bleak here at Snapped.. It seems that I may have lost interest in writing, either that or you can blame it on my PSP. I have neglected my NDS for a better part of 1 month and boy, this is definitely not boding well especially with the imminent launch of Crisis Core in (check date) 2 week and 1 day time.

Good f*cking lord! I need time! I need time off! wait, I can't! (with a capital C) There is a huge stack of paper on my table (metaphorically speaking since we use MSWord nowadays) and I need to deal with all this copy :( Jamie! How in the name of everything holy did you get your job done?!

Back to the main story, I am thinking of purchasing Crisis Core UMD from Play-Asia but my recent pre-order of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G Accessories Set (Japan) (you can see the picture HERE) which comes with a “leather” lookalike pouch, a dragon decorated cover face plate and a set of clip on earphone which totals up to 29.90 USD. (Incidentally, the set is now no longer open for pre-order, the allocated pre-order amount has been sold out)

So now I am having a crisis not at the core but at my finance account which has sent their attorney in the form of my mother holding a long whip and saying., "Boy, spend more and you will really get a whipping out of yah"

Anyone want to sell me their copy of FF Crisis Core when they are done with it?

-Because I Can-