Saturday, May 30, 2009

What Type of Game Pirateer Are You?

There are 4 types of Game Pirateer, the first type goes like this:

Paladin Pirateer

They are the self-righteous pirateer. They condemn people on the net, hammer of justice anyone that smells remotely like a pirateer and with but a hint or a whiff of the fact that the game can,will, has or had been pirated, they will go berserk, hammer of justice anyone that smells even slightly undea.. i mean smells like a pirateer .

They are unforgiving, unforgetful, and at all times feels that they are doing the right thing. Yet they themselves know every single sites where the said pirated game can be purchased, downloaded or torrent. They are God's Men but for all we know, they themselves are a pirateer.

Assasin Pirateer

The silent one, the lonely one. The one that strikes in the darkness, the first to get a game when is out yet does nto boost about it. The one that sees no ethical boundary in pirating their games and justify it with their need to "test" the game before purchasing it. Yet when the game has been fully tested, they most probably will not buy the game

Magician Pirateer

They read, they study and then they read more on the game that they wanted to play. After all that is said and done, they will pirate the game to test it out. Followed by a huge maybe that they will buy the game, but more or less, they will be consumed by reading and knowing about other games first before coming up with the decision to buy or not to buy the game.

Warrior Pirateer

The warrior, the one that boost about the fact they pirated their game and shamelessly wear the badge of honor. They will fight anyone that even remotely condem them for their ability to pirate. The vanguard of pirateers!

There might be more to this... hmm...

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cross Viva La Vida and Love Story and this is what you get

If this is not good music. I don't know what is.

A cross of Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Love Story by Taylor Swift. An excellent piece of mastery over music. It gives me the chills listening to this.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First 5! Magician's Quest Mysterious Time

This is too much like animal crossing to me. In fact, it's a complete rip off. The voice over, the graphic style, the gameplay style even the buttons! It screams ANIMAL CROSSING!

It's not a bad thing though :D, here before you scream plagiarism and what not. Let me explain. Animal Crossing as we know it is a game of life. You go to a town, you live a life there with a bunch of animals with weird accent and never question why are you in a town full of animals.
Magician's Quest Mysterious Time or known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardy in euro

Magician's Quest Mysterious Time or known as Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardy in euro does not question you with that, you are enrolled into a magic school to study and become a wizard. You get to choose how your face looks like, what kind of hair and various other  things. Funny enough, the premise of going into a school with weird character works better here than in Animal Crossing.

Anyway, lets head into gameplay


 The game have you living a life of a magic student. Something akin to Harry Potter, you are given a dorm, instruction to go to class and then instruction to go to work with some auntie over at a shop. Very Tom Nookish but minus the debts. From then on, you carry on your life in this new world. You date people, you talk to nonsensical animals, you collect mushrooms, shake trees, fish, dig and everything that you can do in Animal Crossing. Except for magic.

The crux of this game is doing magic in the world. Well, what do you expect! Its a magic world! Granted I have yet to reach the magical hocus pocus part, but from I gathered, it does not affect the game much.

There are a number of shops available ingame instead of the monarchy businessman style by Tom Nook. There is the fashion shop, the hairstylist, the magical item shop, banks and various others.


Its colourfully cute, the graphic covers both screen, top and bottom with wonderfully coloured structure and buildings comprising of contrast colours. The characters are made out of animals, robots, fruits and various other stuff with super deformed body.


The characters speaks in annoying voices which is high pitched and sounds suspiciously like japan. When I played the game, its already at 11.30 hence there is a lack of music. Again, this is something like Animal Crossing.


This is a game for those that loved animal crossing and wanted something more, wanted something that has been plaguing them since the last time they visited another town, plucked the apple and various other things. Konami answered the cry with Magician's Quest Mysterious Time which can actually turns out to be a good game.

The only thing that Animal Crossing has it going against this game is time hence only time will tell how good Magician's Quest Mysterious Time will be. But for now, I wouldn't mind plunging into this new world of its own.

Magician's Quest Mysterious Time can be purchased HERE

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Movie Review: Star Trek

It says a lot for a movie if by the end of it, you would be going around mouthing greetings from the movie and it's hand gesture. You know which one I am referring to don't you? "Live Long and Prosper"

Star Trek sneaks up on malaysian audience, seriously. Amidst the onslaught of the three claws (Wolverine) and the oncoming never ending robots, (Terminator) Star Trek made a rather unremarkable appearance in the silver screen. There were no advertising. There were no announcement, no posters and no radio ads or contest! One day you are reading the newspaper, the next day it's there!

But let's not talk about the woe of advertisement here. Let's talk about Star Trek. Star Trek is an excellent movie. Instead of lapping into the whole Star Trek movie, continuing on the series of whatever the heck that has been around, the movie rebooted its whole series, reintroducing what Star Trek is about for the sake of none trekkies (ME) and then for the long time fans of Star Trek, they offered another line of explanation, I would not say more as it's a spoiler.

Granted, some of the mumbo jumbo trekkie talk in the movie is confusing for us none trekkies, nonetheless it is still appealing enough and a lot better than a certain 3 Claw that I shall not mention. Jokes are also liberally inserted into the movie, funny situation that appeals to trekkies and non-trekkies without feeling forced.

Overall, I loved this movie. My GF loved this movie and that is saying a lot seeing that she is female and never liked or understand what Star Wars is about. By the end of the movie, she is quoting me , "Live Long and Prosper"

Watch this movie. Its worth it.

-Live Long And Prosper-


Friday, May 8, 2009

Animal Crossing: City Folk Original Soundtrack

Look what the cat drag in!
Animal Crossing City Folk OST!

Better grab it now, its retailing at USD 24.90 or RM88.66 and you would have to wait 5 to 15 days to actually receive it. I figure lots of ppl ordered it...

Get your copy over at HERE

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dragonica The Cutest MMORPG to hit the market!

Anyone heard of this game before? If not, read on! If yes, well.. read on too if you want a free balloon to go with your dragonica character!

What is Dragonica you ask. Let us refer to wikipedia for this

Dragonica is a 3D-action side-scrolling MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) by Barunson Interactive. Development has been ongoing since March 2006.[1] Like many online games, operation of Dragonica is relegated to different publishers for their respective regions. It is a free-to-play game with a cash shop.[4]
There you go :D

What makes this game different though is a better question. Instead of the normal maple story thingy you see. this is a game which has characters with larger than life heads and cute body. The moveset attack for the characters are also a pun on other games and are created to be cute, funny and totally unrealistic. Case in point, when the assassin sneaks around, it hide inself in a box and move around crawling metal gear stlye. :D

There are 4 type of classes available for choice. Each class will then split into two additional classes which will then evolve into 3 other class! Then there are apparently a secret path to another class for each class type! Meh! Here, check the graph for a better explanation

Warrior: As trained combatants, Warriors are similar to the Thieves in damage rate, but sacrifice a little speed in place of sheer physical hardiness.
  • Knight: Armored Tanker class with high Defense and plenty of Equips; 1-handed sword and shield
  • Gladiator: Max DPS (damage per second) fighter with high AoE skills; huge 2-handed swords

Magician: The scholarly Magician is the lowest in Vitality but high in Intelligence (spell points) and has quite balanced damage-power and speed despite their physical fragility.
  • Acolyte: Well-rounded range of spells including attacks and Group Heal; restricted to ranged attacks using Mage Staffs
  • Wizard: Specialized assault sorcerer with high DPS and weaker healing abilities; Spear-staff with limited melee attacks

Archer: The Archer, being used to trekking through the wilderness, is quite well-rounded in terms of stats-distribution; not the strongest, but doesn’t have any noticeable weak spots.
  • Hunter: Skills-heavy children-of-nature with "Summoning" Skill attacks; Longbow specialist
  • Ranger: Highly-trained military troops with fastest firing rate around; wields crossbow

Thief: Thieves, who dart through their urban environment as the fastest class, have the power necessary for street brawls but lower Intelligence (ouch) because they don't require that much mana.
  • Jester: Flashy AoE brawler with wide range of attack Skills; upgraded Thief claw and shield (in CBT)
  • Assassin: Poison-wielding subterfuge class with Burrow-attack; holds Katar blade
Taken from

Graphically wise, its a 3d background side scrolling with a 2d character. Very cute, very unorthodox.
The thing is, the whole game is yet to be launched. Its still in closed-beta and will only be open for open beta in 2 weeks time? Ah well, at least I got the closed beta key! I am gonna go in tonight if possible and grab a couple of screeny. For now though, you guyz would have to make do with the gameplay video available at over HERE

p/s: Did I mention there will be pets involved? Information is  scarce in regard about pets now but rest assured, I shall pursue more about it. I love pets!

Now to get an exclusive free dragonica balloon to go along with your brand new Dragonica character, head over to offgamer at over HERE and follow the instruction on screen to get em!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Movie Review: Push

There are movies that took 1 hour 30 minutes to tell the back story of what lead to this movie, then there are movies that threw you into the depth of it all and expects you to understand the crux of the story through tid bits that are given out by characters

Then there are the really daring one, throwing you into the movie whole heartedly with just a short explanation of what happened before and explain naught about why this happens, why they are there, what happened to the rest of them and leaving more blanks in the hole than my bank account.

"Push" does both of them, it gives you a glimpse of what lead to this, then it whack head on to the story and tells bits and pieces of what has happened and then leave you blank for the rest of the story with no explanation of why they are there or what are the bad guys are trying to achieve.

(it is very hard to review this movie without spoiler)

This is what "Push" is all about. There are super powered ppl in this world with names that easily denote what they can do. The effects are pretty cool and the setting is located in Hong Kong. Now, the american actors are pretty good in what they do, the hongkies ain't bad either. That is, untill they open their mouth to talk. The dialogue is stiff and emotionless. Granted, half the audience watching it in the states don't understand what the heck that china man is mouthing but is still a glaring thing in a good movie such as this. I thank god for the lack of dialogue for the hongkies

I say this movie is good due to its essence, but not for its storyline. The loop holes in the story is so bad some would cry but the action packed fighting with super power is well done.


The movie is an entertaining action packed movie with a lot of ass kicking and question raised. What with the ending that leaves a lot of question unanswered, the movie pratically screams "Push 2"

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Tales of Hearts (CG Movie Edition) for US$19.90

Retailing normally at USD 62.90,  this game is now available in the bargain bin for one week for the low low price of only USD 19.90! Grab a copy of this game HERE

Under the twin moons and the rule of the great empire, people have been leading peaceful lives albeit unsettling legends about a sleeping princess, dream eating monsters and the falling moons continue to pass around.

No matter how unsettling, people have been seeing these legends as mere stories to scare children, until the day a mysterious plague started spreading and the culprit of the illness seems to be the dream eating monsters. Under the onslaught of these evil forces, a special substance in people's hearts, spiria gets contaminated.

The only thing to counter the monsters is Soma, hidden within the Spire Maze.

All these strives of the land are unknown to the hero, Shing until he rescues a mysterious girl Kohaku from the monsters. Together, the two set off to find the mysterious substance Soma, save the land and find out the truth about the legends.

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Movie Review: X-Men Origin Wolverine

 It suck. Nuff said.

On to better stuff!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

First 5! Dynasty Warrior: Strikeforce

How do you review a game such as this which has a few incarnation in the past and has yet to change its concept after so long? I am at my wits end when I thought of the idea that there is another Dynasty Warrior game that is coming out.

But funny thing is, they changed this particular game concept. Well it still have the similar hack and slash everything that you see but this one is a bit akin to ARPG such as Monster Hunter. In fact, veteran of MH will see the similarity of both games in term of concept but every other similarity ends there.


Its Hack and Its Slash.

Dynasty Warrior is well known not for its elaborate text and storyline or its complicated strategy and abundance of planning of every step. Dynasty Warrior is  a game of hack the first guy you see, slash the second unfortunate fellow standing behind him.

True to its nature since the dawn of its time, Strikeforce's immediate gameplay did not change but there are significant improvement done to the game. Instead of getting handed with big weapons drop and ability to purchase bigger badder weapons, Strikeforce tweaked it into making and customizing your own weapons.

Want a brand new twin blade? You got to collect a set of materials dropped by enemy or found throught the map which can then be used to create new weapons.Want your attack to hold more damage then hack and slash? You gotta buy orbs which can be equipped to your leg or hands, transforming your attack to add extra damage. You can also equip orbs to make you jump higher, move faster and various other things. This gives you a lot of customizable moves based on your preference!

Now then, the second coolest thing has got to be the "Awakened" form. While fighting, you will slowly collct fury which will is below the life gauge, once it is filled, you can trigger your "Awakened" form which allows you to go Super Saiya! In this form, your fury bar will slowly deplete and your damage will be higher, you can also activate musou attack which deals devastating attack to whichever unfortunate soul infront of u.

Then there is the weapons, each character can equip 2 set of weapons. Pressing O will trigger weapon change, your type of attack also changes on the type of weapon you use. To put it generally, you can forget what Dynasty Warrior used to be and concentrate on the fact that Strikeforce is something brand new.

Did I also mention that the bosses are no pushover? The final boss of Chapter 1 has me panting by the end of the fight due to the sheer amount of craziness attack they had over you and the amount of air battle that goes on. This brings me to a problem that Strikeforce has. The camera. It sucks.

Half the time you have no idea where the hell the attack is coming from due to the bad camera angle. The only saviour for this problem its the map function that pin point exactly where the enemy are. Without that, you will have a hard time knowing where the hell the fellow you are supposed to kill is located.


The graphic is in one word, fairy tale like. Its very pretty and has a twinge of misty effect to it, masking part of the area that might look pixelated while turning the game into the right atmosphere for the era.Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea what to say about the graphic. Its erm... Cool?


 This game is set to be one of the best game available in the market for PSP now, if you have loved monster hunter or loved hack and slash, get it. It is worth buying. It is very worth buying. With its mistified graphic,customizable attack type character, level based play style. Dynasty Warrior: Strikeforce is set to be in your PSP for a long time.

P/S: Did I mention that there will not be any partner available to back you up in a fight? Your only option is going multiplayer if you need help. This of course makes it more fun to play as a game are made more enjoyable with friends curses and laughter while slashing your way through history. 

Get your copy of Dynasty Warrior: Strikeforce for only US$ 44.90 at over HERE

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